Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Hot to Handle!

Went to Lowyatt this morning, need to buy office's IT supplies.
Walk along the BB Plaza and saw SALE at Metrojaya.
Heeee it's too hard to handle for not walking through the mall!
Walk thru the shoes, blouses and dresses...
Nothing much,..
Why not accessories?
Yes! yes! yes!

It only took me 15 minutes inside the mall to have those! =P
 And it's 20% less! 
Cool huh!? 
Pssst...Every mall having their Christmas Sale and End Year Sale like mad!


Nrfadlh said...

christmas sales is crazzzyyyy. i budget utk shopping this yr agak kureng. kumpul duit for nxt yr christmas sales lah.

||kiena|| said...

Fadh: I supposed to restrict mself for shopping after head to toe shopping last 2 weeks :P I hope after this year end sale I can control myself... :)