Monday, August 30, 2010

Anyone, please help me,..

... i'm adjusting my layout to the new background,.. adeeeh sangat tak reti nak edit html! *dush*dush*dush*
ada sesiapa tak yang buleh tolong betulkan layout saya yang tak masuk kat background tuh,.. ?? it's actually maximise the white background to suite the arrangement... douh~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's now begin

Yeay, after pending for 2 weeks, actually it's not really pending tho' :-p it's about time to work out all the order recieved! Hehehe been doing the pastry for tart nenas while ziyaad ilhaam need to be 'kendong'! Hoho though huh!?! I'm using baby pouch as he already fed up being sitted in his walker, ouh, no one is awake after suboh whilst Bibik need to finish up all the washing, therefore ziyaad ilhaam need to be 'kendong' by me!!! No worries LUX is a big assistant in this task, just 'campak' all the ingredients and LUX do the rest... THANK YOU very much for your BIG help! Xoxo
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You are now 7 months,..

,.. 5 months to 1 year old! Yippie Yeay!!! 

tapi sejak masuk 7 bulan nih, ragam dia bnyk pulak sejak malam tadi and pagi tadi bangun tidur pon same,.. =( inikah yang dikatakan bertukar bulan,.. aiyoooooooooo ponat la ibu kalau berterusan begini,.. Anyway, LOVE u MUCH, my dear son, Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. xoxo

SITE and FOOD,..

When it's month of Ramadhan, suppliers and contractors queuing to treat the Client and Consultant for Breaskfasting,.. Alhamdulillah this is the chance to taste the famous Ramadhan Buffet in town! hohoho I do mean KL only,.. So where have we went? KGPA, Sheraton Hotel, KDE and the latest IBUNDA at Jalan Bukit Bintang,.. But now i'm going to do free promotion for IBUNDA,. hehehehe it's a Malay Fine Dining !!! and suite with the name, IBUNDA, the main course will be served, and side dishes is selfservice,.. My laling said among all places we've went (last on yesterday, more to come!!!) for breakfasting, IBUNDA is the fullest he had,.. He said the Grilled Lamb was GOOD,.. Down under is their promotion!

For more details please visit their website

PS. We had PAKEJ LAMAN DESA,.. the different is only the dining place, Laman Desa at outside the building (still have a/c for those who worried make-up cair =P) while Balairong is inside the building,... 
 Upss promo untuk Majlis Rumah Terbuka la pulaks,.. kekeke 

Nota kaki: Hari ni ke IMPIANA pulak,.. kak zue kate kambing golek kat sini pon sodap!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's not meant to be mine,..

... huwa huwa huwa ...

Now Air Asia is having Merdeka Sale! at was huge deduction!!! Huh, i booked mine last week,.. Know what, the Merdeka Sale was much lower price than mine! It's OK,.. It's OK,.. It's OK,.. It's not meant to be mine,.. <<< ayat menyedapkan hati! =(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ayam percik! Ayam percik!

Weeee ayam percik in d making! Nak bakar dgn arang kat tingkat 4 ni ada pulak yang panggil bomba... Huhuhu da start api arang pastu tengok asap mcm buleh meragukan org sekeliling. End up pakai oven saja... Anyway selamat berbuka dihujung minggu kawan2... ;-)

Hohoho pau kacang pulak,... Kekeke

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's here! It's here!

After 2 months not being online shopper, last Friday i did it again! hohoho it's not for me,.. but for my dear son, Ziyaad Ilhaam,... Heee nak ngelak kene marah dengan my dear laling, so beli barang Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. kalau barang daku, sudah pasti kene bla...bla...bla... Ouh they did fast delivery! The parcel arrived on the next day,.. GOOD! Thumbs up!

What i got for my dear son? It's Fisher-Price: Healthy Care Booster Seat and EVA: 26 pcs (Alphabet/Animal) Mats! Weeeeeeeeeeee sooooooooka! After this Ziyaad Ilhaam had his own chair, he can seat alone watching and playing while ibu doing house chores,.. Lalalalala  it's from!

 The parcel!

 The things inside the parcel,..

 Yeay,.. at our house,..

My favourite photo! soooooooooooooka!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Next year! next year!

Finally, permission approved! \(^^,)/
susaaaaah sangat nak dapat approval dari my laling,.. 
setelah beberapa kali menggodeh airasia promo package, 
baru kali berjaya dapat permission! Alhamdulillah,..
Kene cari keje lebih ni untuk budget next year, =P

PS. Sila click click Air Asia untuk>>>

 Xtraordinary SALE!

