Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New hair-cut at 10 months,..

... hairstylist : Grenma ...

Grenma, tolong potongkan rambut Little Liam! 
Hah, tunggu papa nak potongkan asyik tertunda aje,..
So, amacam? ada gaya tak Grenma jadi hairstylist?
Papa kata macam Backctreet Boys (Brian)
Mak Ngah kata macam Abu Bakar Elah
Ibu kata? 
Ibu tak kesah,.. kekeke sebab Little Liam still comel!
Ibu soooooooooooka!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Madness @ Works,..

7 days a week been working! 
A mother, a wife and a worker (can i specific it as site worker!)
Up and down in this 18th stories building and sometimes using stairs up to 5 floors, 3 times a day!
That's the secret ingredient to maintain slim! uhuk uhuk uhuk
(ouh, including BF Little Liam)
Towards end of this project, i do really looking forward for my so-called Shopping Therapy...
I do need that! 
I've been blog-hopping here and there to some of blogshops but end-up nothing! 
Hoh, I guess the passion and thrill was not there!
Ahahaha I need to plan! 
Let's have our Shopping Day!!! 
Please please please i desperately need you all!
Hmmmm just name me! 
Ouh, last but not least coffee and gossiping session!
Ah, feels like ages ok, i didn't keep in touch with my girls,..
I do admit, being a resident to 6 months project kept me away from u all,.. 
Including my Little Liam,..
Hah ibu asyik anta rumah Grenma jerk! 
Sian dia terabai kasih sayang,.. tapi tak pe nanti kite bercuti naik kapal terbang eh! ;)
But the time will come! Soon!!!
Eagerly counting hours =P

Liam wears Jubah,..

... weeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you atuk and nenek, belikan Little Liam jubah,.. 
Comel sangat Little Liam pakai jubah.
Papa kata, kita buat jubah tuh baju tido! 
Sejuk and selesa sikit Little Liam tido malam.
Tapi kesian pulak dia nak bergerak, merangkak, dan memanjat!?!

We Are Family,..

... Alhamdulillah, they back after performing Hajj,.. 
Welcome back En. Adam & Pn. Siti Zuriah.

Below photos a nite before they went for Hajj

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why I Love My Friday,..

... because i had these for Friday morning! Perfect indeed ...
May the hours day runs with good things! 
Bersedia untuk kerahan tenaga dan minda di site, 
CEO nak datang lawat site this evening,..
Oh, sila sediakan jawapan yang bernas juga untuk site yang sepatutnya handing over on 24th Nov (2 days ago!).
Gud Luck everyone... =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The More I Read,..

... the more my tears fall down, and the more i want to hug and LOVE kiss to my dear son, Little Liam! Every time i read 'Doa Buat Alana' my heart and emotion turn down,.. A mother, a father, a brother who really missed Alana in every single moment,.. Ouh, the more phrases to read, the more i cry! Serious it was so touch! I dont have enough courage to read more (banyak skip okeh kalau baca each post...=( ), as the more i feel the burden of heart-broken-mother-who-lost-a-daughter..

PS. Hah lepas baca terasa sangat rindu pula kat my Little Liam,.. Post ini ditulis dikala tunggu meeting 8.30mlm, di site, sekarang dah jam 8.46mlm! Okeh lambat la lagi nak dapat peluk cium Liam..=(

A Nite Before CPC,..

...today meeting and inspection for Certificate of Practical Completion!...

Hah, cube lihat gambar di bawah dan analisa jika malam sebelum hari esok nya adalah CPC keadaan site residents nya begini! Renung-renungkan dan selamat bekerja!

*     *     *     *     *

counting days hours to leave the site,..will be missing u all! xoxo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally, Uploaded,..

Huh,.. I've been trying to upload my little Liam's video on youtube from morning till evening. And finally after so many times failed . Hah, tak kira okeh! sebab tensi sangat,.. da la site esok ade CPC tapi macam banyak mende lagi tak siap,.. =( stress! nak makan!!! Okeh, da order Bubble Tea and Spicy McChicken Deluxe dengan my laling for dinner, kene stay kat site la jawab nya sampai malam, tak tau nak stay lewat or tak! upssss melencong dari topik asal!!! Arghhhh STRESS!!!

Mari layan kan aje video Little Liam ku ini,..

You Makes Me Smile,..

... you will always be our happiness my dear son, Ziyaad Ilhaam ... 

