Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Benefit for 'Anak Felda'

I mentioned in my last post we went for 'RAYA RAYA TERENGGANU', so we had our nite (1 nite only) at Felda Residence Kuala Terengganu, hmm suggested by my laling's fren, Irfan (Ipe) and Qoyek! they said 'anak felda' can get further discount! Hoh, that's COOL!!! hahaha my laling kan anak felda, so why not!?! That evening we searched our way to the hotel, pusing pusing jugak la kat bandar Kuala Terengganu tuh! Know what, it's the best decision ever! for Premier Deluxe Room which cost RM210 we only paid for RM180 (my laling showed his I.C for 'anak felda' confirmation).. RM30 different which was better than none! Hah, furthermore the room was cosy and comfort!!! Overall, i said it was WORTH PAID! Ziyaad Ilhaam pon soooooka sangat! Sampai je bilik dia buat aksi2 sooooka! Selesa mungkin! Pandai memilih anak ibu sorang nih,.. Me pulak, each time enter room hotel the first thing i check is the TOILET! PERFECTO!!! hahaha YES, i am very particular about it,.. TOILET tells everything,.. (sorry lupe nak ambil gambar toilet die, hehehe)

 PS. Nak bercuti kat Tanjung Jara plak, buleh!?!


:: !zyan :: said...

comeyl nyer ziyaad! :)

||kiena|| said...

thank you aunty izyan! nnt kite p minum lagi ye,.. hehehe hopefully ade la kawan ziyaad ilhaam in the making, insyaAllah,..

ps. kalu buleh nak kawan gegurl, buleh??? hahaha