Thursday, October 28, 2010

I want it badly,..

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... i want it like now!?! now! now! now! Ouh, am i sooooooo stress? No! no! no!,.. am just craving ,.. (kekeke ngade la pulak,..) where can i get those at this time moment, plus i am at site! not at shopping mall! douh... 

Liam can Ibu have those first before pick u up? No? Hmmm ok then, we will have it on weekend, let's get papa to treat Ibu with Baskin Robin Fondue,.. hmm Fruit Fondue pon OK! huhuhuh



... wanna share my fevret song with all! ADINDA by Lah Ahmad! I'm over over over him,.. you will know why i'm crazy about him,.. (could it be the reason i'm marrying my dear laling!?!hahahaha >>> evil laugh!) from V.E till now the obsession was still on,.. I'm shivering and unconditional emotion whenever he was on the TV / show,.. ah, crazy me,..  i know i know i'm a mother and a wife, but hey! there's nothing wrong having a crush on him, i will do no harm like other fanatic fan, at the moment.. kuikuikui,..

Pujaan Malaya,..

... sang by Adzrin Azhar! 

this song keep playing in my head! it's really catchy and cheeky,.. ala ala 60's 70's gtuh! lets sing this song together!!! Ouh, Liam cant sing this song, kekeke kalau tak mesti buleh buat choir dengan ibu,.. ;-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He is now 9 months!

... sekejap je rase my little Liam has turned 9 months,... 

Looked at him this morning, yup, he is turning to be a big boy, ibu has to admit you will eventually like to be on your own, freedom! Thinking of it makes me feel sad, there will no more huggable nite like we always had... Hoh, ok ok stop being emotional me! U will be fine insyaAllah, my arms are wide open whenever you still need a comfort hug! Ibu suke kiss kiss and gigit gigit my little Liam, hahaha sebab nanti Liam da besar ibu da tak buleh gigit dah! (i will missing that too! sad sad sad =(

9 months, u r still having my milk! Ibu soooooooooooooka,.. Alhamdulillah still giving him the best, walaupon ade hari2 yang down, ibu managed to get thru those. Liam also like to climb, he will climb on anybody who sitting near him so that he can stand and give a booty dance! hahaha tergoyang2 bontot nye, he also like to sing like me! Yeay, no i didnt go karaoke when pregnant, but i guess it runs in blood! hahahaha singing like a humming bird, oh yes i like to humming last time whenever i try to sleep o thinking on something!

PS. Piccas was taken using phone, sorry for the bad result! kekekeke anyhow my little Liam still cute and adorable! (ibu perasan sendri buleh!?!)

This is something!

Mas, this is the SOMETHING! hahaha i'm finishing the lines! hoh x best kan!?! Lama da tak scratch the paper with lines,.. Slalu prepare autoCAD drawing jer,.. uhuk uhuk uhuk,.. (masih batuk berkahak! eeeeeeeeeeeeeuww!)

PS. Masih perlu usahakan beberapa sketch lagi,.. Layout plan pon tak kemas lagi,..=( (ini adalah rumah client, bukan rumah sendiri,.. huwaaaaaaaaa bila pikir utk rumah sendri rase mcm down, $$$)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Liam wanna draw too!

This pict was taken at 6.00am in the morning, once he woke up all works need to 'bungkus'! dia pon sibuk jugak nak menolong,...

This morning, woke up at 4.30am just to finish-up layout drawings,.. hah early huh!?! have to!!! That's the only time i can do works without disturbance from dear son,.. 


Managed to sketch something on the layout plan,.. Eventhough need to amend due to comments from dad, i could say more or less it's about there,.. ;-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little Family at Tronoh

Us at UTP celebrating convocation of my laling's sister... (while waiting)

Congratulation, Dear Saliha Mat Zali...

Short weekend update! Will post more later! Yeay!!!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ouh, i'm waving the flag again,...

... finally! last nite after 8 months which equivalent (plus minus) to Liam's age, RED FLAG occurred ,.. relief? yes, definitely!!! (hah, senang nak merancang,.. kekeke perancangan masa depan perlu ada!)

Hoh, before that back from work, my mum told me that Liam had his first tooth, hmmm more to white cap! Yeay, excited to see n wanna take photo of the tooth white cap  but,.. susah nye nak dapat tengok!! tak pe lah,.. dapat rasa pon ok, still i find it cute! (padahal baru tumbuh sikit je kat gusi bawah tuh!?! hehehe =))

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Driving Herbie,..

... Liam had his Herbie and done the test drive at our condo! 

Hahaha ibu yang beriya mau bawa Liam & Herbie,.. Last 2 weeks without fail asked dear laling to buy Herbie for Liam! Purposely for 'Swim Baby Swim' session! (uhuk uhuk buleh percaya ke Liam yang nak swim? Bukan ibu!?!) Next session we will have the proper buoy yang macam Abang Sheraz (Dona & Roy),..

 PS. If papa can drive FORD Lynx RS you should see me (Liam) driving my Herbie, OK!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tanjung Jara from my lense,...

