Monday, August 16, 2010

It's from Grenma!

Aug 15, 2010 6.00 AM

Salam! Jom kt cari walker liam pg ni,..

Hohoho it was sms text from my mom! Who's liam? Ziyaad Ilhaam also known as Liam! My youngest brother cannot pronounce well and he called my son Liam,.. kekeke,.. After read the text, quickly get done my house chores,... cleaning, washing and etc,.. At 9am went to my mom house, hehehe naik 1 kereta je senang, jimat petrol and jimat duit tol! hehehe kalau da ramai2 nak keluar shooping biasa nye pakai family car, ESTIMA,.. (It's good to have family car!) So where were we heading to? Hari tu baca post Emi pasal kid's department kat Robinson macam menarik so suggested to my mum,... unfortunately the choice for walker was not much,.. only two items to consider,.. then went to Midvalley Megamall! In and out several kid's and mom's store, but end up bought the walker at JUSCO! hahahaha just cost Grenma RM139.00 instead of buying the RM3++,.. Thank you Grenma! Bila pulak nak keluar beli baju raya Ziyaad Ilhaam??? hehehe ibu tengah tunggu ade sesiapa tak nak belikan Ziyaad Ilhaam baju raya ni,... (Budget, budget,...)

 Yeay new toy at Grenma's house,.. Soooooooooka!

PS. Ouh masa tengah shooping kat Midvalley got phone call from office telling me that my parcel is ready to pick up! Excited! Excited!,.. huhuhu will post it later ya!


masjuliana ~masjuju~ said...

ziyaad ilham dah ada walker. yeay!

||kiena|| said...

tak pandai pon lgi,.. tapi grenma excited sgt nak beli~ huhuhu dok kejap je da meronta nak kluar!!!

This is .... said...

kat robinsons, banyak overseas punya product le.. tu yang mahai..