Friday, January 7, 2011

2 in 1,..

... being a boss and a worker at the same time! Yeah great!
There were much more to learn in this construction arena.

Yes still coping with work loads and managing construction. After being a site representative or Resident Architect (I.D) for almost 7 months, and now i'm freelance designer and also a project designer. It's CHALLENGING! and needs enough gut, strength and brain as well. You have to be a thinker and  also a good planner... I'm trying my best to deliver this current project. I hope my client will satisfied with my service, InsyaAllah. If you following me thru twitter you will noticed i'm juggling my day with suppliers, materials, contractor and also client. Been here and there and sometimes have no time to eat! (I mean a proper one! =P and Drive thru is the best companion at the moment =) ...

And some photos to share,... still constructing =)

Display Shelves and also works as divider to bed area and changing/bath area. It contribute to walk-in-wardrobe concept.

This is part of Build-in Wardrobe for Bedroom 2. 
It come with corner study table. (no photo sebab susah nak ambil ;))

For Bedroom 3, Built-in couch with Study Table.
Other photos : upon completion.

Eagerly looking forward for the completion. And i will upload more photos! Oh, not forgotten my own treat which is S H O P P I N G!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeha!

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walkin wardrobes london said...

interesting design project. keep up the good work and best of luck