... adjacent from our holiday at Kuala Terengganu we had an opportunity to drop by at Tanjung Jara! Yeay it's SNAP SNAP SESSION again! unfortunately only my dear laling went in to the resort, whilst me had to take care of my dear son in the car at the carpark! (time tu pulak la dia nak tido and nak menyusu,.. haih~)

Pray hard one day my dear laling able to treat us here! (tapi kalau dapat holiday tempat yang lagi menarik pon diterima! kekeke ;-) ) InsyaAllah the time will come~


 PS. Sesapa yg nak lari dari kesibukan kota mmg best klu dpt rest kat sini! Sunyi and relax!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sorry, my dear son,..

This month is the critical peak at site,.. all parties; Main Contractor, NSCs, Consultant and Client are rushing for hand over dateline! Sub-con hunting for detail, instruction and inspection... 35 days left!!! (siap gaduh bagai masa tengah walk-about, haih,.. sangat tak suka menghadap mende-mende camni!)

The consultant room also have been demolished to receive new works! Hoh, this means that there's no place for me to do the so-called 'mothercare'! Past 2 days was a nightmare for me! The production of EBM was less than before and i have to top-up with early morning 'mothercare' to fulfill my son's need,.. Huh, a BIG FRUSTRATION,  i know if i dont have contingency plan, i have to top-up wif FM which i'm avoiding since i can give my BEST to him,.. 

Today, lunch hour, i had with my laling at Maju Junction, and we dropped by at Lunatot's booth and grabbed ASI (introduced by my fren) Starting from tomorrow is a trying period for me, may it works! Haih, it's not easy for a site resident whom still BF her dearest son,.. May Allah Bless,... Ibu LOVE u soooooooooooo much my dear son, Ziyaad Ilhaam

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Proper design of surau for commercial building!

Dont you think we deserve a better surau at all commercial building, as Islam is the no.1 religion in Malaysia...?
Yes, Malaysia must upgrade their surau (muslim facilities) at commercial building! It's hard to find designated surau specially at shopping complex,.. often we found the surau was at Basement or back of the building,.. Like supposed it was store before! (macam tak pernah plot kat plan arkitek on their construction drawing! huh!) Should the architect nor interior must look into this matter during design stage,.. haih,.. malu juga ade bila pergi Melbourne (last 3 years), praying at soooooooooo much better surau than we had in Malaysia! It's Ok, there's always a room for improvement,.. Hmm, I could say that Pavillion, KL have a nice surau at level 5, may be we can provide more designated surau like that!(Still the location quite far inside!) Or we can have this! 

Please scroll down for piccas,...









After snap snap at Surau Nikko Hotel, we had our ... Hazelnut Latte and Apple Strudel! Yeay! Marvellous, the apple strudel is a MUST TRY if u stop by here! 

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Benefit for 'Anak Felda'

I mentioned in my last post we went for 'RAYA RAYA TERENGGANU', so we had our nite (1 nite only) at Felda Residence Kuala Terengganu, hmm suggested by my laling's fren, Irfan (Ipe) and Qoyek! they said 'anak felda' can get further discount! Hoh, that's COOL!!! hahaha my laling kan anak felda, so why not!?! That evening we searched our way to the hotel, pusing pusing jugak la kat bandar Kuala Terengganu tuh! Know what, it's the best decision ever! for Premier Deluxe Room which cost RM210 we only paid for RM180 (my laling showed his I.C for 'anak felda' confirmation).. RM30 different which was better than none! Hah, furthermore the room was cosy and comfort!!! Overall, i said it was WORTH PAID! Ziyaad Ilhaam pon soooooka sangat! Sampai je bilik dia buat aksi2 sooooka! Selesa mungkin! Pandai memilih anak ibu sorang nih,.. Me pulak, each time enter room hotel the first thing i check is the TOILET! PERFECTO!!! hahaha YES, i am very particular about it,.. TOILET tells everything,.. (sorry lupe nak ambil gambar toilet die, hehehe)

 PS. Nak bercuti kat Tanjung Jara plak, buleh!?!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What say you?

... my dear laling thinking of having ...



How about this?? 

Am thinking to let go ours! but,.. haih,.. sayang pula!
Conflict of interest~

Baru nak update!?!

Yup, baru nak update! Better than never, right?
The cause of the delay is, all piccas was in *RAW so i need to get my dear laling to convert it to *JPEG
(huhuhu malas nak godeh computer dia! and i was too busy handling Liam and oso works including house chores!!)

Okeh, lets get back to what i want to update today,.. 
(more to piccas update, kekeke)
On 14th Sept 2010 which was 5th day of Raya we went to Kuala Terengganu for my laling's fren's Wedd Reception who was also my senior at HBP, USM!
Congratulation, Qoyek and wife! 

May Allah Bless Both of You, Qoyek & Wife,..

Ouh, on d way to Kuala Terengganu i met my LOVE fren, Fiza at Kemaman! 
Miss u dear, xoxo..
Nanti kite jupe kat Kuantan ke KL ke,.. hehehe

PS. I will update more piccas of Kuala Terengganu later~

Monday, October 4, 2010

Plan, Strategise and Action

Haih,.. Busy'ness' week! and lots of thing in my head,..
I need to PLAN
And ACTION to be taken!
Am i capable for those?
I need handy assistant please,... 

 Above: One of the burden in my head! Haih DESIGN and CASHFLOW involved~

P.S Dear little family, am working hard to give everything,.. Everything for US, InsyaAllah.. May Allah Bless Us