Booking Period:
17 August 2010 - 19 August 2010   LAST 3 DAYS!
Travel Period: 1 April 2011 - 11 August 2011

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's from Grenma!

Aug 15, 2010 6.00 AM

Salam! Jom kt cari walker liam pg ni,..

Hohoho it was sms text from my mom! Who's liam? Ziyaad Ilhaam also known as Liam! My youngest brother cannot pronounce well and he called my son Liam,.. kekeke,.. After read the text, quickly get done my house chores,... cleaning, washing and etc,.. At 9am went to my mom house, hehehe naik 1 kereta je senang, jimat petrol and jimat duit tol! hehehe kalau da ramai2 nak keluar shooping biasa nye pakai family car, ESTIMA,.. (It's good to have family car!) So where were we heading to? Hari tu baca post Emi pasal kid's department kat Robinson macam menarik so suggested to my mum,... unfortunately the choice for walker was not much,.. only two items to consider,.. then went to Midvalley Megamall! In and out several kid's and mom's store, but end up bought the walker at JUSCO! hahahaha just cost Grenma RM139.00 instead of buying the RM3++,.. Thank you Grenma! Bila pulak nak keluar beli baju raya Ziyaad Ilhaam??? hehehe ibu tengah tunggu ade sesiapa tak nak belikan Ziyaad Ilhaam baju raya ni,... (Budget, budget,...)

 Yeay new toy at Grenma's house,.. Soooooooooka!

PS. Ouh masa tengah shooping kat Midvalley got phone call from office telling me that my parcel is ready to pick up! Excited! Excited!,.. huhuhu will post it later ya!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Potong, potong, potong,..

Haaaa,... mesti familiar kan ayat 'Potong, potong, potong!' kekekeke tapi ni bukan pasal P1wimax,.. tp,.. please scroll down








acara memotong rambut Ziyaad Ilhaam di pagi Sabtu
aiks,.. sama je!?! ni bukan potong, trim je! tengok la mata Ziyaad Ilhaam tu sampai berair mata OK, memang sepanjang papa trim rambut dia, dia dok jerit (nangis) siap berhingus lagi!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sejuk hati ibu,..

I LOVE to put my Ziyaad Ilhaam beside my laling when he perfom solat,.. He always a GOOD boy and well behave while observing his papa,.. Inilah yang dikatakan 'Sejuk perut ibu' ,...

Celebrating Ramadhan at Naili's Place, Sentul

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak,..
Happy Ramadhan!!!
Alhamdulillah, an opportunity to celebrate Ramadhan this year with FAMILY,..
A nite before fasting we went to Naili's Place, Sentul,..
A cosy place for 'lepak'ing and catching up with frens,... 
(Suite for dating oso! hukhukhuk!)
It's like dining in a jungle! Seryes,.. i mean beach concept,.. 
Only recommended for dinner,..
 hmmm OK OK saja,.. yelah harga pon OK OK juge,..

Nasi Goreng Kampung for My Laling 

Nasi Goreng Cina for Makcik Ha

Sirloin Steak for Me,..

Ziyaad Ilhaam yang ke'ngantuk'an,.. mana-mana pon buleh tido,.. senang juge ibu mau makan!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bila nak start,...?

Friend 1 : Kiena, ade amik tempahan tak tahun nih?
Friend 2 : Kiena, tart nenas tahun ni ade buat tak?
Friend 3 : Kiena, tahun ni tak de sample kueh raye ke? Anta la kat ofis,..

Hohoho,.. jawapan saya ialah,.. kawan2 saya masih lagi wat kueh raye macam tahun-tahun sebelum ni,.. bagi yang biase tempah, saya terima,.. untuk new customer, saya tak de sample nak bagi,.. tak sempat,.. huhuhu... sekian,...haih,... sedang merancang untuk mencuri masa weekend untuk start wat kueh raya,.. 

.:|| Choc Chip coookies

.:|| Tart nenas

Masih lagi musim buah,..

Last weekend we went back to my laling's hometown, Jengka 21, Pahang,.. Once a month is a must! Yelah,.. dok pi balik rumah my parents always everyday except on Sunday,.. Saturday still need to send Ziyaad Ilhaam coz me need to supervise on site progress,.. (uhuk uhuk demi sesuap nasi,.. eheeeeem) We reached Jengka at 6pm on the Saturday,.. hohoho it's been a month Ziyaad Ilhaam did not meet his Tok Wan n Tok Ki,.. So excited! Ibu pon excited,.. sebab buah2an ada lagi,.. Yang penting durian,.. FEVRET! hahahaha yang lain tuh sket sket jer,... sebelum tido makan durian dulu, breakfast pagi esok nya pon durian lagi,.. hahaha last time masa mengandungkan ziyaad ilhaam pon ibu buleh makan durian! Alhamdulillah selamat keluar pon Ziyaad Ilhaam, ade orang pantang makan durian masa ngandung,.. hehehehe kalau da fevret tuh, tau tau aje laaaa,.. ngeh3. On Sunday, after papa polished his beloved car, papa kait buah rambutan, manggis, langsat kat belakang rumah untuk bawa balik KL,.. Yeay,.. DURIAN is a MUST! Me and my mum memang DURIAN LOVER,.. tapi my mum sekarang da tak makan banyak, usia da meningkat so perlu berhati-hati,.. anyways,.. enjoy the photos...

