Monday, January 31, 2011

I am Precious...

Last Friday, i did buy FM for Little Liam as i want to start mixing with the FM,.. (nak bagi putus susu kononnya!) So yesterday, i gave him 4oz FM. Unfortunately after few sips, he pause with weird face and put a side the bottle. I gave him back, he took and had some and pause again, the 3rd time i gave him, he refused! Hah, i was like,.. urmm urmm tak sedap ke? so i tried  and it's a little bit sweet... hurmm wondering if my BM is sweet like that (me tak pernah la cube minum susu sendiri, terasa pelik pulak =P) I am soooooooooooo delightful that he know mine is better, i am precious to my baby! Yippy Yeay!!! Anyhow i have to find ways to give him FM, yeah, plan B which is to mix FM with EBM, not yet given but soon, lets wait and see... A year he's been tagging with me, and i have made a decision, next month will be fulfilled with works, and i'm afraid the supply is not enough for him,.. Yes, i did promise to give him the best while i can, contingency plan is need when the red alarm blink =)

MAY Family Get-to-Gather 2011

... Alhamdulillah,.. it was sooooo much fun being around with MAY Family members! Lots to catch up, and recalled the childhood story of the cousins! Hoh to much to laugh.

Anyway thank you to The Yahya (Facebook Group) who also the MAY Family for able to join the event, and make things great at PNB Ilham Resort, PD. I do hope this event will be continued. It was super needed, kalau tak, nanti jumpe setahun sekali kot mase raye. Itu pon ade yang perlu bergilir dah tak jumpe,.. =) So, at this event also i did celebrate the January babies,.. My Abah, Mak, Shida and Little Liam! Hah, senang jamak kan semua sekali,.. Ouh, menu for dinner prepared by the-famous-beriyani-chef in the family, Abah! woooohu! Luckily, i brought my just-bought-induction cooker untuk tumis and masak nasi beriyani! Kalau tak, makan kambing beriyani tanpa nasi! =P

Checked in late, rainy day unable us to have games on the evening, so we just prepared ourselves and lingering around with the family. After solat maghrib berjamaah, we had the celebration, dinner and Majlis Berkampung. What is Majlis Berkampung? Ok, we had this if one of the family members getting married, and it sort of Family Meeting. The-getting-married-family will update preparation of the family towards the day! So, everyone will take note what's going on and they will aware what they need to do and have towards it!... This session will not end just once, we will have more when needed like confirmation on here n there! The next family member who want to get married will have easier structured agenda as these minutes will be passed to each family! Wooooooh senang nye cousin yang kawen kemudian, semua check list da ready,.. =)

The January Babies
My Little Liam sangat cranky that nite, lepas je amik gambar, terus breastfeed and let him sleep,.. 
 Makanya semua gambar that nite Little Liam sangat tak best,..=(
The Table Deco, Gift and Goodies,.. Thanx to my dear friend Didie from Dear Azalea for helping me with some of the stuffs,..
 My Dad with Beriyani.
 Majlis Berkampung. My brother-who-are-getting-married in the middle with green shirt.
Family members khusyuk mendengar taklimat...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Almost Complete,..

... Yeay, the dry kitchen and dining cabinet are almost complete! And the counter top will come later as it's 3rd party involve,.. Client's friend who also a friend of my dad will install the stone counter top! (stone supplier makes lots-a-money =)) At the moment i'm satisfied with the carpenter's workmanship. The cabinets took only a man to install! Fuuuh! Even-though he took overall 2 weeks to install but u will get the best! Thank you Uncle Ah Seng and 'Kakak' (kong-si-kong)... Nanti buat kitchen cabinet rumah saya pulak eksss =). Hoh, can u noticed that i dont even use door handle for this cabinet door profile??? Yes, at first i'm scared that this kind of profile still need handles but hell no! I learn a lot doing this renovation alone from A to Z yeah, with husband's help of course, accompany me here and there. He also help me on the 3D, give good comments and give perfection on here and there! Ah, that's the advantage on having an Architect as a husband of Interior Designer =P

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Morning Supplement...

For a week every morning, i had 2 pils of Habbatus Sauda and ASI. (morning supplement je rajin =P) I found it works! yup my BM is increasing even-though in a small amount, it still help me to continue breastfeeding Little Liam and he's a year old now! Alhamdulillah,.. Thank you Allah for the gift! Here's the info of pils i'm having now,.. No harm to try mummies,.. 

