Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Word of thoughts,..

It's hard for us to judge personal character, sometimes it takes years to understand them,..
Personally i dont take years, how they think and act basically shows them, Mentality.. In example, do you treat an A's student same with back class student? of course NOT! with A's student you can give simple instruction and rely on them to take care the rest. But, back class student u have to do close monitoring and remind them all the way to complete task given,.. Family culture! yeah in my last post,... i know i keep on stressing this! Coz right now i related all things to me in developing my family culture. Everyday is a learning process for me, so to others. What happens around us we should link it with us. How we adopt and take it as a lesson, not only for reading and observation,.. It hard huh!?! NO NO NO if we want to give the best we should not take it easy! (i LOVE to think which i should not, sometimes,..) hohoho knowing youngsters nowaday scared me! Please please please,.. precaution and preservation has to be made for your children,.. I hope  i can give the best for my little family,.. Membentuk akhlak dan budi pekerti anak merupakan tanggungjawab besar,.. membentuk semula habit they used to be pon susah juga,.. but if they willingly to change for their own good, it's the BEST!!! Alhamdulillah i was given an understanding husband who are willingly to adapt my BIG family's culture, and we learned from them,.. we not  yet succeed, at least we've done our part, yes sacrifices needed,.. My darling husband was a GREAT gift ever. Bright side will not just come / fall in sudden! Sometimes it takes time, sama lah macam kita berdoa and minta dari Allah macam2, tapi Allah bagi dalam pelbagai cara and kadang2 Allah bagi cubaan dulu. The most important in life is being blessed, InsyaAllah life will just fine (even there will be up and down).

PS. hari ini bukan untuk esok semata, but hari ini, esok, adalah untuk selamanya,.. everyday meant for improvement and sacrifices~

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