Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Muslimah Empowering

Muslimah, women, ladies,.. here i would like to share you a very good 1 day program dedicated to empowering women! Trust me its really good. Lets grab the chance to gain ILM. Brought to you by Mercy Mission Malaysia.

Theme Overview

A muslimah, a daughter, a daaiyah (caller to the deen of Allah), a sister, a career woman, a wife, an ‘alimah/scholar, a mother, a leader all have one common denominator… ME.
Muslimahs (Muslimaat) such as our mothers (Ummahatul Mu’minoon) who are the greatest role models Allah blessed this nation with, our many great female scholars who were an essential entity to the spread of this deen and many Muslim women from around the world who are actively responsible for the positive growth and improvement of their communities are hardly known in any form of Islamic or Non-Islamic media, in educational and social sectors of our society and even admired in our personal lives.
  • Why don’t we hear about them?
  • Why don’t they make the front pages of media?
  • Why is our youth unaware of these leaders?
  • Why aren’t these leaders the highlights of today’s Muslim world?
  • Who are the role models for our daughters, sisters and mothers?
Let us shed light on these great leaders, let us bring recognition to their great achievements that inspire us and many more, let us prove that the same leadership and zeal to please Allah and benefit mankind exists in our hearts and our actions.


Our entertainment program will have the following components*:
  • Spoken Words
  • Nasheed artists
  • Fashion Show
  • Local Talents showcase
* subject to change. Final program will be announced closer to the conference date.
Engaging workshops & panel discussions
In addition to lectures, entertainment, Qur’an recitation by world famous qariah, the Being ME conference will host an array of vibrant workshops and panel discussions addressing various issues and challenges facing Muslim women today. Some of the topics include:
  • Alternative method of education for children
  • Domestic Violence
  • Youth and issues affecting Muslim youth and their identity
  • Family relations/Conflict management

Why wait? Oh, yes, I have 10 tickets to be sold. RM100 per adult if you purchase before 31st May. Afterward will be RM150. Children will be RM50 and after RM75. PM me! I'll fly to you and send the tickets.


:: !zyan :: said...

Kiena, mau 1 tiket. Tapi tunggu gaji, bole? :)

||kiena|| said...

Boleh izyan

eezance said...

salam singgah.. menariknya.. wish to come so much.. :'(

but dont have good finance for now..


cik tulip said...

akak, kawan saya nak beli. sorang je la. saya dah beli dah. ada lagi tak? :)

||kiena|| said...

eezance, boleh installment dengan akak, kalau betul mau pergi.

cik tulip, masih ade! grab it while stock last!

cik tulip said...

okies. camne nak bayar?

||kiena|| said...

PM akak kat email akak, or FB (sakina adam)

Anonymous said...

Salam. tiket ada lagi ke ? macam mana saya nak contact akak ya ?

||kiena|| said...

dear sis, sila PM akak fb:sakina adam