Halagel® Habbatus Sauda Oil or Black Seed Oil
Halagel® Habbatus-Sauda formulated from Habbatus-sauda Oil extract. Habbatus- Sauda Oil is rich of unsaturated acid (EFA).
What Is Black Seed Oil?
Black Seed Oil or Habbatus-sauda is a medicinal herb which dates back its use to more than 3000 years. Black Seed Oil or Habbatus-sauda is also called as black cumin and botanically known as Nigella Sativa. Research on this seeds has proven that the cold pressed oil of this seed has valuable nutritional value as well as immune boosting properties.
The oil is obtained by cold pressing at very low temperature to maintain the chemical composition in this oil. No chemicals or catalysts are used in this process. The process is 100% natural. The oil is then double filtered to get pure oil of black seed. 

The Importance Of Halagel® Black Seed Oil
  • Anti Histamine
  • Anti Tumor
  • Anti Bacteria
  • Anti Inflammation
  • Help improve milk production for breastfeeding mother.
Each Halagel® Softgel contains 500 mg Habbatus Sauda Oil. The outer shell of each Halagel® Softgel is made from Halagel® Gelatin certified Halal by JAKIM.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25 January, The Double of Joy,..

25 January 2011

Little Liam turns 1 yo

Little Liam's Grenma turns 50 yo

So, last nite we did small celebration for both of them! Big celebration will be at PNB Ilham Resort, PD,.. (wooooooooooooooohu! Cant wait!!!) My sister bought small cakes from delicious, and we waited her until 1030pm! aaaahah! Late huh!?! She'd lost while picking up Little Liam's party box at Serdang =P. Anyway thanx a lot Mak Ngah! Ibu sooooooooooooka! Even-though it's just plain-black-rectangular-small-box, yet it will perfect for candies! =) Oh, thanx to Bok'nda Shida for the ride! Little Liam sooooooooooooka sangat! Yeah, he even more excited on the stering and wheels! Tak dapat naik tak pe, asalkan dapat main pusing-pusing stering and wheels! =P

Dear Ziyaad Ilhaam, 
The apple of our eyes,.. Having you in the little family was the greatest gift. You bring joyous, fun and prosperous in the family. My prayer is always with you, and May Allah Bless  and Protect you along your journey of life,.. There's nothing even better than watching you grow with good health! Love you soooooooooo much. 
And, to Mak, Thank you for everything, you never failed to  take care , give and lending us help through the years. Your sacrifices in the family very much appreciated. May the year and ahead will be better with the new family members in ADAM's Family! 

Tea time at Chilis,..

... with Little Sister, Shahida.

Yesterday after office, we went to KLCC to find birthdday gift for Dear Monther aka Little Liam's Grenma. Tapi mesti la ade hadiah untuk Little Liam jugak! Sebab they share same Birth Date! And know what, ZARA is having session clearance SALE!!!  Ohoooooooooo at the moment i'm preventing my self from buying, and currently keep thinking on the spotted blouse =P Rasa-rase esok esok kalau pi ade lagi tak??? (please shakes head! No No No!)

So,..Before buying the stuff we had a tea-time-to-pre-dinner meal at Chilis! uhuuuuuuuuuu dasar kuat makan (me la tuh! =P) and we had Molten Chocolate Cake and Nachos! The molten choc cake was superb! me and little sis love it sooooooooo much! The it was her TREAT!! kah kah kah. Lain kali nak datang makan lagi ;) and of course we had 'snap snap' session! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa sila layan kan aje eh,.. =)

My dear laling said "Please spot the different!" Duh,.. what ever ~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yeah,.. it's last minute decision! 

I'm thinking of having party box with choc/candy for this Saturday event,...Yes, we are having January Babies Birthday Party at PNB Ilham Resort, PD. Oh, sooooooooo excited! i did order goodies for MAY family members, as it is sort of Family Get-to-Gather oso! Unfortunately i missed to order candy/sweet goodies =( Haih, how laaaaa??? Kan ke candy to sinonim dengan Birthday Party!?! It's OK! I  ordered  goodies party box just now, and I just picked up what ever stock they have (becoz last minute order!) I think it need a  little touch, i mean design n paste something on the box, so it will turn perfect for party box,.. uhuksss ROJAKsssss =P (i know... dear laling will definitely say that to me,.. WTH, at least i got something than nothing huh!?!) And furthermore i've given task to my Sis to buy chocolate in bulks at Cadbury Factory at Shah Alam! Alang-alang dia pi sana esok buleh la soh dia belikan! ahaksss kuasa veto seorang kakak kepada adiknya =)

and i'm thinking to have something related to Tigger as part of the design for party box ... =) Sebab kitorang soooooooooooka Tigger! Moreover, Little Liam born in a Year of Tiger.  

