Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choo choo Train to KLCC

Slalu nampak train dok sebut, "Train! Train!" So last week, Sunday ibu ajak papa keluar naik train pi KLCC. Yeay! Liam sangat excited at first dapat naik train. *naik train dari rumah, Stesen Putra LRT Jelatek*. But, lepas je "(*ring bell) next station, Datuk Keramat" Liam tutup telinga. Takut bunyi anak aku ni. Melarat sampai la kluar dari stesen. *Liam mmg takut bunyi pelik2 & berdesing. Kalau vakum kat rumah mesti dia lari ke tepi*

Budak ni takut bunyi train ��. Adik pon behave je dlm train. ☺

Window shopping je kat KLCC. Hihihi tak dak nafsu pon, padahal dah niat nak grab something kat Mothercare, mujur barang yg dicari takdak. ��

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Reason to Participate in Being Me on 30th June, Matrade KL

A lot of program which beneficent Muslimah has been organized for! I bet you, you will surely love and enjoy the 1 whole day on the 30th June! 
Let me list you the program which will be held:  (Source:http://my.being-me.org/program/)
A. Conference Program
Topics for Main Hall:
1. The Power of Change – Dr. Fadila Grine
2. Free from all other masters, Empowering Women – Sis. Yasmin Mogahed
3. Muslim Women and the Ummah; Reality and Challenges – Dr. Halima Boukerroucha
4. How to increase your faith? – Sis. Raya Shokatfard
5. Achieving Balance, Inside Out – Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
6. Inside Out – Nurturing our Soul – Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
7. The importance of role models – why do we need them? – Sis. Myriam Francois-Cerrah
8. Do we need Islamic feminism? – Sis. Myriam Francois-Cerrah
B. Workshop
The Being ME conference will host a number of parallel sessions and workshops on topics effecting the lives of Muslim women today. Our guest speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the attendees with vibrant panel discussions and Q&A sessions.
Topic & speaker:
  • The Art of Mothering - Dr. Fadila Grine

  • Parenting according to the Qur’an & Sunnah - Dr. Hajah Sofia

  • Unleash your potential - Sis. Jamilah Samian

  • “The Greatest Love of All: Do we really love Allah most?” – Sis. Yasmin Mogahed

  • How to please Allah while working – Sis. Raya Shokatfard

  • Being Beautiful is about Being Me : A creative outlook in making the most out of “ME” – Sis. Haslina Ali

C. Sisters Corner

Being ME offers you the perfect place to take a moment to relax and unwind from your day. Drop by and register yourself for our amazing services to revitalize your body, mind and soul for a nominal fee.
Consider getting your make-up, nails or henna done! How about a new hairstyle or a hijab-style that you haven’t tried before?
The ultimate beauty oasis gives you a fun experience with sleek style and stunning results. Sisters’ Corner is the perfect place for you to feel pampered and inspired.
Registration opens at 11 am at the registration desks (Ground Level).
D. Fashion Show
E. Me & Other Half
It will offer a workshop (see the section Workshops with regards to the timing of the classes) on some of the key ingredients to keeping a proactive approach to a happy family. From finding the right spouse to keeping the spouse and in-laws happy!
In this workshop you will learn:
  • What to look for in a spouse

