Friday, September 30, 2011


... @ 36 weeks i still having problem picking/having meals. Especially lunch on weekdays! Susah nyer nak pikir nak makan ape and bila dah order makan pon sikit je,.. heh, macam tak berbaloi je bayar,.. abis tak kan nk minta org tuh masak separuh kan,.. even amik nasi berlauk yang amik sndri yang dah sikit pon susah nak telan,.. camane lah berat dok maintain jer,.. So semalam, sms my dear laling, ai nak lunch kat The Mall. He agreed and there we go! Sampai sana plak, nk pilih makan ape pon susah. Fast food is a big NO! Ai dah tak leh telan,.. So pi lah food court dia yang tak bnyk choice tuh, kitorg makan nasi ayam jer, 

Then ai nak beli Milo McFlurry. Syiok ah McFlurry baru nih! Kalau banyak cereal lagi best,.. kejap je cereal dah habis,.. :( 

Done at The Mall, accompany dear laling pi site kat Raja Chulan. Dia nak pi amik Site photo! So sambil tunggu dlm kereta blh la ai habiskan Milo McFlurry ;). Sekejap je pi amik gambar, then rush back to office. 

Heh, hari ni jumaat! hmmm tak de lunch date... so nak makan ape eh lunch nih! Adeeeeeeeeeeeeh,.. Igt nak pi jalan TAR pi cuci mata, tapi larat ke nak jalan naik LRT!?! :-/

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before and After Editing,..

Meh nak kasi tengok sikit gambar photoshoot hari tuh yg ai kate sgt cerah then ai edit bg cantik.


Ai guna CorelDraw je sbb my lappie ade this software je, Adobe tak install lgi. heh, lagipon jarang gune, me mmg prefer gune CorelDraw utk buat presentation dr zaman belajar lagi. ;) Tp klu nak senang edit gmbr mmg adobe lah! So yang ini ai just control the brightness, hue, saturation, color balance & etc. Pastu letak text sndr and frame yang menawan! :))

Ehem ehem,.. ade gaye org ngandung 36wks/9mnths tak? :P

Beg Organizer,..

...ok supposed to post bout this last week, but i'm over excited on editing the photos, well u know,... :P 

Last week, dropped by to this, ginjacqie! Yup, eying for bag organizer as lots of thing jungle up in my handbag. 

Sometimes i had hard times to find things urgently, such as car keys, pen, notebook and etc. So, end up i bought with gin & jacqie : 1 ORGANIZE JACQ, 1 FLORAL DEIDRA (CARD HOLDER)  & 1 Passpport Wallet (which no longer available now!) And i found that it's a bliss having this bag organizer, nak tukar2 handbag pon takde barang tertinggal, angkat je beg organizer tuh masuk beg lain! The day i received the parcel i was like, hey-there's-4-items-and-i-only-paid-for-3-items!?! Hoh,.. i traced back my email regarding the order. Yup, i paid for 3 and i got an extra item here! So, i emailed them regarding this extra item and they replied:

Sakina Adam 

received the parcel. tyvm.
but there's an extra item, organize jacq in pink/green which i didnt purchace. do i need to return it or need to do another payment? 
- Show quoted text -

Info to me

HI Sakina, 

Thank you for your email!

We are glad that you have received the goods in good condition! As for the Organizer Jean in Pink/Green, it is a free gift for you for any purchases made in the period of 12-14 September in conjunction with the re-launch of our new website :) So there is no need for you to return or make another payment! But we certainly hope you like the organizer!

We thank you once again for shopping with us. We hope you love your purchases! Hope to hear from you again soon, Sakina! Also, don't forget to check our website from time to time for more promotions and new arrivals!

Thank you. 

gin & Jacqie

Wooooooooooooooohu! Thank you very much! I really LOVE the gift (which i gave it to my mum!) and i surely will come back again for new arrivals! Pssst,.. theres an organizer which can fit IPad lah,.. huhuhu its DOUBLE-UP ABBI ! Macam mau je! :P

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


... yup currently been busy editing my little family's photos! And later will send it for printing! Wuuuuuuuuuuhu! Tak sabar! Erks, gambar raya pon tak print lagi! heh, semangat sebab gambar pi buat conceptual studio photo hari tu la... Edit biase2 je,.. meh letak sikit yang dah edit. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Little Family,..

