Monday, December 27, 2010

11 Months and Fondue

... weeee Little Liam turns 11 months and 1 month to A YEAR!
Oh, time flies sooooooo fast...
Busy days seem killing the time. 
And i'm kung-fu-fighting with time and works.
Works-like-could-never-end =P
Overall i still have time with my LOVES, that for sure! 
Love them to death!
Yes, LOVE need sacrifices.
I hope i've done the best for them.
InsyaAllah, always,..
As long as i have the courage and will.

May Allah Bless.

Little Liam sedang pikir pikir mau makan apa!

 Remember in my last post, i was craving for Fondue!?! 
And this was the chance to have it,...
Ah, marvelous!!!
Thinking of having this wif BESTIES,.. =)
Let's plan!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Kitty vs Little Herbie,..

... both look damn cute with Little Liam!
Sunday morning, and i'm not working! 
Ahahaha yeay back to normal Sunday,..
Love it!
And now no more Gile-Kerja =)
Sunday starts with having fun with water splashes and swimming!
Dah lama OK me not swimming! Lama gile kot !?!
So papa kata let's put on Hello Kitty, and take photo,..







Now enjoy the photos... =)

Bila da lama tak swimming, sakit segala otot2 sampai rasa nak demam!=P

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Attending Wedd Reception,..

... of Naziha (Gia) and Megat Daniff Shahriman (Megat/Bambam) at Dewan Perdana Felda ...
The bride was a son of my mum's best-friend, and we attend the reception as their entourage!
The colour theme was 'Ice Blue'...
Yes, a good reason to buy a new dress, i guess! =P
Yesterday Friday prayer break, went to Maju Junction (MJ) and SOGO just to find the 'ice blue'.
I thought, Noor Arfa (NA) was at MJ, but it's at SOGO...
No ice blue at NA, and end up with MOON =)
It fall nicely on me, and i LOVE the details tho it's simple!
Ehemm ehemm, please tell me it's worth buying! =P
The 'Pelamin'... santek!
The Bride n Groom.
May Be Blessed.


 Like sisters, huh??? 
Mom, me and mom's elder sis =)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby wearing and Lumut,..

... Bila travel, ibu memang suka guna baby pouch nih! It's soooo practical and save space papa's car-boot!
Ye lah, travel jauh2 bila ada baby sure la banyak yang nak bawa, 1 beg Liam, 1 beg ibu, 1 beg papa, 1 beg keje,.. etc
Hah, berapa banyak beg da,...
Sebab tu la papa suruh tinggalkan stroller Little Liam, bawa baby pouch aje!
Liam used to baby-wearing since he is 2 months old,.. 
And he love it soooo much than be in stroller! 
Huh, Ibu la yang terpaksa menanggung beban Little Liam.
It's occay, as i had my so-called-cam-whore along our vacay! 
Weeeee .... (^, ~)v

And i just got to know that Lumut was famous with 'Sotong Kering'! =P
Pekan Lumut was not so bad!
Ada Waterfront Promenade lagi! 
Papa kata bersih juga pekan ni, if compared to Port Dickson this town is much better,.. 
Ouh, my first impression when i saw the Waterfront sign is Danga Bay, JB.
Huhuhu... =P

Little Family at Damai Laut

... this is photo update from our vacay at Damai Laut ...
Oh i should say Little Liam and Ibu's so-called-vacay! Papa's working =P

 Wuhuuuuuuu we enjoyed the vacay soooooooo much! 
It's worth for being survivor =P 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 2 at Damai Laut

Semalam kitorang berjalan n menikmati pandangan sunset at the beach, and it was the first time Little Liam touched the sea and sand. Terjengket kaki dia mula-mula pijak pasir :P. Will update beach photo later coz inside memory card camera papa. We enjoy the sunset and beach soooo much! Alhamdulillah n subhanallah...

So this morning, Little Liam n Ibu had swimming activity while papa still have work before check out today. Ibu forgot to bring Little Liam swim attire, Little Herbie aje yang ibu bawa, seluar pendek pon tak de! :P terpaksa la beli kat sourvenier shop, and it's Hello Kitty!?! Papa kata nasib baik tak beli warna pink. We had it blue...

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 1 at Damai Laut

Swiss Garden Damai Laut to be particular. Arrived KTM Batu Gajah at 0100 after delayed 45mins at KL Sentral. And reached resort at 0230. It was safe journey and Little Liam didn't give trouble along the journey. He slept all the way! :P Thank you dear for being well behaved, Love you. Xoxo. Oh, not forgotten also to dear laling for fetching us and keep on calling me just to make sure I didn't miss the stop! :P kekeke

So what we did this morning while waiting dear laling for lunch break?