Yesterday went back from site, at mum's house, macam biasa la kan, have our dinner first, baru lah bergerak pulang ke Sentul,.. tengah basuh breast-pump my mum's maid said my little Liam dah tak buleh tinggal sendiri, sebab da pandai panjat tangga! Hoh, okay,.. (Masa nih buat tak tahu lagi,..) pastu bila ke depan, ruang tamu nampak si Liam dengan Mak Ngah nyer sedang buat aktiviti panjat tangga! I was soooooo excited!!! Berjalan belom lagi ye, memanjat sudah!

PS. Nak upload video, tapi macam hampeh youtube nih,.. asyik failed jer, lambat plakss tuh,.. haih!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's All About,..

... managing stress and works! 

 My Breakfast at Site, even though before that i had at mum's house,..=P

 My supper while waiting for client,..

 My breakfast before start work at site... Rinduuu Penang! Buleh!?!

Arab cuisine for lunch at Dataran Jelatek with Site Representative! Mandi Lamb & Chicken, Hummus and Saba Salad =)

Yeeeepy Yeay! 
I LOVE food when i'm stress and lots of work to be done! 
Yes, I meant it! 
(uhuk uhuk...ada gak orang komen sy makan banyak, tapi kecik!?!)
Kalau boleh nak makan yang mahal2 okeh,.. Hahaha
This is how I manage my stress,.. how about you all? ;P

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Wanna Dress Up Like Them!

... Recently,.. I feel like wanna dress up after almost 6 months i used to wear jeans and shirt to works! Biasalah site resident pakai macam tuh kan! Site uniform, buleh!?! But now is Hijab Fashion Week! If you are a blogger, u will update with this event! Hah, sangat adores okeh with the participants! Every day i will not miss to browse them! Update 12noon everyday! And i was like, if i can dress up too!! Being a BF mum, there's limitation in dressing, practical in nursing was the priority, yeah i know they have provided Baby Room / Nursing Room, but i used to public  nursing! Tak larat nak pusing-pusing and berjalan kalau the room tuh jauh nak kene menapak! 

Jom tgk diorang lagi! 

Hoh, want to share participants i most like:-

Bows and a Rose
Geek In The Rainbow

Serious they look cool and fabulous with their style!! Salute y'all,..

PS. wanna hire personal fashion designer for BF mommies, anyone??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adakah Esok Hari Raya?

... Serius tak rasa macam nak raya! With all the matters raised in the Mitigation Meeting just now, i don't feel like celebrating it with peace of mind,.. Still other ID works running on my mind besides site works,.. Yeah, i know,.. Orang tamak selalu rugi! but this is not rugi! it's more to managing time and works, (kene kerat kot badan ku yang semakin kecik nih! haih, tak terkejar segala benda nak buat,..) Still trying my best to complete those works, InsyaAllah,...

*  *  *  *  *
And yet still want to wish you all a Blessing Eid Mubarak! Have fun and enjoy your Eid!!! 

PS. Little family will having cha-cha merba concept of Eid tomorrow! =P 
Sorry, ibu busy tak sempat nak manage those..erkssss..

Bubble and Tea,..

...6.00pm. As usual, my laling will come to my site and we will go back picking Little Liam together! and today he brought my favorite ever bubble tea!  (he knew every Monday is a madness day to me .. huh..) Penat okeh check segala Main Contractor's works (ID works). Luckily office sent some staff to assist me! Yeay! Thank you Architect's office,..

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee it's really a good therapy after went up and down this 18th storey building for inspection ... LOVE u laling! xoxo... Ouh, It's from Each a Cup, SOGO! I saw their kiosk at Maju Junction but not yet in business,.. Wondering when they will open that kiosk, hmmm,.. dekat sikit nak menapak dari site ke Maju Junction! (hah, semata-mata nak minum Bubble Tea, buleh!?!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey, it's Sunday!

... and i am stuck with works at site office (sambil-sambil buat keje lain jugeeeekss! ahakss,..) it's been a week including public holiday (deepavali) the site was fully loaded with works! less than 10 days to handing over,.. (it's site resident's nightmare okeh!!!)
 Caffe Mocha & Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti from Starbucks, starts my day at site on Sunday! Thank you,..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strawberry Lagi!

... a week my little family been eating strawberry,.. and we need to have it every week. Not because Little Liam loves it soooo much, but more to his Ibu! Yup, i found it works to enhance my breast-milk production! Serious it works! Now, my stock been increased,.. soooooooooka =) (from zero to hero!)

