Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A visit and familia lunch date,..

Last Sunday, 1030am, my parents and siblings paid a visit to our small house,.. Shall i said it was a visit of the year!?! Hahaha my parent rarely come to our house as it's only 15 minits away unless i invited them! (I guess the grandparent missed their grandson, Liam,.. kan mak kan!?! 3 hari pi Medan tak jumpe la si Liam, kekeke

And later we had our family lunch at Penang Village, Great Eastern Mall. 1st time for the familia having there, and NICE! Little Liam pulak tak buleh bagi dia makan dulu, dia nak sibuk makan sama-sama, so Ibu give anything from the dish which he can easily eat... (dia tak mau bekalan makanan yang ibu bawa, haih... pandai nya sekarang!) Wohoooo gonna have more here, at least we had an option besides the family fave dine place,.. And this also the last family lunch before my dad going for Hajj tomorrow. InsyaAllah will come back 2 weeks later,.. May Allah Bless both of u,..

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