  • Preparing yourself for marriage

  • Learning the art speaking and listening

  • Dealing with your spouse, the in-laws and the kids

  • Keeping the spark or reigniting it in your marriage

The workshop caters for both single and married participants and if you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes for playing happy families then this is a workshop not to miss!
F. Daddy Daycare
Kids, a lot like scientists, are always exploring the world in which they live. While you prepare to enjoy your conference experience we encourage you to let your own little scientist, between the ages of 4-13, embark upon an adventure into our Children’s Program. Fathers are encourage to participate in these events with their children but it is not compulsory
Learning is a language that should be spoken at the level of the child. Our aim is to create a Children’s Program which strikes a balance between your child’s unquenchable thirst for fun and the importance of understanding the religion of Allah. The Being ME Children’s Program “Daddy Daycare” will insha’Allah offer an absolute and all encompassing integration of fun, excitement, and spirituality which will make your conference journey a family fun filled experience.
Our unique approach combines high energy activities with heart melting halaqa’s which transforms our Children’s Program into an amazing resource to satisfy your child’s curiosity and match their energy stores. From activities which build cooperative learning skills to mini-halaqas our Children’s Program offers a fantastic program to keep your little scientist entertained throughout your conference experience.
Registration for the Children’s Program will be taking place on the day of the conference on a first come first serve basis. Parents will be required to do a separate registration for the children who are to participate in this program.
G. Muslimah Award
Being ME is a conference organized by women for women. The first annual Awards Session is dedicated to phenomenal leaders. These Muslimahs have made exceptional contributions by using their talents towards enhancing the lives of others and inspiring many to follow their lead.
Recipients will be recognized during the Awards Session and we ask that the nominee attend this event. The event will be held on Saturday 30th June 2012 from 10am – 10pm at MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Off Jalan Duta, Petaling Jaya.
We appreciate you taking the time to help us showcase the achievements of empowering Muslimah revolutionaries of our time.

For mothers who will be tagging a kid like me (yes, the breastfeeding Mom especially, and cant be apart with their child below 3years), dont worry... They provide Mother's Room, and will not miss any conference, InsyaAllah! So, mommies, i will see you all in Mother's Room ya! Spread the LOVE.. ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cake stand from UK

Jom order Pyrex, Tefal & Whittard!

Alhamdulillah dapat sambutan yang hangat menggalakkan. Maka, aku nak buat gentle reminder di sini. Last order & 40% deposit will be collected on 31st May 2012. I will PM you on payment details. InsyaAllah if let say more people want to order i will ask my friend for any gift *fridge magnet UK pon ok kan? hihihi*. So, let's join us to order more! 3 kali bayar you. Takkan tak mau?? Ok. It will takes 2 months to arrive once confirmed, deposit paid & shipped. For the 1st month, pay 30% and balance of 30% upon arrival which is on 2nd month. For buyers outside KL, i will charge postage fee accordingly. Lucky enuff for KL buyers, I dont charge you on the delivery if you are in my circuit (wangsa maju - setiawangsa - ulu kelang - KL city)

Ni nak perhangatkan lagi dengan sedikit teaser barang dari UK. For complete catalog, do email me sakinaadam{at}gmail.com

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Order barang dari UK.

Bila dah kawen, mula kumpul barang kitchenware & utensil kan! Nak yang comel aje tapi murah & tahan lama. Tapi kalau beli kat Malaysia ni barang import suma tax tinggi. Jadi harga pon mahal. So at the end dok shopping online direct UK. Ambik kau! Bayar tax tinggi pon, public transport macam hampeh juge. Sibuk guna duit rakyat untuk piket gamaknya. *tercarut kat sini. maaf. undi anda adalah rahsia.*

Cuba tengok ni

Disebabkan aku ada kawan kat UK, boleh la aku beli dengan harga murah. Yes, itu lah harga kawan aku jual. Sapa nak join aku beli meh le,.. Aku akan amikkan. Ni dah include shipping ye. Tinggal sampai, aku amik then sapa nak aku hantar by-hand lingkungan kawasan aku boleh la. *Wangsa Maju - Setiawangsa - Ulu Kelang - KL City* Kalau mau dipos, aku charge le postage fee. 

So ada yang berminat tak? Aku nak tutup order hujung bulan ni which is on 31st May. Email me at sakinaadam{at}gmail.com. Ni aku upload sikit je barang kawan ku jual. Boleh la bg email, nanti ku email katalog kawan ku itu. *takdak masa nak edit bagai dari katalog yg kawan ku email* Once confirmed, 40% deposit paid and shipped, estimated arrival 7-8 weeks. Boleh 3 kali bayar ye. *40, 30, 30.*

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Muslimah Empowering

Muslimah, women, ladies,.. here i would like to share you a very good 1 day program dedicated to empowering women! Trust me its really good. Lets grab the chance to gain ILM. Brought to you by Mercy Mission Malaysia.

