Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2 at Melbourne & Geelong

... Today we decided to rent a car for tour use. And we gonna have it until Sunday morning. Oh, it is better to book it in-advance so wouldnt have problem to find one. Yeah, we have to go in and out several car rental co. =( until we got one! $66 per day! if a week you can get $245! I dont know whether it's cheap or not but, it's better than the tour package  (if you have little one with u =) )

Our destination was Geelong. Which is 1 hour drive from Melbourne. Stop at Weribee Park. There's a park for camping or picnic, and we had lunch there. Then, we visit the Rose Garden and The Manson which also located there =).

Next destination was Waterfront Geelong. The newest place in Geelong, they said =) Oh, lupe bawa baju lebih,.. Rugi! We just walked and sight seeing along the beach,..

By 7.00pm reached home safely! Sangat la mencabar memandu di sini, dengan cara nak masuk simpang yang pelik, pastu my sister yang tak familiar jalan. Hah, sangat stress bila sampai city! Esok masih perlu drive lagi,...

Day 1 at Melbourne

... Alhamdulillah we safely arrived Melbourne International Airport at 9.50am. My sister, Shahida did pick us with her car (dia beli kongsi ramai2 utk kegunaan di sini =)) . Lapar! mesti la kan,.. naik AirAsia ade makan ape je,.. mahal n kongsi pulak tuh,.. ok la tambang pergi balik dah dapat murah,..Lagi banyak pasai =P

 At Bali Bagus

My sister brought us to Bali Bagus! wuhuuuuuu nak makanan halal senang je kat sini,.. cari je kedai makan Indonesia, IsyaAllah! We had Ayam Penyet and Daging Penyet as our lunch. Then back to my sister house for refreshing! Sesampai je kat rumah, me mandi kan Little Liam, salin sume then me terus pengsan =) Hah, sgt ngantuk! Dalam flite sangat la tak lena tido,.. Little Liam asyik merengek sebab dia tak dapat tido bebas! nak pulak dia biasa tido meniarap and mengengsot merata2 (in other words sangat laaaaa lasak! haish ikut sape la ni?)
At State Library

 In the Tram

At 4.30pm we headed to town! Sini sangat mudah untuk ke sana ke mari around town.Tram was the best! Tetibe my perut lapar lagi =P (Shida complain me makan banyak! tapi memang pon ;P

 At LOVELY for great pancake =)

So kitorang had at Lovely! Kat sini pancake sangat menarik! Jamaica Banana, Iced Choc and Vienna Coffee! terbaik! Little Liam pulak bile time kitorang makan aje dia plak sedap tido,.. Rugi btol! And I just love the coffee here! Memang salah 1 aim kalau sampai sini =) then balik rumah dulu untuk solat and bagi Little Liam makan sat =). Oh ye rumah Shida ni memang dalam town! Just opposite Victoria Market =) So tak kesah la nak ulang alik rumah pon...=)

Docklands, The Town Harbour

At 6pm we headed to Docklands. The architecture here were amazing! I'd upload an album in FB regarding it...Little Liam also had sooooo much fun playing at the town harbour here! Walk along the harbour untill 8pm and CROWN we went! Had our solat and dinner here. 

 The Fire Display or i called it 'nyala-obor'=P

CROWN was famous with casino, and we wait until 10pm to watch fire display (i donno what they called it sort of 'nyala-obor' and it's along the Yarra River in front of CROWN). Back home by 11pm! Hah, pengsan lagi,..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Off to Melbourne

... for a week for sure! Weeeee our boarding time is at 2220. Save journey insyaallah...

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Friday, February 18, 2011

And I Miss Them,..

... Lunch hour, retrieved my old album in the HD.  And there is folder 'Melbourne-Sydney 140707', browsing thru each photo makes me missing them to bits! those memories were never can be replaced,.. I hope on day we can have it again with our little family, 3 families going vacation! Ah, make sure little one dont give hassle and independent during our vacation! Seriously missing them damn much,.. =( 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girls at Delicious

... It was never too late to put history in record,.. So does past memories which mean a lot,.. 

Last Federal Day, me and my girls had our so-called-girls-talk at Delicious, Jalan Tun Razak. Nice place to dine in! I love the environment and the desserts and cakes too! (My sis likes to brought back home their cake for us!) We never had proper plan to have one. And it just poped-up when one of us sms each other =) I guess after this we gonna have spa-time-with-B2B Dr. Julie. Dear Ain, please arrange soon! I have to lock the date dear,.. Seems like time gonna hunting me until mid of March. Hopefully the by then i have time or can slot in our date in my diary! Pssst,.. Izyan it's fills incomplete when you not around! and make sure this time you are in! Missed the gelak-tak-hengat with both of u, Ain and Izyan,.. Julie, buat la pertukaran kat KL, buleh la slalu join kitorg! =)

The Middle photo : 3 of us : Me, B2B-Dr. Julie, and Ain

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jom Sarapan!

