Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tea time at Chilis,..

... with Little Sister, Shahida.

Yesterday after office, we went to KLCC to find birthdday gift for Dear Monther aka Little Liam's Grenma. Tapi mesti la ade hadiah untuk Little Liam jugak! Sebab they share same Birth Date! And know what, ZARA is having session clearance SALE!!!  Ohoooooooooo at the moment i'm preventing my self from buying, and currently keep thinking on the spotted blouse =P Rasa-rase esok esok kalau pi ade lagi tak??? (please shakes head! No No No!)

So,..Before buying the stuff we had a tea-time-to-pre-dinner meal at Chilis! uhuuuuuuuuuu dasar kuat makan (me la tuh! =P) and we had Molten Chocolate Cake and Nachos! The molten choc cake was superb! me and little sis love it sooooooooo much! The it was her TREAT!! kah kah kah. Lain kali nak datang makan lagi ;) and of course we had 'snap snap' session! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa sila layan kan aje eh,.. =)

My dear laling said "Please spot the different!" Duh,.. what ever ~

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