Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby wearing and Lumut,..

... Bila travel, ibu memang suka guna baby pouch nih! It's soooo practical and save space papa's car-boot!
Ye lah, travel jauh2 bila ada baby sure la banyak yang nak bawa, 1 beg Liam, 1 beg ibu, 1 beg papa, 1 beg keje,.. etc
Hah, berapa banyak beg da,...
Sebab tu la papa suruh tinggalkan stroller Little Liam, bawa baby pouch aje!
Liam used to baby-wearing since he is 2 months old,.. 
And he love it soooo much than be in stroller! 
Huh, Ibu la yang terpaksa menanggung beban Little Liam.
It's occay, as i had my so-called-cam-whore along our vacay! 
Weeeee .... (^, ~)v

And i just got to know that Lumut was famous with 'Sotong Kering'! =P
Pekan Lumut was not so bad!
Ada Waterfront Promenade lagi! 
Papa kata bersih juga pekan ni, if compared to Port Dickson this town is much better,.. 
Ouh, my first impression when i saw the Waterfront sign is Danga Bay, JB.
Huhuhu... =P


Nrfadlh said...

pupsik pouch sling kan. i pun ada satu colour brown.

||kiena|| said...

fadh, yup yup yup! i got 2, this one i bought at Mothercare, Pavillion! just to carry him while shopping, kes terlupa bawa bbypouch, ;P the other one is reversable,.. yg tuh grenma dia guna,.. =)