Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adakah Esok Hari Raya?

... Serius tak rasa macam nak raya! With all the matters raised in the Mitigation Meeting just now, i don't feel like celebrating it with peace of mind,.. Still other ID works running on my mind besides site works,.. Yeah, i know,.. Orang tamak selalu rugi! but this is not rugi! it's more to managing time and works, (kene kerat kot badan ku yang semakin kecik nih! haih, tak terkejar segala benda nak buat,..) Still trying my best to complete those works, InsyaAllah,...

*  *  *  *  *
And yet still want to wish you all a Blessing Eid Mubarak! Have fun and enjoy your Eid!!! 

PS. Little family will having cha-cha merba concept of Eid tomorrow! =P 
Sorry, ibu busy tak sempat nak manage those..erkssss..

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