Friday, November 5, 2010

Capable of everything,..

i am not-so-capable! 

when you are a mother, a wife and a worker, time seems limited,.. 

Time flew sooooo fast and i need to be a superwomen,.. Limited time to do officework or even part time work at home (nite, after dinner and fetch little Liam at Grenma's) Little Liam like to be entertained and dont want to play on his own even in the same room (our little office at home) Work pending and also a headache to me as i cannot finish my work as targeted! (stress OK! how to get extra income ???)

Little Liam, please corporate with us, Ibu begging u please,.. =( 
Almost a week and i have to get things done in 2-3 days,.. Ya Allah, give us strength and bless our work, Lillahi ta'ala,..

I had these to ease the tense...

PS.Wondering if i can be superwomen, super in everything,..

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