Theme Overview

A muslimah, a daughter, a daaiyah (caller to the deen of Allah), a sister, a career woman, a wife, an ‘alimah/scholar, a mother, a leader all have one common denominator… ME.
Muslimahs (Muslimaat) such as our mothers (Ummahatul Mu’minoon) who are the greatest role models Allah blessed this nation with, our many great female scholars who were an essential entity to the spread of this deen and many Muslim women from around the world who are actively responsible for the positive growth and improvement of their communities are hardly known in any form of Islamic or Non-Islamic media, in educational and social sectors of our society and even admired in our personal lives.
  • Why don’t we hear about them?
  • Why don’t they make the front pages of media?
  • Why is our youth unaware of these leaders?
  • Why aren’t these leaders the highlights of today’s Muslim world?
  • Who are the role models for our daughters, sisters and mothers?
Let us shed light on these great leaders, let us bring recognition to their great achievements that inspire us and many more, let us prove that the same leadership and zeal to please Allah and benefit mankind exists in our hearts and our actions.


Our entertainment program will have the following components*:
  • Spoken Words
  • Nasheed artists
  • Fashion Show
  • Local Talents showcase
* subject to change. Final program will be announced closer to the conference date.
Engaging workshops & panel discussions
In addition to lectures, entertainment, Qur’an recitation by world famous qariah, the Being ME conference will host an array of vibrant workshops and panel discussions addressing various issues and challenges facing Muslim women today. Some of the topics include:
  • Alternative method of education for children
  • Domestic Violence
  • Youth and issues affecting Muslim youth and their identity
  • Family relations/Conflict management

Why wait? Oh, yes, I have 10 tickets to be sold. RM100 per adult if you purchase before 31st May. Afterward will be RM150. Children will be RM50 and after RM75. PM me! I'll fly to you and send the tickets.

Triple Celebration Photo Post

The 13th May, Triple Celebration.

 Mother's Day, Yusuf's Birthday on 13th, & Aisha's on 14th.

Early morning, sister called asking what's my little family program on that early morning. I said, nothing. Just stay at home, and later will go to Delicious for Afternoon Tea with Adams which i planned with her on Thursday. So, she and the rest of ADAMS came over my house and did cake celebration by the pool. Ahah. Sis bought Red Velvet from Bisou *memang my fav!* Its been a while the ADAMs didnt have any tea occasion at Jelatek *ever since the January celebration ;). Now waiting eagerly end year to come. All the ADAMs will get back together. Its FULLHOUSE yo! Love to the MAX. Yes, we are close, and i want it always be. Mom and dad always find a way to have all of us gather in 1 table like having dinner at home or outside. Mostly, at home. Dad will cook Beriyani as special menu for the last dine of having ADAMs fullhouse *usually. 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Emoji been used here 😍😘

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sneak peek of Triple Celebration

Tak bawa memory card hari ni, tak dapat nak update dgn gambar yang lebih cantik, insyaAllah will post it later.

Whats strengthen the family bond? It's family activities! Alhamdulillah Allah grant me a beautiful family. I love them LOTS. The ADAMS. The Ziyaad, i will make sure our family bond will gets stronger everyday like The ADAMS. You both should be close to each other and also always close to our heart. Therefore, you will LOVE us more. *looking sooooo much to end of year! The ADAMS will be 'fullhouse'* 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Cute!

