Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bubble and Tea,..

...6.00pm. As usual, my laling will come to my site and we will go back picking Little Liam together! and today he brought my favorite ever bubble tea!  (he knew every Monday is a madness day to me .. huh..) Penat okeh check segala Main Contractor's works (ID works). Luckily office sent some staff to assist me! Yeay! Thank you Architect's office,..

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee it's really a good therapy after went up and down this 18th storey building for inspection ... LOVE u laling! xoxo... Ouh, It's from Each a Cup, SOGO! I saw their kiosk at Maju Junction but not yet in business,.. Wondering when they will open that kiosk, hmmm,.. dekat sikit nak menapak dari site ke Maju Junction! (hah, semata-mata nak minum Bubble Tea, buleh!?!)


wawan said...

try bubble tea cup bon. sedap!!!

||kiena|| said...

kan? sedap! soooka my flava : chocolate blended and oreo pon sedap, wajib ade pearl okeh!!! =)