Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tonite is the Nite!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i'm counting hours!
feels like ages until 2145...
uhuk uhuk yet still running things to be settled!
Managing things before off is like-never-had-enough-time.
Hopefully things gonna be fine while i'm off.

7 days which equivalent to a week yet not been taken from my AL
And only 3 days can be carried forward!
So i'm taking 3 days off out of 7! 
Hmmm it was tough decision on taking leave when u still have something to be done.
But dear laling was alone there,... every participant brought their family along... pity him!
He did mention to bring us along, but me hardly cant take a week leave when things still in hand.
Sorry dear,.. 

It's ok, we gonna be together tonite!
Ibu and Little Liam will experience traveling by train, (KTM intercity) to Batu Gajah,..
It's gonna be fun, and May Allah Bless Our Journey, InsyaAllah

Psssssssssst,..dear laling not prefer me and little liam travelling alone, 
I insist to! At least i have time to loose things in hand. 


Siti said...

selamat ber'choo-choo' train yer...

ambik gambar little cutey liam banyak2 nanti k...

Wan Anis Sorfina said...

waaa.. brani.. aku x brani lagi bwk kakak pegi jejalan jauh2.. O_o

||kiena|| said...

siti: thank you! hahaha ntah sempat ke idak bergambar dlm couch keretapi =P

anis: aku sgt gigih! hahaha even bershopping pon buleh berdua! kekeke