Friday, January 7, 2011

When old team gathered

... Last Thursday, had lunch with old team from S & A (my previous work place) at VIVO, The Curve.And we have lots of fun and updated stories! Bising okeh meja tuh! sume dok sibuk bercakap! Most of us made our own path, doing design and build on our own. Yes, we are supporting each other among us! Hopefully will always do. So the rest whose still at the firm, i wish u all the best and may u have the patient working with THEM! you-know-who! =)

And these photos were taken by Ezanita. (Luv u so much girl!)
Hope will have more session of this next time!

Yeah, i tagged along my son as i was on leave that day! but after lunch need to settle things at site with contractor. As usual Little Liam was always the best company =) (sume site ibu, dia dah terjah! =))


Fatima said...

Adorable pictures! your child is soo cute masha'allah ;p

hamiDahRecKs said...

comel ziyaad kiena oii...tang dia angkat 2 tgn kat 1st pic tuh..hehe

||kiena|| said...

Fatima, thnx dear! Alhamdulillah, Allah granted me with cute and healthy child. =)

Recks, of course! seperti biasa like mother like son! ;P