Monday, November 29, 2010

Madness @ Works,..

7 days a week been working! 
A mother, a wife and a worker (can i specific it as site worker!)
Up and down in this 18th stories building and sometimes using stairs up to 5 floors, 3 times a day!
That's the secret ingredient to maintain slim! uhuk uhuk uhuk
(ouh, including BF Little Liam)
Towards end of this project, i do really looking forward for my so-called Shopping Therapy...
I do need that! 
I've been blog-hopping here and there to some of blogshops but end-up nothing! 
Hoh, I guess the passion and thrill was not there!
Ahahaha I need to plan! 
Let's have our Shopping Day!!! 
Please please please i desperately need you all!
Hmmmm just name me! 
Ouh, last but not least coffee and gossiping session!
Ah, feels like ages ok, i didn't keep in touch with my girls,..
I do admit, being a resident to 6 months project kept me away from u all,.. 
Including my Little Liam,..
Hah ibu asyik anta rumah Grenma jerk! 
Sian dia terabai kasih sayang,.. tapi tak pe nanti kite bercuti naik kapal terbang eh! ;)
But the time will come! Soon!!!
Eagerly counting hours =P


kayzie said...

hihi..tergelak tgk gambar akak tu..ceria jek even bekerja di hr ahad..hehe..tabik spring la kat akak..

||kiena|| said...

hahaha, buat2 ceria je tuh,.. kalau tak susah la nak ade mood kerja 7 hari seminggu! best sangat!!! =(