Tok Ki ambil gambar his only grandson (at the moment! more to come!!!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mothercare at site,...

Ziyaad Ilhaam exclusively been breastfeed for 5 months 2 weeks,.. When he was 4 months i was transferred to site as Resident Architect (specially in Interior Design / Refurbishment works),.. Can u imagine the site condition and environment for me to still having session or i called it Mothercare at site??? The time i had during the days,.. ?? Site inspection which can be at anytime, discussion and solving matters on site which sometime takes few hours, site meeting and the list goes on! The most important thing is where to Mothercare??? Some suggest me to have it at Surau... but i refused to! Not because i demanded for place so much, the thing is there's only 1 surau for male/female... i need to use for mothercare for at least 30 minutes, how about others who want to perform solat? haih,.. and i decided to have it in my office! Lucky me only 2 of us in the office, R.A (me) and R.E (Resident Engineer, En. Azam .. married already!!)  so at anytime i can do my daily mothercare!
Bawah meja! Ye di sini lah Mothercare berlangsung,..
Lucky me i used manual pump, so during the session, SILENT! hahaha nobody notice what am i doing under the table,.. but i guess they have been educated by their wife, so it's not something weird for them! Anyways, i still can provide EBM for my dear son, Ziyaad Ilhaam, haritu my mum da nak suruh bagi FM, but i insist not to give! Because i know i can give the best for him,.. Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to give him the BEST,.. Ouh, last time before being site resident, my Mothercare was 3 times,.. but now only 1 time but still can get the total for 3 feeding! Usually at 4pm/5pm,.. I dont have any EBM stock left, what i produced is for the next day,... Alhamdulillah

Are a you shawl lover???

Are you a shawl lover? So do i!!! I LOVE to wear shawl and its really easy to wear,.. Did you know now got lycra shawl??? hohoho perfect for me! i can cover the boobs plus covering my dear son, Ziyaad Ilhaam while nursing,.. Yeay also for those who prefer thick cover / hijab material,.. biasa kalau pakai shawl jojet, i need to round two times sebab jarang! hmmm with this lycra shawl no worries, after this want to get more colors,.. murah je, dlm RM15 pon da buleh dapat, tapi kalau beli banyak mungkin buleh kurang lagi! SERYES!!! sila sila sila dapatkan untuk raya hehehe sempena musim nak raya ni kan,... hehehe ouh terlupa pula nak bagitau kat mane, Jalan TAR laaa mana lagi, memang rabun mata pi sana!~ 

For those who need tutorial on wearing shawl please scroll down >>> 












buleh juga digayakan tanpa anak, sangat mudah lekap,.. sangat suka!!!
tapi my Laling prefer this way, u can mix n match shawl and anak tudung,.... furthermore, i saved my pin! i seldom use pin for shawl,.. =p

Friday, August 6, 2010

When papa wears babypouch,..

Ziyaad Ilhaam gained 7.4kg when he is 6 months,.. huwa huwa huwa,.. ibu dah tak larat nak dukung without babypouch,.. Babypouch really helps me a lot! Ziyaad Ilhaam cant stand long if we seated him in his stroller,.. when his comfort zone finished, he want to be in his babypouch! he LOVE it soooooooo much and even he can sleep in it! kepala senget2 pon tak pe,.. last weeken on our way back to KL from Batu Pahat we managed to shop at Muar for ready made baju kurung,.. me grabbed 1 baju kurung moden which has buttons in front, easy for nursing Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. we (me + Ziyaad Ilhaam) have beed used to public nursing,.. hehehe ade babypouch senang nak lindung even my tudung (i used to wear shawl) not long enuff to cover Ziyaad Ilhaam when nursing,.. So while ibu, grenma and mak angah Aisha doing our so-called shopping hehehe papa need to entertain Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. huhuhu Thank you LALING,... xoxo

Alahai,.. anak ibu,.. sampai begitu skali layan papa dia pouch! hehehe LOVE both of you soooooooo much!