Pssst,.. Little Liam turns 1 yo today! =). Hopefully tonite i will have the opportunity to post about it! Sekarang bila my dad ada kat rumah, there's nothing other than having family discussion regarding March Wedd! Yeah, fast track preparation! (Last nite went back home nearly midnite) i looooooooooooikeeeeeeeee ... =P 

Sunday, January 23, 2011


... at the moment i have to bare with the not soooooooooooo clear blogheader! pffffffffft! It was supposed to be sharp like a knife!?! any ideas how to adjust the thing? i've small-en the image size and or pixel but it didnt work! 

 which one? RGB or Grayscale???

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little Liam and Friends,...

... Barney & Friends ft. Little Liam to be exact!

So, yesterday (Public Holiday: Thaipussam) we went KLCC for a walk after me done with survey of client's bath accessories! Yup, took the chance on public holiday to do the survey, and there's nothing satisfied me, the price was not good enough! and there were limited choice as well,.. but i do found something for my new house,.. orang kata sambil menyelam minum air,.. kekeke it's package of kitchen appliances! Hoh, soooooooooo tempting! hahaha buleh ke guna ayat 'tempting' tuh!?! after did some comparisons we decided to have the TUSCANI! yup, it's better deal and price and no harm to take better spec. if we can have it in lower price!!! wuhooooooooooooo and today (with bestie, Eza who also want to survey tiles at Jalan Ipoh) i found a better deal than yesterday and it's at H-Trend, Jalan Ipoh! and it was DAMN COOOOOOL! i am eagerly to put deposit on it but i need to have my payment on the work (Beverly Height)1st! Only then i can proceed with it,... haih,.. cepat siap, cepat dapat duit! yeah yeah,... i think i dah terbabas landasan,.. hehehe sorry, tetibe teringat pasai 'TUSCANI' tuh,... ye lah WHIRLPOOL tak mampu,.. hah,.. ok ok enough about those!

Back to Little Liam and Friends,... we let Little Liam enjoying ride with Barney & Friends,.. he was soooooo excited to have the ride! Sangat pandai ok main pusing2 stering tuh,.. (setiap pagi pon memang papa bagi dia main stering dulu before we drive to my mum's house,.. sambil panaskan enjin kete kononnya!

Kereta Barney tuh pulak siap ade lagu Barney, lagi la syiok dia dok main kereta! 

Bila lagu la dah habis kereta pon da berhenti bergoyang, hah, terdiam sekejap dia! Tapi lepas dok main pusing stering lagi,.. 

Bila me nak ambil dia, menjerit and mengelak ketepi tak mau turun dari kereta! Aiyoooo ini budak! Tapi me angkat jugak! kalau tak sampai bila pon tak balik rumah la jawab nya! tak pon kene bawa pulang mende alah tu! =P 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Site is Progressing,..

Site Progress Photo! 

 I personally LOVE the Masterbedroom (oh, should wait until they finally done the dry kitchen =))

Below the dry kitchen i mentioned yesterday,.. Haih, few days to finish those cabinets including the glass mosaic wall and granite counter top! wuhuuuuuuuuu excited to see the outcome,.. i can feel it!
..May Allah Bless~

5 Things,...

Been Tagged by Masjuju

1. Along - My sis n bro, n kawan2 diorang
2. Na - panggilan untuk diri sendri dgn keluarga & rakan2 rapat 
3. Kina 
4. Kin
5. Cibo - hah, ni rakan2 IDmate USM!

1. 30 June - my laling's Best-Day
2. 6 July - Our Love Being Tied aka Anniversary 
3. 18 October - It's my birthday! =) 
4. 25 Jan - Ziyaad Ilhaam Mohd Salihim Birth-Date
5. 3 April - The day he said so! haih buleh terlupe pula ini tarikh,...=P

1. Pagi seperti biasa jam 10 pagi sampai site Beverly Height utk site supervising
2. Lite lunch at home with Little Liam and sempat gak pump utk stock EBM
3. 12.00pm pi semula site nak tlg settlekan ASTRO installation for client
4. 3.30pm sampai office and had not-so-long discussion with En. Rohailan regarding SiR's 1st project... InsyaAllah may Allah give courage n smoothen the journey =)
5. 5.00pm had my late lunch by having mee goreng mamak!

