Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Link Your Blog to Facebook

Do you know that you can link your blog to your facebook? Ouh, it will become notes in FB!,... Here is the simple steps,... Just follow the illustrated instruction,.. Good luck !(^_^)v




And Lastly...

To check whether blog has been linked back to your profile / home,.. That's all! Isnt it easy??? Me likey!!!

From Dad's Desk,..

Today my lunch hour was filled with reviewing my dad's note in his FB, thank you for your notes dad,.. It will InsyaAllah guide us thru and keep us surviving in this challenging lives~

Knowledge, guidance and reminder is to be shared, so i picked this note :  

Building "Rumahku Syurgaku"

Marriage in Islam is an important institution that has deep effects on society. Marriage is a bond containing rights and duties that each person, male or female, should preserve, protect and fulfill. Both the husband and wife, have certain rights and duties. Allah said, what translated means

"And live with them honorably."[4:19].

Each of them must fulfill his or her duties for the marriage to succeed. Allah said, what translated means,

"And they (women) have rights (over their husbands) similar (to those of their husbands) over them as regards to what is reasonable, but men have a degree (of responsibility) over them.) [2:228].

Women must fulfill their duties towards their husbands. Men must treat their wives fairly and fulfill their duties towards them, too. A happy marriage is assured if both the husband and the wife preserve each others' rights. A marriage that does the opposite is a miserable one.

The Sunnah of the Prophet is full of advice of what brings about a successful marriage. He said, what translated means, "Treat women fairly. The woman was created from a bent rib. The most bent part of the rib is the top. If you want to straighten it, you will break it. If you left it, it will stay bent. So treat women fairly." [Al- Bukhari & Muslim]. In this Hadith, the Prophet orders men to be fair with their wives and to treat them in the best manner. He described forcing a woman to change some of her attitudes as breaking the rib, and breaking the rib here means divorce. The Prophet was seeking to protect marriage from what may destroy it. He said, what translated means, "No Mu'min (believer) should dislike his believing wife. If he does not like her attitude (in some matters), (then) he will like another." [Muslim].

The Prophet advises men as how to have a good marriage. Men must ignore some of their wives mistakes and attitudes as long as they are not sins. The Prophet acknowledges that changing these attitudes is difficult. Women, Just like men, are not perfect. To enjoy marriage, men must forgive the bad attitudes and habits, and remember, the good ones. Surely in most cases, the good sides are more than the bad sides. For the husband to hate his wife, ignoring the good in her, means the destruction of their marriage. Many men want their wives to be perfect. This is not possible to achieve. If men ignore this fact, then misery and depression will fill their marriage, and this may lead to divorce. The Prophet advises the believers to protect their marriage by correcting the impermissible behavior of their wives, and not force change in matters that are not sins.

The wife has certain duties and rights. The rights include providing for her needs of food, clothing, housing and respect. The Prophet said, what translated means, "They have upon you (the rights) of providing for them and clothing, as regards to what is reasonable" [At-Tirmithi]. Also, the Prophet said to a questioner: "(Her rights upon you) is to feed her when you eat, buy her clothes when you buy for yourself, not to smack her on the face, not to curse her and not to ignore her (if you have a difference with her) but in the house." [Ahmad].

The wife has the right to be respected and treated fairly. Being unjust with the wife is impermissible. The Prophet gave us the perfect example of how a righteous believer should treat his wife. What men cannot control matters of the heart) must not affect the way they treat their wives.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Currently i'm working on this (below) 









Yeah,.. semalam tetiba my laling ajak me kumpul gambar Ziyaad Ilhaam from the day he was born! Hohoho memang dat time i da start wat scrapblog for Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. da start pon baru 1 accomplished~ haih,.. Jom, jom, jom, kita buat scrap album for our little precious! click here for scrapblog,.. Selamat men'design' ye!!! (^,~)v

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lin Handmade Blog Giveaway,..

