Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2nd Day at Work on 2011

Ok, it's quite late to post about new year resolution! I dare not to table it here, as lots of 2010's to catch up... *sigh.. what a **ser! =( And i also not dare to post my appearance of 1st day working on 2011. It was sooooooooo 'serabut'.

So, today i dress properly.... =) not-so-fashionista as i still have to go here and there supervising site and material searching. As long as i feel better than yesterday! 

Lovies,... have a better year and May Allah Grant Us Joyous, Prosperous and Most Important of All, His Bless! Amiiin,.. 


nuraitul said...

comel..simple and beautiful !!

Siti said...

happy new year kiena..

||kiena|| said...

nuraitul and siti,
Tq babes! Less is more! i mean simple =)... kang sarat barat serabut pulak naik turun site,.. macam salah event plak =P.

Happy new year too! xoxo

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

ayoo..macam bukan mak org..so jeles..so cun la..:)

||kiena|| said...

alaaah u pon hot mommy jugak! vogue d vast lagi! =) i biase2 je, coz site always on call. Yet i still wear heels to site =P ngade!

IFA Athirah said...

happy new year to u!!! http://www.geekintherainbow.blogspot.com/