Sunday, January 23, 2011


... at the moment i have to bare with the not soooooooooooo clear blogheader! pffffffffft! It was supposed to be sharp like a knife!?! any ideas how to adjust the thing? i've small-en the image size and or pixel but it didnt work! 

 which one? RGB or Grayscale???


Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

adobe photoshop..besarkn size..pastu klik shrink to fit tak silap..:)..btw.. cun la header..i like!

::Ida:: said...

i think your header's image is a little too small. try uploading it again but this time, leave the box 'shrink to fit' untick. resize the header kot bagi besar sket. kecik sangat tak nampak font :)

and i think, the combinations of both is nicer. photos>b&W, the rest leave it colors. try it! :D

just my 2 cents!!! :D

||kiena|| said...

iryd: thnx ek,.. nih buat simple jerk, tak amik pon button n frame bagai macam korang,.. hehehe sume pon mmg photoshop!

ida: thnx, nnt i try to ammend those! heeeeeeeeee =)

kayzie said...

cute la kak..kenapa la sy tak kreatif?huhu

dona::rose said...

Kiena. RGB is better. The grayscale looks like you're gonna tell passed stories. :)

the words: "dad" "mother" "son" try to contrast it with the shadow colour sbb it looks a bit bold. The rest is cun.

Just an opinion :)

||kiena|| said...

wow weeeeeeeee bagus! bnyk suda idea! nnt kite try ammend another one! last nite i've done one with contrast colour but need to resize it 1st before upload it! hopefully it turn out well! thank u girls,.. the comments were very helpful! =)

Along Usop said...


mungkin raw projek dalam photoshop gune canvas kecik kot.. cube gune yg besar sket.. then upload kat photobucket ke imageshack ke.. tengok dulu die sharp ke tak..

btw.. cantik la header..=)

hukk.. sy sendiri pon blom bubuh custom header lg kat blog.. =P