Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Most Precious,..

… FAMILY! Alhamdulillah, being granted with happy n blessed BIG family. May our bond grow stronger each n everyday till death do us apart,.. amiiiin… My dad is very sentimental person I would say, I guess as we grow older, we want to be closed to our LOVED ones. Mase muda tiada masa utk diluangkan bersama, sibuk mencari rezki utk kesenangan hidup seisi keluarga. So every weekend when it’s FULLHOUSE meaning my dad at home and dear sister is in KL, we will have ‘time for family’. And my dad has suggested we having 1 meal per day on weekend at Suria Jelatek (where me n my brother live!) So both of us will prepare 1 meal of the day. Last week, Saturday’s breakfast at my house! And the family had Nasi Lemak. Hahaha senang as for me, just cook the rice, and sambal tumis ikan bilis! Plus goreng ikan bilis n salad!

Sunday, my brother prepared Spaghetti and some desserts! Mak bawa pulut and kuah durian! soooooooooo heaven lah! Oh, we had brunch at his place, and he invited  Pak Lang & Family and Pak Busu & Family to join us! We had sooooooooo much LOVE on weekend! Yes, there’s no other LOVE thing which is better than FAMILY! Enjoy the Sunday Brunch Photos at my brother’s house! (The kitchen cabinet was my design! heeeee but the finishing was Mak! She owned the house, tuh pon contractor ade salah sane sini tak ikut my drawing, dpt contractor tak pandai baca drwg mmg hampeh! lepas ni tak mo pakai dah, igt nk cube, heh Smile with tongue out)

282483_247718471922824_100000540191964_973123_4527531_nThe Girls and Grandson (without Shahida whose currently at Melb, tunggu Nov ye!)

283323_247718281922843_100000540191964_973120_6441441_nThe Dad, Daughter and Son Session!


Thanx Abah, u’ve done everything for us n there’s no other thing can replace the sacrifices u did for us, n till now u still working very hard to sustain LIFE. To our beloved Mak, u complete Abah,.. And thank you for always be besides him! U knew him well than we do.

May Allah Bless and Grant Us Better Life in Years Ahead.

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