...Oh, sudah masuk tengah hari! lambat sikit post ini =)

Today, we had homemade roti jala and kari sotong for breakfast! hah, rajin kan??? Mestilah sebab dah ade agenda untuk hari ni =) Kari sotong buleh bring forward lauk lunch! so tambah ikan selar goreng and cicah cencalok! slurp! sedap! memang dari semalam teringin sangat nak makan cencalok! tak sabar nak lunch nih! Ok, apakah agenda hari ni? After lunch me, Little Liam and Mak Ngah nak tempah baju untuk majlis bulan 3 nih,... 3 pasang OK! 2 pasang ade lining! bile ade lining mestilah 2 kali ganda, pastu ade beads lagi,.. hah, koman2 ade gak kene rm200++ sepasang untuk yg ade lining,.. sepasang lagi save budget, kain pun murah je so,.. save la sepasang,.. Nanti kan preview baju untuk majlis bulan 3 nanti,.. Dah ade baju, tudung plak takde! Hah, alasan!=P

Anyway, enjoy holiday peeps! And Salam Maulidurrasul =) (Tengah dok pikir cara2 nak didik anak mencintai Rasulullah nanti,.. Semoga kita semua berjaya mendidik anak2 kita, InsyaAllah...)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Are you strong enough..?

I've put on weight!!! Oh nooooo! Always had makan-makan just to avoid on the thinking things... This 2 weeks, I hardly can sleep. Sooooo many things running in my mind. Am I capable and strong enough to handle those? I pray a lot. May He Bless and give me courage, Amin... Now, I know exactly how it feels to be a ****. Hopefully responsible and also take gud care of others. InsyaAllah...

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's easy to talk when you have nothing much to worry. How hard you try not to think of the burden you have and responsibilities which rely on you. The more you think the more you become jitter of what you can give. You have became the backbone of the family yet you don't have enough at the moment. One keep on pressure on things you avoiding to think on. Yes not ready. The time will come and It will be done for sure. And now the responsibilities increased. You have others to be taken care and secure. Do you have enough strength, courage and faith on it? Pray for the best. Everyday woke up with worries, and wish to sleep more and therefore less time been worried. And that's so wrong! You should energise your day with plans and hope to generate things. Successful will be with you when you always find ways to fulfill the needs. Insyaallah...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


... It has been twice we went to IKEA this month just to have ideas on our kitchen-to-be at our new home (not yet move!) Hope by end of this month i can finalise my ideas on our kitchen! Urghhhhhhhhhhhhh it's easier to design clients than ours,... Why? it involve our money! Yes! I have to admit that we are squeezing the ideas to suit our budget,... It's gonna be simple yet functional,.. Been sketching here and there, and we discuss each other  on what's shud and what's not! =( i know,.. i dont have ample time to get the drawing finalised,.. but... but... haih,.. ok enuff! i just need to stop giving reason =P. Just to note that we are planning to move in on May! Which means 2 months left! Oh,.. sakit nye mau bayar 2 rumah =( (sewa & beli)

Pssst... baru je dapat approved visa online! Yesterday i applied visa online, it took 24 hours to approved =) Huwaaaaaaaaa sangat senang! semuanya dihujung jari! And in 2 weeks time we gonna off to Melb =)... No shopping! No! No! (Nanti da kaya baru buleh shopping lagi, InsyaAllah,..=) )

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let Him Play,..

... Last Friday, when everybody planning for long holiday/vaccay (quite a long break for Chinese New Year), we went to Telok Chempedak for walk-by-the-sea-sight-seeing-and-playing-sand. Little Liam had sooooo much fun with the sand,.. Siap main campak2 pasir! Kat KL tak dapek la nak main pasir,.. ade batu jalan je =P Tapi Telok Chempedak kalau waktu2 cuti public, oh sangat lah ramai orang! hari minggu dah ramai, so ini bertambah ramai! on our way back tuh, around 7pm jalan masuk ke Telok Chempedak jam panjang! huh, nasib la sampai awal,.. kalau tak mesti terperangkap dalam jam itu! Oh, kesian juga to my laling dear fren,.. Matwe (USM-HBP clan), kalau tak begitu ramai, mesti dia mau jugak bercuti disitu, but he decided to bring his little family to Cherating! My laling said later we should plan vacation with them properly! So,.. i can start browsing from now,... woooooooo kemanakah destinasi yang menarik for our little family eh,..? Hahaha macam nak pi next week aje! padahal ntah bila la plak dapat pergi,.. masing2 sibuk nak pindah rumah bagai =P

Saturday, February 5, 2011


... yes i changed the blog-header! *clap*clap to myself =) 

Thank you dear laling for helping me editing our photo at Telok Cempedak (we went yesterday!)...
He was soooooo excited to edit the photo once he got his new e-book regarding editing photo using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom! 
ohooooooooooooo lepas nih buleh tolong sayang edit gambar lagi,.. =)
I just add the frame and text only,.. susah wooooooo (susah la sangat!) =P

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