Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Feels Like Home

Alhamdulillah my Ziyaad Ilhaam is 6 months to 1 year old! Hoh time flies so soon and i've been experienced my mommies hood for 6 months and still counting,.. I LOVE my dear son soooooooo much, i would never and dont want to imagine how my life without him, sorry laling, my dear son has became my priority in life once he was born,.. A BIG JOY, A BIG RESPONSIBILITY, A BIG HEART & LOVE for you my dear son, i hope we have enough and capability to raise him as a good khalifah, insyaallah... Today is the day to pay a visit to paed, Dr Kishore Clinic at KPJ Tawakal, KL! Yeay they have moved to their new building! Yeay! Yeay! and Yeay again! hahaha,.. haih they have been delayed so long, kalau tak buleh la Ziyaad Ilhaam merasa duduk ward baru yang sangat comeii tuh!  

Lobby view from cafeteria

The Reception
Us at Lobby Lounge
At Dr Kishore's
Ziyaad Ilhaam gained 7.4kg at 6 months, yeay!

The Nurse Station at Child Ward. Really feels like kindergarten or nursery with their design and concept at this department! Not much photos i had, Pssst my laling segan nak amik gambar banyak2 at this department, he said lots of nurse =P , my target after this is to give birth at this new building! So sila la kumpul duit dari sekarang ye walaupon tak tahu lagi bila la si Ziyaad Ilhaam akan dapat adik ;-)


ken said...

cute boy =)

nuraitul said...

alhamdulillah..smangat badan ur son..mesti mommy dia jaga dgn sgt teliti kan..

||kiena|| said...

Ken: tq... :-)

Nuraitul: alhamdulillah... Me xde la seteliti my laling, any preservative food n FM is not allowed! Only fresh cooked food... Tp mmg penat but for his own good, paed docs pon kata his growth is excellent! I loike!!!