Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25 January, The Double of Joy,..

25 January 2011

Little Liam turns 1 yo

Little Liam's Grenma turns 50 yo

So, last nite we did small celebration for both of them! Big celebration will be at PNB Ilham Resort, PD,.. (wooooooooooooooohu! Cant wait!!!) My sister bought small cakes from delicious, and we waited her until 1030pm! aaaahah! Late huh!?! She'd lost while picking up Little Liam's party box at Serdang =P. Anyway thanx a lot Mak Ngah! Ibu sooooooooooooka! Even-though it's just plain-black-rectangular-small-box, yet it will perfect for candies! =) Oh, thanx to Bok'nda Shida for the ride! Little Liam sooooooooooooka sangat! Yeah, he even more excited on the stering and wheels! Tak dapat naik tak pe, asalkan dapat main pusing-pusing stering and wheels! =P

Dear Ziyaad Ilhaam, 
The apple of our eyes,.. Having you in the little family was the greatest gift. You bring joyous, fun and prosperous in the family. My prayer is always with you, and May Allah Bless  and Protect you along your journey of life,.. There's nothing even better than watching you grow with good health! Love you soooooooooo much. 
And, to Mak, Thank you for everything, you never failed to  take care , give and lending us help through the years. Your sacrifices in the family very much appreciated. May the year and ahead will be better with the new family members in ADAM's Family! 


Sayahappyslalu said...

haikal pun suka steering sangat2.. siap boleh act guna tangan macam mana bawak steering.. :)

hamiDahRecKs said...

comel weh ziyaad menyuap mkn..geramm nk gigit !!!

||kiena|| said...

emi: of course la! hari2 tgk papa and ibu bawak kete pegang steering =P

recks: budak suka makan strawberry! 1 tak cukup! kene lebih nnt die ngamuk nak lagi,... =)