Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby & Solid Food

Most of us will introduce fruits / veges purée 1st to 5 - 6 months baby before giving them porridge (rice). In my Bobot case, he refused purée, but he wants porridge with veges/fruits. It's has been a month I'm preparing his variable porridge in daily basis. Yes, mom said keep it fresh for baby goodness. *bila wajib buat makanan Bobot setiap pagi, lunch box ibu pon ke laut,.. Hahaha*

This is one of Bobot's meal of the day. I'm applying 'An apple a day, keeps doctors away' *nah, joking! ;)* hehehe just playing with taste. So, the must have ingredient for a week *bobot's meal* sweet potato, broccoli, carrot, anchovies & fish/chicken. I'll rotate the menu every day. Oh, I forgot the apple ;) yes, APPLE! *DL & Liam kene ada stock fruits of the week, strawberry? Uh, now we go for budget fruits, once in a while, can! Hehehe yes, it's Liam's fav*
Oh, i just LOVE my new phone camera. :)) Better than previous, yes i've been use the ip 1st gen for almost 5 years, and recently i cant tolerate anymore of not having the new ip. Still the old ip valuable to me *dad gave it free yo!*
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