1. Little Liam with his style while sleeping! Enjoying it soooo much, rasa macam nak gigit! Lasak sampai buleh masuk bawah almari =P
2. just to hear him singing "Let-chooom, Let-choom, Let-choom u-la-laa,.. n so on,..." -before left him at mum's house every morning is must for me!
3. when dear laling having 2nd plate of meal - of course all cooked by me!
4. i love travel! and vacation too! and to make it perfect, FAMILY! ah,... nak lagi heaven, bercuti oversea and sponsored! hah ade???
5. SHOPPING laaaa,.. shopping is like food! Bila lapar, makan! then lapar balik nak shopping,.. kekeke soooooooo sila simpan duit banyak2 supaya dapat shopping banyak2 jugak =)

1. sebab dah kena tag lah. haddoi. <<< sama jawapan dengan masjuju!.
2. membeliakkan mata selepas rasa zzzzz study BQ and drawings
3. sebab da simpan lama ini tag tanpa dijawab - sorry eh mas!
4. post for today,..
5. ok, masih lagi mengantuk sebab tak buleh pikir dah jawapan :-/

1. izyan - long time no hear! where are you dear???
2. anis - bz kah anda anis? 
3. hanim - lama dah tak jupe bestie sorang nih
4. dona - geram dengan sheraz punya pasai =P
5. nuraitul - sebab dia ni rajin comment! =)

Yeay! akhirnya selesai sudah hutang tag ku! so ade sapa2 lagi nak tag?? (kahkahkah, mcam la rajin sgt nak jawab tag! =P)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17,..

... as usual spent whole morning to supervise works at Beverly Height! Contractor said "Ini minggu buleh siap!" so let's wait! but honestly i am looking forward for the client's feedback on my works,.. oh, i hope i've done the best...  (hari tuh segerombolan cik kiah datang tengok rumah nak pilih warna cat,.. they said cantik! =) kembang sekejap time tuh =P ...)

Today my dry kitchen cabinet arrived site and the carpenter is working hard to assemble it on site! This is really freaking me, urgh the most important among all build-ins in the house,... I'll post it later when all done on site!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rest & Rilex at Sg. Perak

After brother's engagement, we went back KL straight away. 

Most of us have own agendas and need to rush back KL. My dad also need to fly to Syria (business purposes) that nite. We had overall 6 hours to reach KL from Alor Setar. And we did only 1 stop at Sg. Perak. Huwoooooooooo luckily Little Liam asleep all the way back home! =P tapi pandai pula bangunkan diri sendri bila kereta berhenti!!! So back to the RnR at Sg. Perak,.. actually during the USM years, i seldom stop here, sebab dulu kat sini was not soooo 'selesa' for me! But now everything was cool than before! ok! ok! i missed how long they have been upgrading this RnR, may be during my last year at USM or later than that! sangat tak mengambil tahu sebab tak suka berhenti kat sini,.. erksss... Tempat sembahyang pon selesa, this is a must for me! Kalau tempat sembahyang terjaga, tempat lain InsyaAllah yang lain OK,.. =) 

Anyway let's enjoy photos of Little Liam playing slide!

The Engagement Day 150111

... 14th Jan 2011, 10.00pm safely arrived at Hotel Holiday Villa, Alor Setar ...

15th Jan 2011.

Dad's 51st Birthday.

Had breakfast and gathered for a short briefing, and 1045am offed we go to Alor Janggus for 'Merisik & Meminang'.

 Cincin tanda untuk Merisik

 Cincin tanda untuk Meminang

Below, piccas some of the 'Hantaran'. Managed to prepared those in a short time! I should say A WEEK! Alhamdulillah, they have been engaged and InsyaAllah, in March ( more or less a month! tolak cuti bagai untuk prepare things for wedding event plak ) they will be husband and wife,..

 All the decor done by Krismaya at Sri Rampai! Kudos!!!

 This morning my brother sent me a message just to tell me not to upload the photos in FB! but i just opened his profile, he already upload of him and her with parents! =P and now i'm publishing the photo he uploaded ...