Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Girls Day Out...

... I told you in my last i need the therapy! 
Yeah at last, i had it on weekend! 
Thank you girls! 
Even though i need to work on Sunday, =P
Ouh, a bit sad coz one of my LOVE fren cant join us!
It's ok, will arrange later for you! 
After my next job finish perhaps!
Yes, i love to reward my self, it's rejuvenating!

Met my girls at Pavillion.
Left Dear Laling alone at home
But still left him with Nasi Goreng Sotong for his lunch! ;P
Had a day full of fun and enjoy the coffee break.
Little Liam enjoy accompany Ibu! 
Yes, even though he was a bit fussy here and there, 
Yet he still a good boy without his papa! =)
Don't ask me how he behave if papa join us,.. *fuuuh


 Pandangan depan stroller Little Liam

Pandangan belakang Little Liam, upss auntie2 pon tumpang letak! 

 End of the day i got these!

 Little Liam also had his new cloths! Yeay!!!

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