Alhamdulillah... Above my production within a week! Little Liam pon da makan dengan banyak so BM for the day dah kurang,.. (still pump for stock!) After this, if his Aunts, Uncles, or Grandparent want to kidnap him i will not so worry, stock kan dah ade, amik je lah! Hah, bila Little Liam tak de senang la ibu and papa nak siapkan keje ...

PS. My laling pon join skali habes kan my stock strawberry! tapi dia makan begitu sahaja sama seperti Little Liam, he said he preferred Little Liam eat strawberry than apple,.. tak keras and tak risau kalau tersekat ke ape,..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Liam and Strawberry,..


Just to share Little Liam eating strawberry, and he likes it sooooooooo much! (Pagi tadi dia bising-bising when i want to take my bath, decided to give him strawberry! hah, sonyap pon!!! buleh mandi dengan tenang,..)
Mula-mula papa suapkan, then he want to eat on his own, *pffft....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Quick Update at Fren's Wedd Reception

Last Saturday, as usual half day work at site, settled here and there, then picked-up Little Liam to attend Wedd Reception at Putrajaya. 

Congratulation Dear Fahd & Hasni, May Allah Grant U Happiness and Bless The Newly Build Family,..

Also a quick catch up with dear LOVE Angel, Ezanita,.. Liam also met his futsal fren, Raa'id! Have to arrange more gathering later! Then we can have more time for mum's talk, food and some son's activities perhaps! Ouh not forgotten work,.. hehehehe

A visit and familia lunch date,..

Last Sunday, 1030am, my parents and siblings paid a visit to our small house,.. Shall i said it was a visit of the year!?! Hahaha my parent rarely come to our house as it's only 15 minits away unless i invited them! (I guess the grandparent missed their grandson, Liam,.. kan mak kan!?! 3 hari pi Medan tak jumpe la si Liam, kekeke

And later we had our family lunch at Penang Village, Great Eastern Mall. 1st time for the familia having there, and NICE! Little Liam pulak tak buleh bagi dia makan dulu, dia nak sibuk makan sama-sama, so Ibu give anything from the dish which he can easily eat... (dia tak mau bekalan makanan yang ibu bawa, haih... pandai nya sekarang!) Wohoooo gonna have more here, at least we had an option besides the family fave dine place,.. And this also the last family lunch before my dad going for Hajj tomorrow. InsyaAllah will come back 2 weeks later,.. May Allah Bless both of u,..

Cucur Jagung,..

Anyone, cucur jagung? 
Been keeping the sweet corn for a week becoz shortage of ingredients! 
Hah, but last weekend managed to get rid of 1 sweet corn and left another 1 in the fridge,..


- 1 tangkai (betul ke?) sweet corn - dihiris
- sedikit daun sup dan bawang - dimayang
- 3 biji bawang merah - dimayang
- 1/2 tangkai cili merah
- 1 biji telur
- 1 1/2 cawan tepung gandum
- air secukupnya

Campur semua bahan diatas dan digoreng!

PS. Actually, tak pernah ade specific sukatan kalau saya yang memasak, main campur and  campak-campak je kalau buat cucur nih,.. so sesape nak cube nih, kene la try and error bagi yang tak biase buat cucur,.. Selamat mencube!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pelik ke?

... my Asam Pedas Salmon

When i post about cooking and eating this dish at FB everyone seem find it weird! hahaha for me it's still Asam Pedas and Salmon is a fish! My laling love this sooooo much! Previously used to cook Sambal Salmon but last nite decided to have Asam Pedas which is much more better! Marvelous! Wanna the recipe? Let me know ;-)

Didn't take proper photo, after dinner took the dish from small wok (using hp) which the kuah dah tinggal yg pekat aje so my mum comment nampak macam kari la pulak! No worries the taste still Asam Pedas!!!

Small Office at Home

... and also Play-crib for little Liam!  We spent most of our time on weekend in this room (besides bedroom of course). The most hectic room at our house at the moment,.. It's has been 2 weeks this room been occupied as early as 4 am o even earlier,.. Gonna miss this room soon, and of course our new place still have this small office! A must for us, InsyaAllah it's gonna well-paid for!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tuna Roll for Breakfast

We had Tuna Roll for breakfast! Simple yet delicious! 
My laling said can have this often,.. =)

Bahan Inti:
- 1 tin tuna in mineral water / oil
- 1 sudu besar mayonis / thousand island
- sedikit oregano, basil, black pepper
- garam secukup rasa

...Roti secukupnya

Bahan celup:
- 1 biji telur kuning (dipukul dengan sedikit garam)
- serbuk roti secukupnya

1. Campurkan semua bahan-bahan inti
2. Ratakan inti  (letak satu barisan di bahagian tepi roti), kemudian gulungkan roti serapatnya.
3. Celupkan roti yang telah digulung ke dalam telur kemudian golekkan dengan serbuk roti (breadcrumb)
4. Sematkan roti tadi dengan woodie (pencungkil gigi) dan sedia digoreng! 

