Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2 at Melbourne & Geelong

... Today we decided to rent a car for tour use. And we gonna have it until Sunday morning. Oh, it is better to book it in-advance so wouldnt have problem to find one. Yeah, we have to go in and out several car rental co. =( until we got one! $66 per day! if a week you can get $245! I dont know whether it's cheap or not but, it's better than the tour package  (if you have little one with u =) )

Our destination was Geelong. Which is 1 hour drive from Melbourne. Stop at Weribee Park. There's a park for camping or picnic, and we had lunch there. Then, we visit the Rose Garden and The Manson which also located there =).

Next destination was Waterfront Geelong. The newest place in Geelong, they said =) Oh, lupe bawa baju lebih,.. Rugi! We just walked and sight seeing along the beach,..

By 7.00pm reached home safely! Sangat la mencabar memandu di sini, dengan cara nak masuk simpang yang pelik, pastu my sister yang tak familiar jalan. Hah, sangat stress bila sampai city! Esok masih perlu drive lagi,...

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