Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is He Okay!?! Is it normal!?!

Mommies, do you have any idea or any explanation on my situation here,.. 
It's been 2 days since Sunday my Ziyaad Ilhaam did not pooo  pooo..
Is it because of me? I couldnt recall if i did take unhealthy food!
As far as i'm concerned i really take care on my food taking,.. 
Even he is not poo poo for 2 days he didnt make any trouble or shows he was uneasy with it,
But still i'm worried ~

Just now on lunch hour i called home, and bibik said he just poo poo,.. Ouh thank God,.. poor him~ Ibu LOVE you, my dear son,..


jfook said...

You should bring him for checkup. :)

murn!e said...


normal or tak tak tahu lah. tp aleesya pun gitu dlm 2, 3 minggu ni. aleesya tak poo poo dlm 2 hari..then on the third day dia berak. last time..on the forth day br dia berak. ekceli kitrg ade tnye doktor..then dokto tnye..pakai susu ape? bila kate susu badan..then dia senyum and kate.. takde ape ape. dont worry.nnt dia berakla.

perut ziyad lembut je kn? kalo lmbut..dont worryla. nnt dia berakla
tp kalo dh 4 hr tak berak..bawakla gi jumpe doktor. takut jugak kalo ape2 kn.

fizah_ismail said...

dua hari tu normal je kiena..tp kalo masuk 3 hari then kena risau la..:)kalo mkn solid food, mmg poo poo xmenentu dh..Wafa pernah je xberak dua hari...esoknya br la poo poo..tp me pn sama juge..at first mmg sgt risau..:)

Thristhan said...

I think it would be a good Idea to take him for a check up.

::Ida:: said...

i think its kinda normal for fully bf babies. but he's already starting solid right? but i guess.. its ok lah since he's already poop. as for me,i will ALWAYS look at his tools after he poop. tengok keras ke, keluar ape, etc :)

ken said...

dont worry so much =)

||kiena|| said...

thank you sooo much guys!
it's a BIG relieved once he poop!
as a first time mom still this is a good experience~ (=_=')

nuraitul said...

comenye ur son..pity him..harap dia okay..btw..ur face n ur hubby look alike.. :)

fieza said...

Oh, my Yuni had the same problem too... Sometimes up to a week at that age.

But, as long as he is not crying/fever should be okay. The intestines are growing... so food perlu lalui route yang panjang be4 poo poo... hehe