Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Site is Progressing,..

Site Progress Photo! 

 I personally LOVE the Masterbedroom (oh, should wait until they finally done the dry kitchen =))

Below the dry kitchen i mentioned yesterday,.. Haih, few days to finish those cabinets including the glass mosaic wall and granite counter top! wuhuuuuuuuuu excited to see the outcome,.. i can feel it!
..May Allah Bless~


nuraitul said...

elegan..english style ek..??simple je..suka2..

dona::rose said...

looking good~
colour scheme kat master bedroom agak dark. tp so far menarik. belum lagi tengok yg final.

Rumah detached house ka?

||kiena|| said...

Nuraitul: hurmmm sikit ade la,.. hehehe tq!

Dona: thanx dear,.. memang dark, and client suka dark colour, kalau buleh nak warna walnut or black! hoh,.. nih better than those =) and this is 3 stories SEMI-D with Lift!