Monday, January 21, 2013

Pray #2

Alhamdulillah renovation was completely done especially the interior, except for the signage outside. InsyaAllah, this is only a platform for us to grow bigger. May our strength lead to success. My weekend will be fulfilled with cafe needs. Dear sons, we may not have quality time like others, i will not have enough time to cater your needs, and/or i will be busy running errands here and there, but InsyaAllah you will slowly building an inner strength like i did before. No matter how hard our life are, we will keep strong each other. 

May Allah Bless Us.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First blogpost in year 2013.

Gah,.. too late to post, but for the sake of updating of the abandoned the blog, i'm just gonna write what's on my mind,.. (a little time for self-reminder may be)

Alhamdulillah started my 1st day of Year 2013 and insyaAllah continuously with new ME.Yes, in order to have a better life, me myself need to change 1st! Is a must to keep upgrading ourself. Look back on what i had, undeniable, He did give me the best. Syukur walhamdulillah, now think back what did i give him. Am i a good muslimah? have i done the best? Have we? Was it all Lillahi-taala? Ya Allah, i feel so tiny when think back of all has been done. Allahu-Rabb. Please dont let me stray away from You, please Ya Allah, guide me, bless me everyday, every minute. These tears, these feeling only for You. Yes, so much time has been wasted of not 'lillahi-taala'. Repent it!


This new year, insyaAllah a good start to work out all the better me. Istiqamah. Strong courage. Revise and understanding the basic. The easiest Rukun Iman. Boosting-up our Iman. Trying hard building-up good relation with Allah, Allah will take care the rest.

Psst nak tumpang iklan sikit,.. ;)

 Yes, currently i'm working on this! My baby Interior Design Work. Looking forward the finish product.