… Last Saturday, went for little family photoshoot at Act.Studio. Redeemed my MilkADeal voucher! Yippey yeay! Yes, it’s our first experience of having studio photoshoot. Overall it was yable and thrilling just because we have to let Liam stay still and giving the best pose to the photographer! Smile with tongue outheh budak bertuah betul! He only can give best pose when he with his darling papa! Should I say more about this ‘Anak Papa’ !?! Huh,.. hopefully his brother will attach with me pulak! So my plan of BF his brother at least for 2 years be my first priority then!Winking smilehahaha ibu jealous! This photoshoot only cost me RM50 instead of RM200 for 1 hour Conceptual Studio Photography + 100 photos in DVD + 1 8R Print. If you want them to edit the photo, need to pay extra charges. So, for me, n dear laling, we can edit it on our own. No harm! Hahaha so suke hati letak frame / carving / text bagai la kan,.. huhuhu Smile Enuff said. Nak letak gambar yang semangat pi edit td! Tapi still tak puas hati sbb gune Corel je,.. Adobe takde kat lappy nih. Nnt lah edit kat dear laling’s workstation! Layan dulu,..

Papa & IbuIbu & LiamPapa & Liam

Friday, September 23, 2011

Restless Friday

... It's end of the weekdays, everyone seems looking forward for weekend! Hey, it's also last weekend for Raya.

Woke up early, sent Liam to Mum's and know what, this little fella really touched my heart! He sang (zikir) subhanallaha-illallah all the way to his granma's in the car. Reminded us to zikir along alhamdulillah,.. Insyaallah soon a good khalifah, amiin. Before send off dear laling, accompanied dear laling settle things at JKR. These several days I felt restless, the baby in tummy been soooooo active, and sometimes I could feel pain. Walking seems hard and Sleepless nite thou'. Still have things to run n supervise. But my mind can't 100% focus on paper works n drawing. Oh, how hard it was. Unproductive I could say! Hopefully after this weekend which is next weekdays I could have courage n inner strength to settle things. Insyaallah. May Allah bless.

My lunch, maggie asam laksa. Waiting for my sis and SIL to bring back my bubble tea. Need it for my tea time. ;)

... Td kene pi Beverly Heights, curtain installer nak buat kerja. Bila dah kluar ofis, nk masuk balik ofis mmg dah tak larat. So balik rumah my mum with tones of work.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend with Cousins

Last Friday my parent said to me that i dah cengkung! Is it too obvious??? And people keep asking me teruk ke alah sampai tak naik mane even dah 8 bulan,.. haih,.. ai sendiri pon confius nak jawab,.. :-/

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Mundane Monday

... I'm trying my photo apps and it's 'ossum possum' lah! Hahahaha macam tak de keje je nak buat kan!?! Siap boleh main iPad's apps. Heh, my lappy tgh di'bela' by IT Technician, so amik kesempatan lah main-main apps. Main game mmg bukan minat,.. Entah sbb tak suke bila kalah kot,.. Haih,.. Photo editor apps. lagi bnyk dr my reading apps. Ish3.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Going to 35,..

... I will be 35 weeks of my pregnancy in 2 days! And another 2 weeks to be prepared as if the baby wants to pop-out same like his brother, Liam!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sausage Roll

... Pagi tadi lepas Subuh, dah start fikir nak buat apa untuk sarapan. Hmmm begini lah rutin harian setiap hujung minggu,... So hari ni buat simple breakfast, sausage roll! Sediakan roti, sausage, scramble egg, telur (utk dicelup), & breadcrumb (utk disalut). Haih mudah benar nak sediakannya, tapi sardine sandwich lg senang:P. Ok, cara-caranya; gulung sausage bersama scramble egg dengan roti, hujung roti dirapatkan, celup dalam telur, kemudian salutkan dengan breadcrumb sebelum digoreng. Hoh, 10 minit dah siap untuk dimakan... Ai suke salut dengan breadcrumb, supaya dia crispy! Kalau takes breadcrumb just pecahkan cornflakes pon boleh,... Selamat mencube!

