Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solid Food Time for Little Precious

Alhamdulillah Ziyaad Ilhaam has been exclusively BF for 5 months 2 weeks...
BIG YEAY for me!!! Ermm treat your baby as individual, some said they need 6 months before solid food,.
Ziyaad Ilhaam only need 5mnths 2wks,.. 
He seems enjoy the solid food and wanting more!
Each meal : 1.5 oz 
I used EBM storage bottle to measure each meal ;p

How did i know it's the best time for solid food? 

• can hold her head up | Z.Ilhaam good at this!
It's important that your baby is able to maintain a steady, upright position in order to take first foods from a spoon. 
• sits well when supported 
You may have to support her initially. Try propping her up on the corner of your sofa or lean her against another adult. A 
highchair can be pulled into action a bit later when she's able to sit up all by herself. 
• makes chewing motions | Z.Ilhaam was soooo cute when he starts chewing! mulut gitu2~ 
Your baby should be able to move food to the back of her mouth and swallow. As your baby learns to swallow efficiently you may notice her drooling decrease. 
• has gained a healthy weight 
Most babies are ready to eat semi-solids when they've doubled their birth weight, which may take place before or around their sixth month. If your baby seems underweight, check with your paediatrician. 
• displays curiosity about what you're eating. | Z.Ilhaam shows his curiosity n start chewing! cumel sangat~
Your baby begins eyeing your meals and reaches out to try foods travelling from plate to mouth.

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This is .... said...

Haikal will get his solid food very soon... mama yang tak sabar.. hehe

||kiena|| said...

Emi: btul btul,.. 1st day utk solid food aku sanggup balik time lunch just becoz i want to feed him! lucky me my site office just beside AKLEH! 10 min sampai dah setiawangsa!

masjuliana said...

i loiike! sgt teruja. aku pun xsabar nak membuat 'puri'!

||kiena|| said...

hmmm puree for working mum who sent the little precious to nursery, tapi anak aku, Genma dia suruh bg fresh food! Mujur rumah Genma ade bibik ;p