Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pregnant with Scholl

Bigger, more comfortable clothes are a must now. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes also in a bigger size, as your feet will swell along with your body. And pick a low heel for extra stability as your bump grows

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Yup! and i already start wearing my maternity cloths,.. and plus got myself a pair of flat shoe! Weeee! And it from scholl! =)

Comfy sgt for pregnant lady like me! My dear laling said,"Bile pregnant je mesti scholl,.." hehehe yup i agree! My 1st pregnancy i got scholl sandal, and for the 2nd, i demand for flat shoe,.. Casual to wear for  works and outing,.. ehem ehem rase2 raye ni buleh dapat kasut baru lagi tak?? hahaha,.. bertuah! Duit dah kopak pindah rumah n reno kitchen! 

Psst,.. mood tak sabar nak balik rumah nk tgk final finishing of my kitchen cabinet! heeeeeeeeeee, dear laling bercuti and will be back to work on 1st June, so sekarang dia jaga our little liam at home! Tp pg td bibik (mum's helper) yg jaga dia hari2 dah sms srh hantar juga, dia nk jaga,.. rindulah la tuh,.. rumah my mum sunyi tnpa keletah my little liam,.. Tak pelah,.. petang nnt i hntar, sbb i nk pi kedai lampu tukar bulb client yg terbakar,..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can't Hardly Wait...

... yup, we have moved in to our new crib, which is much better for us! Alhamdulillah,.. and now i'm waiting for the kitchen cabinet to complete! Fuh, setelah arguing this n that with my dear laling in terms of design (ye lah sorang arkitek, and sorang lagi interior designer! mestilah ade pendapat masing2) finally we agree with these! Soooo,.. yesterday they have installed the solid surface top (no photo for this! =P) and tomorrow piping work for the sink and mirror installation! Then, i start kitchen operation! Weeeeeeeeeee gile mood tak sabar nak baking balik after bercuti setahun lebih kot! hahahaha penangan ade anak kecil and being pregnant again,.. it's Ok... ni kitchen baru, semangat mesti baru! Hahaha. Below gambar before they install the counter top (bad quality sbb gune hp jer!) So nnt i upload better piccas of our new kitchen eh!  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liam and Ais Kacang

Monday, a day after Mother's Day, and we had dinner at Penang Village,... Not to celebrate belated Mother's Day but i feel like wanna have dinner there and I love two style kailan here! It's a must menu when dine here. And for dessert we had ais kacang! As usual Little Liam mmg suke this dessert! Kalau pi jusco alpha angle, we will have ABC w/ mix fruit at the food court, mmg Little Liam menghadap la bende tu,.. Cendol je yg dia tak suke, maybe because of the santan kot...

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sushi with Little Liam

Yeay, finally I had my sushi with Little Liam. Nak pi dgn papa jgn harap laaaa.... Not his cup of tea katanya! Hah, so td lunch hour blk dr site terus amik 'setonet' ni, n we had Sushi King at Aeon au2 je... Dekat nk hantar blk,... Ibu bergaye suap sushi dgn chopsticks, Liam plak pi gigit skali batang tuh! :P and I managed to adjust it, lama2 dia pon pandai dah tak gigit :) Thank u Little Liam! U were well behaved and ibu love u soooooo much! Muaaaaah.

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