Last 2 days check my chat box and there's 1 invitation from kak lin for her blog giveaway! It's quit new for me for joining a giveaway. Hohoho so lets give a try,... Anyway kak lin thank you for your invitation. That's my first time visit your blog, really caught my eyes, YOUR CREATIVITY and PRODUCT! Ok in order to join this giveaway:

  •  "For Bloggers..... you must be my follower . If you are already a follower in my blog, then  you are eligible to join - Kak Lin" - Kak Lin, i've been following u since the first day u leaved message in my chat box! =)
  • "For Bloggers.....YOU MUST WRITE about this blog giveaway at your own respective blog and include the photo you see above (below) in it as well. Don't just put the photo of the prize at your blog.You have to at least write about what the photo is about.  Then, link your post to this blog giveaway. PLEASE add the URL link of your blog post in your comment area as well so that I can easily go and visit and read your post at your respective blog. - Kak Lin"

i'm not good in explaining,... i'm not a story teller dat's why i couldnt be a debater! hahaha lari tajuk sungguh~ sorry kak lin,.. ok ok ok enough, lets just straight to the handmade card above, that the giveaway prize from kak lin, is it NICE??? So anyone would like to join and grab these prizes? Please do so! Kak Lin will choose not only one winner but 7 winners! 

7 quilled heart cards
7 ribbon beaded bookmarks

Kak Lin, betul ke tuh? Huwaaaa so excited! Apalagi, jom ramai ramai meriahkan giveaway Kak Lin!
Please click here to enter giveaway..

Month of 7, yeah i guess we sharing a good month:
my anniversary, 6th July
Ziyaad Ilhaam turns 6 months
Discover and fall in LOVE with new KPJ Tawakkal - 2nd child to consider, ahaha!
Having DSLR for our own good - Yeay buleh amik gambar Z.Ilhaam bnyk2!
...the list goes on and on...

pssst,.. da lama tak ber'keras'craft tangan dengan beaded,.. the last time was for Eza's Wedd (baju her ami)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Creating Family Culture,..

What's your family culture? 
Alhamdulillah i've been raised well by my parents. Providing knowledge instead of rules, roles, habits, activities and etc. My dad was a strict dad. I do remember the times when we've being 'rotan' because of our behaviour and not listening to them! Whilst my mum i consider not so strict but still not defending us if my dad was on the rules.. there was no place to hide! hahaha those were the days, every families have their own way / culture. Creating family culture is very important in a way to build character and personality of each family members especially our children. I prefer it's been created since the first day being husband and wife. Why? It's the time to create and developing a good habit, rules and roles of the small family before its growing. Alhamdulillah, i used to an early breakfast same does to my laling, therefore it's rare for us wake up late in the morning, usually by 730am i'm already in the kitchen preparing breakfast or doing the washing.. I found that the earlier we wake up the more productive day we have! There was 1 day we woke up at 10am, dizziness and laziness attacking us the whole day, i conclude it as UNPRODUCTIVE day! In Islam also teach us not to waste time and use it wisely. Orang tua pon cakap jangan tidur lepas subuh nanti rezki lari. Semenjak ada Ziyaad Ilhaam, weekend seem flies soooooooo fast! Pulak tuh masih perlu kerja di SITE on Saturday! Only on weekend ouh i mean Sunday i can rest from work! but then i still need to work at home, THE HOUSECHORES,.. No matter how tired i am, the breakfast need to be ready early, sometimes my laling compromising it when the night before Ziyaad Ilhaam slept late,.. when you have been used to an early wake up no matter how late u sleep it's hard to wake up late, me tak suke sebab rase otak jadi ngengong!!! lepas tuh nanti mood my laling pon tak elok,.. Ouh dulu mase kecik kecik memang akan kene rotan kalau bangun lambat, TAKUT dengan rotan kene la bangun awal, even malam tuh tidur lambat sebab study! eh,.. me memang tak tidur lambat, i preferred sleep early and wake up early to study, sebab masa tuh semua orang tidur and konon konon derang tuh tak study lebih la sebab me bangun dulu untuk study, hahaha study ke!?! what else we have been creating?? Hmm makan bersama-sama,.. my parents house memang makan bersama-sama, coz that the only time to chat or discuss together among us! time tuh la nak cerita pasal the day we've gone thru, and time tuh juga la nak mintak ape-ape,.. until now we still had lunch or dinner with big family at least once a week whenever my dad was not on business (he is always on business, thank you dad, because of you we live better each day =)) and at our little family, even Ziyaad Ilhaam need to be entertained, we managed to! Alhamdulillah,... Solat berjemaah? i hope i can berjemaah semula with my laling,.. nowadays susah nak berjemaah bersama unless at my parents house! Ouh dulu mase kecik kecik solat maghrib memang wajib berjemaah if my dad ada kat rumah,.. baru-baru ni mase solat berjemaah kat rumah my parents, Ziyaad Ilhaam behave well! hohoho me likey,.. today pulak nisfu syaaban, as usual if my dad was around solat jemaah and yassin was done! how's Ziyaad Ilhaam,..? he is my little good boy, i pray you will always do,.. 