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Baby & Solid Food

Most of us will introduce fruits / veges purée 1st to 5 - 6 months baby before giving them porridge (rice). In my Bobot case, he refused purée, but he wants porridge with veges/fruits. It's has been a month I'm preparing his variable porridge in daily basis. Yes, mom said keep it fresh for baby goodness. *bila wajib buat makanan Bobot setiap pagi, lunch box ibu pon ke laut,.. Hahaha*

This is one of Bobot's meal of the day. I'm applying 'An apple a day, keeps doctors away' *nah, joking! ;)* hehehe just playing with taste. So, the must have ingredient for a week *bobot's meal* sweet potato, broccoli, carrot, anchovies & fish/chicken. I'll rotate the menu every day. Oh, I forgot the apple ;) yes, APPLE! *DL & Liam kene ada stock fruits of the week, strawberry? Uh, now we go for budget fruits, once in a while, can! Hehehe yes, it's Liam's fav*
Oh, i just LOVE my new phone camera. :)) Better than previous, yes i've been use the ip 1st gen for almost 5 years, and recently i cant tolerate anymore of not having the new ip. Still the old ip valuable to me *dad gave it free yo!*
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Song for Our Soul..

Bila dengar lagu ni, tetiba nak bagi anak nama Irfan. Maksud pon bagus 'knowing/awareness'. Isk, macam nak anak lelaki lagi jer. Hihihi okeh simpan nama ni. Rezki Allah nak bagi, kita terima & redha. Mudah-mudahan yang terbaik hendak-Nya.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tudung Online.

Aih. Semua pon sekarang di hujung jari. Mujur, nak buang air still kene berjalan ke toilet. Hihihi.

Okeh, my 1st online store for 'tudung' is Najjah. Yes, suka sangat inner & tudung syria dia. Material dia lembut & sejuk. Drop kain pon cantik. Harga pon cantik juga. Dulu mase awal-awal tak dak long syria. Now dah ada! Nice. Kalau nak pi kelas kat masjid pon memang elok sangat. Hihihi lepas tu berjinak-jinak pula dengan Radiusite & Sugarscarf. Radiusite memang banyak tudung manik glam gituh. *tudung tuk Raya gamaknya ;)* Sugarscarf pula long scarf yang cantik-cantik memang banyak. Oh ye, juga tudung awning. Tapi kalau tudung awning, I would prefer to try itself at the boutique. Yelah, muka I kecik u. Nanti kembang semangkuk awning tuh. Then the latest, I bought plain long scarf from tudungpeople. Siapa yang mahu kan tudung yang boleh tutup dada, I would recommend tudungpeople. Material pon selesa. And I love their inner neck.
Nice kan? Orang nya pon memang dah lawa. Pakaikan ape pon 'Beautiful'.
Inner : Najwa Neck Cover. 
Scarf : Numa Collection
 (Both become my collection now :))

*sekarang memang prefer inner neck, rase tertutup leher. There's one day I wore inner with scarf which was slightly thin, walaupon dok belit banyak still rase macam leher tu nampak. Yes, rase macam 'vogel' tarik sini nak tutup, naik plak terbuka yang sinun. Aih, tak buat lagi dah lepas ni...*
Nak tambah disini, Closet Heart. Yes, i knew this boutique during KBD at PICC. Comfort cotton shawl dia lawa amat. Belum berkesempatan beli lagi. Nak banding dgn tudungpeople, harga dia lagi tinggi sbb lain material. Tapi jgn risau, ia sgt selesa macam Najjah. But one thing i like the most, the scarf surely shariah compliance! Besar and panjang. Tak kesah la nak beli tudung jenis macam mana pon, tapi style kan tudung anda menetapi shariah. Begitulah kaedahnya. :))
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Seluar 2 layer?

Seperti mana yang sedia maklum, Liam memang tak suka pakai seluar pijama. Oh, suka pakai jeans to be exact. Tapi kalau tak de jeans, seluar cantik untuk pi jalan pon tak pa. Begitulah. Semalam, dah lepas mandi, ibu gigih sarung seluar pijama old navy yang baru ibu beli kat FOS *3 helai RM30 memang berbaloi* Menjerit-jerit anak nak pakai seluar cantik. Ibu tak layan, berjaya sarungkan. Lepas tu anak dengan sendiri amik seluar cantik nak pakai sendiri. Bobot hanya memerhati di sebelah. Hah, lantak lah anak,.. Nak pakai seluar 2 lapis pon tak pa. 

