Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farewell Lunch,..

… Semalam hari yg sangat penat! Pagi ade site measurement, then lunch sampai penuh perut tak leh jalan. Pastu balik opis sambung buat keje yg tertangguh. Tapi bila siang tu dah buat site measurement, penat nye berlarutan. Mind u that I’m 27 weeks and I’m easily gets tired. Hoh. Baby,… sile bekerjasama ye. We need to get things done before 2 months break! Haiyoooooooo list to be done semakin panjang! Bertabah la wahai badan…
Ok, nak post photo pasal Farewell Lunch treat by En. Izwan (AT Associates)! Huhuhu thank u for the treat! nnt balik Saudi belanja lagi! kekeke… Me tak bnyk sgt mkn sbb masalah angin gastric so makan tuh so-so je,.. haih…

IMS_9938 IMS_9942
En. Izwan : Meja ber 4, Berkemeja kolar putih. Thank u for treat! Smile

IMS_9934 IMS_9931
The Staff : AT Associates & SIR Design S/B

IMS_9923 IMS_9926
Ini budak 2 orang mmg camera freak! Smile with tongue out 

What I eat?

IMS_9924 IMS_9940
Sikit kan I makan? Yup masih ada masalah mkn n angin gastric. No comment. Oh. Bila makan macaroon dia sgt la nk mkn macaroon from Babycakes! Sbb Babycakes lagi seeeeeeeeeeedap! Sekian.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pavlova and Papa’s Son…

…Supposed we have Wordless Wednesday, huh!?! Not for this week! hahaha

photo (11)photo (16)photo (10)photo (12)

1st, It’s Pavlova from Alexis! Yeay! Happy me,.. Been ‘mengidam’ pavlova since yesterday morning, and we had a chance to drop by at GE Mall last nite. So bought it at Alexis. Expensive. Yet SEDAP! Some says DELICIOUS’ Pavlova better! Hurmmm a reason for me to have one there! So anyone would like to join me?


photo (13)photo (15)photo (14)

2nd, Papa’s Son. Some asked me how’s Liam since he gonna have brother (will have another check-up and double confirm it from the last check up Winking smile) soon? I said, OK! He been good to me! Tak de la nk manja2 or tantrum nk perhatian bagai from me,.. hmmmm sebabnya dia kan anak papa! Papa sekarang memang ade ekor lah,.. mane je nk pi even masuk toilet pon Liam akan ikut! Kecuali kalau papa kata papa nk berak! malam pon me boleh tido lena. Sbb ape2 pon dia akan minta kat papa, so kalau papa tak tido, dia pon tak tido,.. kekeke soooooooooooooka! senang kan!?! Alhamdulillah Send a kiss

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LOVE When He Asleep

Soooooka sgt tgk dia masa dia tido. Feel so calm n peaceful! U will know the feeling when u became a mother! Rase nk gomol n peluk2 je….Nyah-Nyah

And now 18 months…

197816_10150266757698794_676538793_7416615_5273962_nphoto (9)

Muka penuh rambut! Papa punya kerja! Padahal pagi tuh papa dah mesin dah rambut Liam, tp still need some trimming! So kerjakan mase Liam tgh tdo lebih mudah Winking smileDah tak chubby mcm mase 6 months,.. lasak OK! tak terkejar klu lepaskan kat shopping mall. And I always left behind! Papa la dok kejar dia,.. bila dukung tak kasi jalan sendri mula la dia meronta. Huh, sgt penat! Ni baru 1 hero. Dah 2 hero ntah macam mana agaknya!?! Thinking smile

Hello Promotion!

… Towards the end of Raya Promotion. Before 8th August 2011!


RM 288.00 : Retail Price

And I’m giving you only RM230.40 w/ Wash N’ Strain FOC (excluding postage)! So hurry people! Let me know if interested ya! Winking smile

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuna Pizza for Little One,..

189359_10150266636713794_676538793_7414993_4432384_n… Homemade pizza was sooooooooooo much better than the ready made pizza! Be it from Jusco Selection or Karts (many to name others! hehehe) I preferred the homemade pizza! Just buy the ready made pizza crust and custom the toppings to your taste! Dear laling was into Tuna Pizza! Lucky me,.. hehehe no need to cook beef or what-so-ever! Hahahaha within 30mins pizza is ready to eat!

185080_10150266634913794_676538793_7414983_4596358_nOh, Liam also love it sooooooooooo much! Ibu tak pakaikan baju supaya senang nk bersihkan lepas makan…Smile with tongue out

What for tomato sauce?

1 tin (small tomato puree) miz with  2 tspn mayonnaise &; some oregano, basil, coriander leaves and black pepper. (can substitude with Mix herbs!) – I didn’t add mayonnaise because mixed it with tuna 

Psssst,..dulu2 kene adun sendiri pizza crust tu,.. haih leceh, nak tunggu adunan naik la bru blh letak topping, skrg tak lagi! Beli je kat supermarket! Senang, mudah n cepat! Winking smileSmlm berangan nk buat puding roti, tp,.. gagal! Mood tiada,..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let’s Rock On!

IMS_9809… After few months, (almost 3 months) been avoiding to do site visit and site meeting. And today I’m back with business! Yeah,.. 1st site visit for new project. Small renovation for luxurious condo at Jalan Kia Peng. Alhamdulillah, rezki tak kira besar kecil atau besar. Selagi Allah masih memberi, bersyukur atas limpah kurnia-Nya. May strength always be with me and be blessed. Dear baby, please hold on in there (my belly tummy) I know we are good with this! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Most Precious,..

