Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rest & Rilex at Sg. Perak

After brother's engagement, we went back KL straight away. 

Most of us have own agendas and need to rush back KL. My dad also need to fly to Syria (business purposes) that nite. We had overall 6 hours to reach KL from Alor Setar. And we did only 1 stop at Sg. Perak. Huwoooooooooo luckily Little Liam asleep all the way back home! =P tapi pandai pula bangunkan diri sendri bila kereta berhenti!!! So back to the RnR at Sg. Perak,.. actually during the USM years, i seldom stop here, sebab dulu kat sini was not soooo 'selesa' for me! But now everything was cool than before! ok! ok! i missed how long they have been upgrading this RnR, may be during my last year at USM or later than that! sangat tak mengambil tahu sebab tak suka berhenti kat sini,.. erksss... Tempat sembahyang pon selesa, this is a must for me! Kalau tempat sembahyang terjaga, tempat lain InsyaAllah yang lain OK,.. =) 

Anyway let's enjoy photos of Little Liam playing slide!

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