psst... on the way back from work today i had a short discussion conversation with my laling regarding family culture, insyaallah we gonna be strong in order to build or create a gud family culture for our little family,.. i do found it's important for us as we want to produce a good khalifah, insyaAllah,...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Feels Like Home

Alhamdulillah my Ziyaad Ilhaam is 6 months to 1 year old! Hoh time flies so soon and i've been experienced my mommies hood for 6 months and still counting,.. I LOVE my dear son soooooooo much, i would never and dont want to imagine how my life without him, sorry laling, my dear son has became my priority in life once he was born,.. A BIG JOY, A BIG RESPONSIBILITY, A BIG HEART & LOVE for you my dear son, i hope we have enough and capability to raise him as a good khalifah, insyaallah... Today is the day to pay a visit to paed, Dr Kishore Clinic at KPJ Tawakal, KL! Yeay they have moved to their new building! Yeay! Yeay! and Yeay again! hahaha,.. haih they have been delayed so long, kalau tak buleh la Ziyaad Ilhaam merasa duduk ward baru yang sangat comeii tuh!  

Lobby view from cafeteria

The Reception
Us at Lobby Lounge
At Dr Kishore's
Ziyaad Ilhaam gained 7.4kg at 6 months, yeay!

The Nurse Station at Child Ward. Really feels like kindergarten or nursery with their design and concept at this department! Not much photos i had, Pssst my laling segan nak amik gambar banyak2 at this department, he said lots of nurse =P , my target after this is to give birth at this new building! So sila la kumpul duit dari sekarang ye walaupon tak tahu lagi bila la si Ziyaad Ilhaam akan dapat adik ;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

End-up with J.Lo

As usual my Friday Break was filled with window shopping at SOGO, wow weeeeeeeee SALE SALE SALE, pernah ke SOGO tak SALE??? ahahahaha,.. OK before went there i've asked my dear laling's permission to buy anything (i dont specify any to him =p therefore i can buy more =P) which i like,.. On the way there i've been listed several things on (my mind) to buy which are my Ziyaad Ilhaam's socks (tak muat Ok bila i bought size of 6-9mnths!?!), T-Shirt (wear for site), last but not least perfume. Arrived and start browsing and testing the perfume, then heading to Children department for socks and bought 6 pairs size of 12-18mnths (hopefully it will fit u, my dear son!). It was uncomplete if not window shopping at Women Department,.. browsing few dresses and T-shirt, but it none caught my eyes,.. then went to LEVI'S section,.. hmmm tried LEVI'S limited edition (SAN FRANCISCO) ouh it really really really make me want to have it,.. the cutting, the comfortableness, it's hard for me to resist! But the price stop me from buying =( hehehe i need to consult my laling first eventhough he will not pay for me,.. RM229 okay!!! Lucky me i found my laling at F&B section (GF) hahaha i dragged him to perfume section,.. Dear laling made decision for me and Finally i got my new perfume after 2 years! Hoh,.. agak lama perfume Black XS ku bertahan,.. 

Which one huh!?!




Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Needs Dental Hygiene,..

Many says, good dental hygiene should start early. We should begin cleaning our baby teeth once he starts teething. Most of us unaware our baby is exposed to sugars. Okay this also new to me >>> breast milk contains natural sugar which can cause tooth decay!!! Ho ho ho therefore it is important for us to take care our baby's teeth,..

This article i got from webs which says:-

Your little one should start to teeth at around six months old and will continue to have a complete set of 20 milk teeth by two and a half years old. A healthy set of teeth is essential for baby's development. With good teeth, your child can enjoy a healthy diet, thereby allowing proper jaw growth and speech development.

