Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Solid Food On The Go

Weekend meant for resting after had 5 6 days of hectic day at site.Only on weekend i can get in touch with frens and  or visiting family members. On Sunday, we had a fully scheduled day, therefore early in the morning i have to prepare solid food for the whole day which mean 3 times meals... Before that, my laling need to be feed =P Done kari sardin and roti jala for him! Yeay,.. then preparing my little precious'! i cooked brown rice + potatoes + 2 spoon of ISOMIL,.. i never feed him FM but for his solid food i add some of ISOMIL (soy milk),... Ouh it's my first time using the PHILIPS Hand Mixer!!! It's awesome, easy, fast and GOOD! Hehehehe berbaloi-baloi,... i bought the 600W the bigger size, saje senang nak gune untuk baking or custard'ing' huhuhu... 

The Brown Rice + Potatoes before blend

+ with 2 spoons of ISOMIL

Divide to 2 / 3 meals for 'The On The Go'

Yeay! It's ready to GOOooo..!

Papa fed Ziyaad Ilhaam at Bangi Kopitiam, Setiawangsa, Ibu had appoinment with old fren, Ila Natrah~

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kayzie said...

aunty bekenan la ngn bekas ziyaad tuh..^_^