Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girls at Delicious

... It was never too late to put history in record,.. So does past memories which mean a lot,.. 

Last Federal Day, me and my girls had our so-called-girls-talk at Delicious, Jalan Tun Razak. Nice place to dine in! I love the environment and the desserts and cakes too! (My sis likes to brought back home their cake for us!) We never had proper plan to have one. And it just poped-up when one of us sms each other =) I guess after this we gonna have spa-time-with-B2B Dr. Julie. Dear Ain, please arrange soon! I have to lock the date dear,.. Seems like time gonna hunting me until mid of March. Hopefully the by then i have time or can slot in our date in my diary! Pssst,.. Izyan it's fills incomplete when you not around! and make sure this time you are in! Missed the gelak-tak-hengat with both of u, Ain and Izyan,.. Julie, buat la pertukaran kat KL, buleh la slalu join kitorg! =)

The Middle photo : 3 of us : Me, B2B-Dr. Julie, and Ain


hamiDahRecKs said...

si julie yg kurussss,,,hihi

||kiena|| said...

mmg kurus! dr dulu hingga kini! jeles..

julie said...

uit..korg ni suker kutuk aku ye..hehee..well i kan mcm model mat saleh sket punyer badan..korg jgn la jeles.. ;p