Lesson 1
For babies over seven months with two to three milk teeth.
  • Thick and contoured handle is easy to grasp.
  • Elastic rubber head feels soft on baby's gums.
CAUTION: Make certain that shield is attached to prevent choking.

Lesson 2
For babies over 11 months with eight to 10 milk teeth.
  • Rubber bristles are soft and tender to baby's gums.
  • Fine bristle-ends allow for thorough cleaning of every part of teeth and in-between teeth.

Lesson 3
With all his milk teeth has grown, your child is now ready to practise dental hygiene with his first real toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Rounded bristles are tender and gentle on your child's gums.
Remember, proper toothbrushing techniques from the very first stage of training will help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth.
Pssst,.. i already bought the training toothbrush (PIGEON) set and my Ziyaad Ilhaam has been trained! Yeay =P

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is He Okay!?! Is it normal!?!

Mommies, do you have any idea or any explanation on my situation here,.. 
It's been 2 days since Sunday my Ziyaad Ilhaam did not pooo  pooo..
Is it because of me? I couldnt recall if i did take unhealthy food!
As far as i'm concerned i really take care on my food taking,.. 
Even he is not poo poo for 2 days he didnt make any trouble or shows he was uneasy with it,
But still i'm worried ~

Just now on lunch hour i called home, and bibik said he just poo poo,.. Ouh thank God,.. poor him~ Ibu LOVE you, my dear son,..

Ziyaad Ilhaam met Adam Abqary

Adam Abqary Mohd Noor, welcome to the world dear,..
May you cherish your parent's life and be a GOOD KHALIFAH, InsyaAllah.

Hi, Adam Abqary,..

Ziyaad Ilhaam with Kakak Mia

Ziyaad Ilhaam with Kakak Elin

Ziyaad Ilhaam with Meow Meow The Cat

Solid Food On The Go

Weekend meant for resting after had 5 6 days of hectic day at site.Only on weekend i can get in touch with frens and  or visiting family members. On Sunday, we had a fully scheduled day, therefore early in the morning i have to prepare solid food for the whole day which mean 3 times meals... Before that, my laling need to be feed =P Done kari sardin and roti jala for him! Yeay,.. then preparing my little precious'! i cooked brown rice + potatoes + 2 spoon of ISOMIL,.. i never feed him FM but for his solid food i add some of ISOMIL (soy milk),... Ouh it's my first time using the PHILIPS Hand Mixer!!! It's awesome, easy, fast and GOOD! Hehehehe berbaloi-baloi,... i bought the 600W the bigger size, saje senang nak gune untuk baking or custard'ing' huhuhu... 

The Brown Rice + Potatoes before blend

+ with 2 spoons of ISOMIL

Divide to 2 / 3 meals for 'The On The Go'

Yeay! It's ready to GOOooo..!

Papa fed Ziyaad Ilhaam at Bangi Kopitiam, Setiawangsa, Ibu had appoinment with old fren, Ila Natrah~

Friday, July 16, 2010

How I Spent My Friday Break?

Yeah, for 2 Friday in a row i had lunch date with my LOVE fren Linda,.. ahahaha kalau jumpe mesti tak sah kalau tak cerita pasal anak2,.. maklumlah masing2 dah ada anak,.. seronok bila dapat berkongsi pengalaman and story of new mommies nih,.. ehem ehem EJ aka Jazmin cepat2 la join chorum kitorang nih, not forgotten the rest of the clan =), last Friday we (me and Linda) had our lunch date at SOGO,.. accidentally it was baby's item on SALE! HAPPY HOUR gituh!!! Kat bawah tuh berpusu2 mommies mencari barang utk their children, hahaha tak sanggup nak bertolak2 dengan mommies we all just go to Level 4 - Children department,.. Lucky us we both was given a son! so tengok bende yang sama aje! hahaha siap buleh offer2 gituh~ Heaven OK shopping for little precious! Rase nak beli semua, all nice n SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! ade penegasan di situ ye kawan2,.. huhuhu

