Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Wanna Dress Up Like Them!

... Recently,.. I feel like wanna dress up after almost 6 months i used to wear jeans and shirt to works! Biasalah site resident pakai macam tuh kan! Site uniform, buleh!?! But now is Hijab Fashion Week! If you are a blogger, u will update with this event! Hah, sangat adores okeh with the participants! Every day i will not miss to browse them! Update 12noon everyday! And i was like, if i can dress up too!! Being a BF mum, there's limitation in dressing, practical in nursing was the priority, yeah i know they have provided Baby Room / Nursing Room, but i used to public  nursing! Tak larat nak pusing-pusing and berjalan kalau the room tuh jauh nak kene menapak! 

Jom tgk diorang lagi! 

Hoh, want to share participants i most like:-

Bows and a Rose
Geek In The Rainbow

Serious they look cool and fabulous with their style!! Salute y'all,..

PS. wanna hire personal fashion designer for BF mommies, anyone??


Fadeadsy said...

i do understand your feeling. bf mommies mmg xleh nak dress up pakai layers atau pape baju yang menyusahkan utk bf kan. dulu pun sy rase mcm tu tp demi anak tahan je dulu. now mcm dh ready nak dress up psl my baby tak full bf lagi tp bdn tak cukup kurus lg plak. huhu.

||kiena|| said...

kan sedeh kan,.. nak bergaya! hahaha tgh mabuk nak dress up lagi ni,.. =P

IFA Athirah said...

wuuu..terharu ade orang suke style saye.. :) time kasey sgt2x!!!!terharu lagi ni.hehe