*tak berjaya pon! hihihi sempat korek hidung dulu ye!* 

Ibu kene biasakan pakai seluar pijama ni, sebab tujuannya adalah untuk dipakai setiap hari Jumaat *hadiri majlis ta'lim di masjid* Seluar Liam banyak yang 3 suku. Papa rasa tak proper. Siap hari tu papa masuk masjid, then keluar semula dok tunggu dalam kereta disebabkan seluar anak.Oh my,.. Sebenar nya tak dak hal pon, tapi papa segan. Anak orang lain suma dok pakai sopan, siap dengan jubah & songkok. Ehem, agak-agak berjaya tak Liam dengan seluar pijama Jumaat ni? Nantikan,..

Friday, May 4, 2012

1st Shoe with Zalora

Dah dok berbulan cari pump heels yang sesuai. Dok masuk kedai kasut, try test, beli nya tak juga. Mahai eh kasut sekarang! hish,.. kasut yang berkenan semua dok main rege RM80 ke atas. Mau nye pikir 2-3 kali nak membeli. Tapi semalam terbelek pula kasut kat zalora *padahal brapa kali dah dok masuk, tapi tak click untuk bayar je. hihihi* terjumpa la kasut yang berkenan. Nah, harga dia murah ja. RM69.90! Pastu kan ade voucher discount RM20 once sign up dengan zalora. Hah, apa lagi, dapatlah murah! RM49.90 and free shipping. Aih. Hari ni dah sampai. Ai soooooooooka sangat. Memang cun kat kaki ai. Hihihi actually this is my first time purchased shoes thru online. Yelah biasa kan kalau nak selesa kena la cuba test sendiri. Alhamdulillah, it fit me nicely. *gigih okeh gugel cara nak ukur insole sebab takut tak muat* 

Nota kaki: kasut ini tak kan dipakai bila bersama Bobot. Mau nye daku terpele'ot kaki. Isk. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Selamat Pengantin Baru Jazmin & Ajoe

Seminggu tak bersiaran. *eh, beriya sangat bersiaran!* Hihihi, agak sibuk juga minggu lepas, ke sana ke mari, dok jumpa orang itu orang ini. Paham lah saya, mengapa agak sukar bagi wanita untuk bekerja lebih masa / bekerja sampai lewat malam bila ada anak kecil. Kalau tak susu badan insyaAllah semua pon boleh. Namun, tiada apa perlu dikeluh. Ini pilihan hidup saya. I choose this! Maka bertabah dan berusaha lah. InsyaAllah ini yang terbaik.
Last weekend, bercuti ke Ipoh. My ID-mates cum roommate cum besties ID ntah brapa banyak cum lah kan. Bertolak hari Sabtu pagi agak lewat sedikit, maka sampai pon dah jam 12.30 gtuh, tak dapat nk jumpa sapa yang sampai awal. Yang datang lambat tuh dapat juga kita borak2 sejam 2,.. Heeeee Kitorang stay kat dewan sampai petang kot! Heeeee sebab hujan lebat dr jam 3 lbh sampai jam 4 lebih, terkandas. Kereta jauh sikit, kalau pakai payung pon confirm lencun. Maka tunggu ja kat dewan. Kitorang stay kat homestay kampung tawas. Selesa juga. Tak kesah la mana2 pon asal dapat berehat, and anak2 selesa tidur. Malamnya pi dinner pula dengan my HBP-clan, Dina! Nangis okeh, jumpa Dina kat Dewan petang tuh, yelah lama sangat tak jumpa! Rinduuuuuuu. Tak pa, nanti kita jumpa kat KL pula, insyaAllah...
Seperti biasa malas nak cerita panjang, layan kan aje gambar di bawah. Oh sebelum tu, nak buat ucapan kat pengantin, "selamat menjalani hidup suami & isteri, setiap hari adalah pelajaran kehidupan tanpa henti. Semoga tabah hendaknya."

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