Today our lunch date was at KFC Maju Junction. Had our Pocketful toasted set and i gave Baby Syahmi's book which i stored in my laling's car boot for about 4 months! Huh,.. damn long it's been stored, Sorry Baby Syahmi,.. Aunty Cibo tak sempat nak pi peluk cium lagi, nanti we plan something eh, may be photoshoot session with Ziyaad Ilhaam ye,... Tak sabar nyer,.. =D

Upssssssss,.... terbeli la pulak Baby GAP untuk my Ziyaad Ilhaam kat F.O.S sangat tak tahan bila tengok buy 2 for RM21! Linda pon terjerumus skali, hahaha,.. aiyoooooo it was unplanned! shhhhhhh ibu pon tak permission dengan papa,... ha ha tak tau =P 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Massaging Your Baby,..

Have u done and apply baby massage after each bath, mommies?
Supposed i attend the Johnson's baby Touch Infant Massage Workshop on the 25th August at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa, but Ziyaad Ilhaam will have his 6mnths appoinment with pediatrician... 
It's not easy for me to have massage session with Ziyaad Ilhaam
He is not patient enough waiting for dress up,.. haih,.. such a sporty baby!!! 
If i took long time for massaging, he will make sound and then crying for me to dress him ASAP,.. 
Nasib baik kulit masih lagi 'selembut kulit bayi' >> iklan Johnson's lah tuh,.. hehehe 
i thought going to the workshop can help me improving my massaging session with Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. 
OK here is 'Touch Massage Steps' i found in Johnson's website,.. urghhhh i still want to join the workshop! Hope they will organise next workshop,.. =(

Click for larger image

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Raa'id's Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul

Sunday 11th Julai went to Kg Machang Hilir, Lenggeng for Majlis Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul Raa'id,..  Tak sempat nak cukur jambul Raa'id, sampai sampai je majlis dah habes,.. Ye lah, sampai pon dah jam 1130pagi majlis mula jam 10pagi. So who else i met at Ezanita's?? Yeay i had some sort of 'get together' with Anis & hubby, Azyyati & Family hmm the rest? Fiza, Dina, Pcloh, Mcnet, and Zura can't make it,.. haih next time when we have time and money we'll organise the 'get together' session,.. Missed u all sooooo much!!! 

Hi, Baby Raa'id,.. =D
One happy family, Ezanita, Jamal & Baby Raa'id

>>>>> Credit to Ezanita for the photos
Ouh on that Sunday i'm supposed to attend wedding at Klang after Raa'id's,.. Sorry Kak Azwa,.. Coudnt attend your wedd reception, banyak tempat nak kene singgah,.. May Allah Bless Your New Life Kak Azwa!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adidas to Timberland

This is my more or less 7 years Adidas. I wore this since my 2nd year at HBP, USM,.. Lots of place have been touched along the years! Phuket (ombak jahat tragedy =p), Medan, Singapore, Bandung, Melbourne, Sydney n the list goes on,.. Haih,.. It's really hurt and hard to let go when it has became part of your life (erks,.. i mean 'harta kesayangan'). It's okay may be it's time for me to have new 1 to suite my need at site. Please Scroll Down












Yeay! It's Timberland!!! This is my new LOVE (additional to my LOVE item collection, hahaha) My Adidas broke down on last last n last Wednesday just after i had my luncheon at Maju Junction. And for 2 days i had to borrow my sister's sport shoe which not suite for site worker like me,... its flat~ can u imagine to wear flat sport shoe when u have to climb the stairs, n do inspection to the 20th stories building and the list goes on every day,.. I had a very uncomfortable and tired legs,.. Nak minta laling urut pon huh bermimpi laaaah~ So that weekend i went to KLCC, the nearest place from site to get my new shoe,.. Lucky me Parkson and Isetan had their SALE,.. i already aimed to get TIMBERLAND for my site shoe, so just headed to Isetan and Parkson! Hmm Isetan dont have much choices and i had mine at Parkson. I think it's worth buying as i got it RM199 from RM399,... Impressed huh!?!  Yeah, the lesson here, only buy when it is on SALE!!!  I've wore this TIMBERLAND for a month and really ease my daily routine on site! Most important it's LIGHT!!! Ouh, supposed to buy safety shoe but it's really hard to have it on my size,.. ;-p