Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's now begin

Yeay, after pending for 2 weeks, actually it's not really pending tho' :-p it's about time to work out all the order recieved! Hehehe been doing the pastry for tart nenas while ziyaad ilhaam need to be 'kendong'! Hoho though huh!?! I'm using baby pouch as he already fed up being sitted in his walker, ouh, no one is awake after suboh whilst Bibik need to finish up all the washing, therefore ziyaad ilhaam need to be 'kendong' by me!!! No worries LUX is a big assistant in this task, just 'campak' all the ingredients and LUX do the rest... THANK YOU very much for your BIG help! Xoxo
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