… FAMILY! Alhamdulillah, being granted with happy n blessed BIG family. May our bond grow stronger each n everyday till death do us apart,.. amiiiin… My dad is very sentimental person I would say, I guess as we grow older, we want to be closed to our LOVED ones. Mase muda tiada masa utk diluangkan bersama, sibuk mencari rezki utk kesenangan hidup seisi keluarga. So every weekend when it’s FULLHOUSE meaning my dad at home and dear sister is in KL, we will have ‘time for family’. And my dad has suggested we having 1 meal per day on weekend at Suria Jelatek (where me n my brother live!) So both of us will prepare 1 meal of the day. Last week, Saturday’s breakfast at my house! And the family had Nasi Lemak. Hahaha senang as for me, just cook the rice, and sambal tumis ikan bilis! Plus goreng ikan bilis n salad!

Sunday, my brother prepared Spaghetti and some desserts! Mak bawa pulut and kuah durian! soooooooooo heaven lah! Oh, we had brunch at his place, and he invited  Pak Lang & Family and Pak Busu & Family to join us! We had sooooooooo much LOVE on weekend! Yes, there’s no other LOVE thing which is better than FAMILY! Enjoy the Sunday Brunch Photos at my brother’s house! (The kitchen cabinet was my design! heeeee but the finishing was Mak! She owned the house, tuh pon contractor ade salah sane sini tak ikut my drawing, dpt contractor tak pandai baca drwg mmg hampeh! lepas ni tak mo pakai dah, igt nk cube, heh Smile with tongue out)

282483_247718471922824_100000540191964_973123_4527531_nThe Girls and Grandson (without Shahida whose currently at Melb, tunggu Nov ye!)

283323_247718281922843_100000540191964_973120_6441441_nThe Dad, Daughter and Son Session!


Thanx Abah, u’ve done everything for us n there’s no other thing can replace the sacrifices u did for us, n till now u still working very hard to sustain LIFE. To our beloved Mak, u complete Abah,.. And thank you for always be besides him! U knew him well than we do.

May Allah Bless and Grant Us Better Life in Years Ahead.

Favor of Truffles?

… Last nite, I don’t know what cross on my mood, I was soooooo into mood of baking something! So the easiest is baking truffles! Sooooooooooooooooooo easy! (even the kids can bake it too!) No need to heat the oven, just cool it in the fridge.

Oh, this recipe I googled several years ago and cant remember where did I found,.. (Sorry Mr. Sources.Sad smile)

1 package of Choc Oreo Biscuit – fine crush (I used food processor)
1 package Cream Cheese – (used tatura sbb dah lembut! ngeh3 malas nk soften kan PHILIDELPHIA cheese)
1 package Baking Chocolate
Grounded almond (for decoration)

1. In a medium bowl, mix the fine crush Oreo with softened Cream Cheese until well blended.
2. Roll the mixture to a ball, about 40++ balls depend on the size of ball
3. Double boiled the Baking Chocolate, dip the ball in the chocolate and arrange on the wax-paper cover baking sheet. (Me, used paper cup! I will reuse for another series of truffles! hehehe)
4. Cool in the fridge for 1 hour before serve.

photo (8)Before set in fridge

IMS_9791Yeay ready to be served! Enjoy!!!
Ni, konon2 nk bw la pi ofis, ttb terigt, me smpi awal bila dah tak sejuk sure la kurang sedap,.. kt ofis pula takde mini fridge,.. simpan blk dlm peti! hahaha tak pe lah esok cube bw klu igt! ngeh3...

Wordless Wednesday

photo (6)Hey, I’m wearing the jersey tank maxi from thepoplook! Nicely fall, huh!?! Me likeeeey! Still selekeh at 26weeks, me? don’t care! muahahaha Hot smile

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let’s Change!

… finally! I’ve changed it to simple blogheader! tak payah susah2 cari gambar n edit! ngeh3 aci tak?? Hey, it’s my blog anyway,.. Kalau dear laling comment bru la kite tuka blogheader tuh, soh dia buat blogheader berkurun dah,… asyik dok edit jer gambar nyer tp,.. hmmm,.. malas nk buka story, nnt kene blk kat i! hahaha

so,.. from this blog header


to this!

I gune CorelDraw! Sbb dr dulu (zaman belajar bile buat presentation or whtever) lebih sooooka Corel berbanding adobe! sbb tu sy tak pandai photoshop or illustrator! ngeh3

Monday, July 18, 2011


… it has been 2 weeks in a row I keep on purchasing with thepoplook! oh, why? why? why? Ah, you (girls) surely know why! Muahaha,…All them are pretty! and cant take my eyes from staring those,.. to avoid too much thinking on those, let’s just shopping! ngeh3,.. kan dah nak raya,.. so treat them as bju raya lah! so hopefully lepas ni takde dah yg menarik hati! (ahahaha I wish!)

Nak tau ape yg I shopping td?

1353-4454The Jersey Tank Maxi, and;

1375-4506Perry Pants!



Pssst,.. dah 2 weekends activities tak ter’update sbb asyik terlupa bw memory card! heh,.. blk rumah tak leh on9 plak sbb dah 2 bln pindah masih tak buka kotak nak cr dongle WiMax! Smile with tongue out