Friday, August 6, 2010

When papa wears babypouch,..

Ziyaad Ilhaam gained 7.4kg when he is 6 months,.. huwa huwa huwa,.. ibu dah tak larat nak dukung without babypouch,.. Babypouch really helps me a lot! Ziyaad Ilhaam cant stand long if we seated him in his stroller,.. when his comfort zone finished, he want to be in his babypouch! he LOVE it soooooooo much and even he can sleep in it! kepala senget2 pon tak pe,.. last weeken on our way back to KL from Batu Pahat we managed to shop at Muar for ready made baju kurung,.. me grabbed 1 baju kurung moden which has buttons in front, easy for nursing Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. we (me + Ziyaad Ilhaam) have beed used to public nursing,.. hehehe ade babypouch senang nak lindung even my tudung (i used to wear shawl) not long enuff to cover Ziyaad Ilhaam when nursing,.. So while ibu, grenma and mak angah Aisha doing our so-called shopping hehehe papa need to entertain Ziyaad Ilhaam,.. huhuhu Thank you LALING,... xoxo

Alahai,.. anak ibu,.. sampai begitu skali layan papa dia pouch! hehehe LOVE both of you soooooooo much!


jfook said...

Best daddy ever. :P

||kiena|| said...

hahaha may be! =)