Goreng sehingga golden brown. 

Selesai goreng, sedia untuk dimakan,.. 
Selamat mencube,..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Capable of everything,..

i am not-so-capable! 

when you are a mother, a wife and a worker, time seems limited,.. 

Time flew sooooo fast and i need to be a superwomen,.. Limited time to do officework or even part time work at home (nite, after dinner and fetch little Liam at Grenma's) Little Liam like to be entertained and dont want to play on his own even in the same room (our little office at home) Work pending and also a headache to me as i cannot finish my work as targeted! (stress OK! how to get extra income ???)

Little Liam, please corporate with us, Ibu begging u please,.. =( 
Almost a week and i have to get things done in 2-3 days,.. Ya Allah, give us strength and bless our work, Lillahi ta'ala,..

I had these to ease the tense...

PS.Wondering if i can be superwomen, super in everything,..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I got my feet covered!

... yeah,.. 9 months little Liam got his 1st not-so-converse shoe! 

"Thank you, Ibu!" said Liam (just imagined he said that to me,.. hahaha =P)

Last 2 weeks, went for an appointment with my Gynae, Dr. Siti Zaleha and she saw my little Liam didn't wear socks or even shoe! She said "Mana kasut Ziyaad nih? Mommy kene praktis kan Ziyaad pakai kasut,.." Huhuhu memang Ibu jarang pakaikan little Liam sock, kasut pula memang belum belikan lagi! not being sooooo 'kedekut' tapi sebab tak rase keperluan ade kasut! hahahaha,.. so last week, bought him a pair of shoe, yeay! excited nak tunjuk kat Grenma sebab Grenma pon bising jugak little Liam tak pakai stokin,.. kebetulan juga on the way back to our car at jusco carpark, terserempak dengan Grenma, hahaha terus tunjuk kasut Liam cumel tuh,.. kekeke

He looks comfortable with the shoe, and it's light! So he still can move around, climbing, crawling and 'bertatih' with the shoe! I Looooikeeeeeeeeee... =) (Ibu beli brand Kiki Lala je, RM19 and still rase mahal gaks! =P)

Suka makan sotong,..

... my laling likes to eat squid! S O T O N G! whilst me likes to cook 'Sotong 3 Rasa' and it's really my own recipe! kuikuikui sooooooka main masak-masak, then main blasah je rempah tumis tuh camana asalkan logic dengan rasa! (bila makan kat kedai slalu tengok and analys rasa, so bila nak masak ikut logic rasa,.. hahaha macam terror rase aje! ;-p)

So, what's the ingredients?

Bahan tumis:
- 1 biji bawang besar (dimayang)
- 3 ulas bawang putih (dimayang)
- 1 inci halia (dihiris)
- 3 sekawan (bunga lawang, cengkih, kayu manis)
- 1 batang serai diketuk 
- 3 helai daun limau (dihiris/dipecah)

... tumis bahan-bahan di atas sampai naik bau! (hoh, dengan minyak masak ye,..=))

then, masukkan bahan-bahan kat bawah mengikut turutan:

- 1 sudu besar cili giling / cili boh
- 1 sudu besar sos tiram
- 2 sudu besar sos cili (guna cap life, laling's fevret!)
- 3 ekor sotong dipotong kecil
- 1 biji limau nipis (diambil jus sahaja)
- sedikit air, gula dan garam

Selamat mencube! Nanti kite cube lagi resepi lain eks,..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Waking up,..

Time: 3.00am
Waked up for finish up works! Both of us,.. Yeay!
Took a long short nap before start work, sambil BF little Liam supaya dia tido and tak kacau kitorang buat keje pagi2 nanti,.. 
Need to prepare technical on Built-in Furns for contractor,..
(buleh tak nak sketch aje? haih tp 2 kali keje plak!?!)
Huhuhu semuga pintu rezki terbuka pagi2 ni,..

PS. image tuh nampak sangat tak mata duitan?? hahaha demi membayar hutang piutang,.. kuikuikui... ada bnyk nak post and update kat blog tp,.. huwa huwa huwa,.. simpan dulu la ye,.. nnt kite buat post-date! buleh!?!