Weeeee Ibu n Little Liam touring the pool side n Ibu let Little Liam have fun at Kids Corner!
Pssst... Still waiting dear laling for lunch. Susah pula nak amik makanan bila tak ada orang blh look for him, ye lah buffer style!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Hot to Handle!

Went to Lowyatt this morning, need to buy office's IT supplies.
Walk along the BB Plaza and saw SALE at Metrojaya.
Heeee it's too hard to handle for not walking through the mall!
Walk thru the shoes, blouses and dresses...
Nothing much,..
Why not accessories?
Yes! yes! yes!

It only took me 15 minutes inside the mall to have those! =P
 And it's 20% less! 
Cool huh!? 
Pssst...Every mall having their Christmas Sale and End Year Sale like mad!

Tonite is the Nite!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i'm counting hours!
feels like ages until 2145...
uhuk uhuk yet still running things to be settled!
Managing things before off is like-never-had-enough-time.
Hopefully things gonna be fine while i'm off.

7 days which equivalent to a week yet not been taken from my AL
And only 3 days can be carried forward!
So i'm taking 3 days off out of 7! 
Hmmm it was tough decision on taking leave when u still have something to be done.
But dear laling was alone there,... every participant brought their family along... pity him!
He did mention to bring us along, but me hardly cant take a week leave when things still in hand.
Sorry dear,.. 

It's ok, we gonna be together tonite!
Ibu and Little Liam will experience traveling by train, (KTM intercity) to Batu Gajah,..
It's gonna be fun, and May Allah Bless Our Journey, InsyaAllah

Psssssssssst,..dear laling not prefer me and little liam travelling alone, 
I insist to! At least i have time to loose things in hand. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Putus Harap,..

... no i dont want to! ...

I must admit that lately my BM is decreasing! =(
One ask me, "dah putus susu dengan Liam ke?"
Alhamdulillah not yet, and it almost 11 months.
My target is at least a year!
So a month to go...
Hopefully my BM is enough for him.
Why at least a year? why not 2 years?
With the condition and environment of work i had now, 
And  not forgotten future family planning,..
I decided at least a year!
Every mom want to deliver the very best for her one,
and she knew what her capable is!
I dont want to restrict the need after a year of his age.
May Allah gives courage  and bless us, Amin,..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Favourite Dining Little Family,...

... Nandos ...
Weeeee finally i had my Espetada! 
Mase tengah gila-kerja tuh sangat la nak makan Espetada ni,... 
Suruh my laling take-away Nandos SOGO, 
Unfortunately, at that time they closed for renovation la pulak!
So bertahan la sampai last Tuesday my laling ajak keluar for dinner,..
Not because i dont want to cook, but i'm feeling unwell with sore throat!
Rase lembik gituh,.. 
But once sampai Nandos segar la pula semata-mata nak makan Espetada!

 Sementara tunggu makanan, Little Liam baca Peek-a-Boo dulu!

Ok, Espetada Ibu punya, NY Cheese cake Little Liam yang punya! 
Ahakss =P

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Udang Goreng Kari,..

... hahaha ade ke? ...
main belasah aje nih name masakan
sebab main masak-masak je udang nih!
then menjadi la pulak hahaha
buleh ke nak kata terbaik dari ladang?
perasan sungguh! =P


* 1 biji bawang besar - dimayang
* 2 inci halia - dihiris
* 5 batang cili kering - digunting
* Daun kari
8 ekor udang
2 sudu kecil serbuk kari
secukup rasa garam, corriander, black pepper 


1. Digoreng dengan sedikit minyak bahan-bahan *
2. Bila sudah naik bau, masukkan Udang dan serbuk kari sehingga masak bersama bahan-bahan secukup rasa

Enjoy the photo and Selamat Mencuba!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I got my self on heels,..

... again! ...

Yeay, after 6 months, i'm back on heels!

Thank you team!

Girls Day Out...

... I told you in my last i need the therapy! 
Yeah at last, i had it on weekend! 
Thank you girls! 
Even though i need to work on Sunday, =P
Ouh, a bit sad coz one of my LOVE fren cant join us!
It's ok, will arrange later for you! 
After my next job finish perhaps!
Yes, i love to reward my self, it's rejuvenating!

Met my girls at Pavillion.
Left Dear Laling alone at home
But still left him with Nasi Goreng Sotong for his lunch! ;P
Had a day full of fun and enjoy the coffee break.
Little Liam enjoy accompany Ibu! 
Yes, even though he was a bit fussy here and there, 
Yet he still a good boy without his papa! =)
Don't ask me how he behave if papa join us,.. *fuuuh


 Pandangan depan stroller Little Liam

Pandangan belakang Little Liam, upss auntie2 pon tumpang letak! 

 End of the day i got these!

 Little Liam also had his new cloths! Yeay!!!