Ok, nak siap pi Seremban pula, lunch Raya at Pak Long's, Mum's brother. Pastu agak-agak sempat tak sampai KL sebelum jam 5...? Huh,... Ade 1lg rumah nak kene attend,.. Kene lalu hi-way LEKAS la gamaknya,.. ;) hopefully sempat lah ye,..

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day

... Hello Malaysia! How u spent your Malaysia Day? Stay at home watching the parade on the tv or attending Raya Open House...?

Well, we start the day with having nasi goreng n ayamas drumet for breakfast this morning, do some washing n cleaning up the kitchen. Then we off to Beverly Heights to see work done by contractor & do some site measurement.

Told u, it's the same design of dry kitchen cabinet! After all they are using the same interior designer too! Me! So??? It's my copyright,... ;)

Ok, peeps Off for now! need to attend my senior's open house then back to my mum's, cousins are coming over & my dad cooks beriyani! Walaaaaah :))

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Half Relieved

… 34 weeks and I’m 50kg !?! Hoh, gained only 3 kilos since pregnant… Is it good or …??? Alhamdulillah met my gynae just now. First thing she said to me “Kenapa berat tak naik2 ni? Penat jaga Ziyaad ker?” and I just answered “Oh, sy dah tak jaga sangat dia, skrg papa dia amik alih tp sy masih aktif buat site supervision. Keluar masuk ofis.” And she replied “Kene kurang2kan dah lepas ni,.. best nye mengandung macam kina ni, kurus je…” and me was like!?! heh, doc tak marah la,.. Sbb berat baby OK dah 1.9kg so hopefully after 3 weeks (had Liam at 37wks and 2.37kg) he gained more than 2kg. Heart beat and saiz semua OK, Alhamdulillah. No worries,.. Picked green letter (admission letter from doc if emergency) and booked single-bed room. Yeay! Demand lah sikit. Kemudahan untuk family juga. Tau je lah my family ni bising sikit, so tak de lah ganggu katil sebelah bila amik bilik single. Hoh, masih teringat saat melahirkan Liam, my mum beriya buat video gune phone, bila dah selesai tgk blk record rupa nye tak tekan record pon! Smile with tongue outYe lah cucu 1st, then same pulak birth-date dengan granma, sure la excited bukan main! Hot smile



Jom makan Milo McFlurry, heeeeeeeeeee my appetizer for lunch while waiting dear laling, lunch date dengan McD delivery je hari ni at my office! Dah tak tau nk makan ape dah kat sini. Nak pi bungkus nasi kandar malas ar pulak nk drive, kalau ade delivery kan best! huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Nyah-Nyah

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never,..

Source: Mr. Google

... Purchased the Belly Belt Combo Kit at 34 weeks! Boleh!?! Haih,.. And this only happen when u start 'googgle'-ing things and do preparation for labor last minute. Yeah,.. My hospital bag done, but the baby bag not yet ready at the moment. So when will it be? Somewhere next week maybe!?! InsyaAllah little one will not pop-out very soon, i mean in these 2-3 weeks,.. Yes, i'm confident in this, just because i'm not ready thou'  :) 

Psst,.. best lah pakai Belly Belt ni,.. sebelum ni dok pakai tali pinggang dear laling je, bile tali pinggang tuh dah agak nk rosak baru la dok belek nk beli bende ni kat mom & baby store :P hihihi. 

Oh ye, tadi baru buat pencarian nak beli breast pump baru. And i decided to buy the Medela Freestyle! Yang penting boleh bayar ansuran 2 kali. Heeeeeeee nak bayar sedempuk memang pikir banyak kali juga tp alhamdulillah dapat offer yang best dari akak ni. Dulu Liam, ai pakai manual AVENT ISIS. Sekarang takde mase dah nk manual pump! (demand tak!?!) Tak sabar nak tggu bulan Oct! Baby and my new Pump! Oh ye, ai beli stroller baru juga for 2nd baby, sbb dulu Liam ai tak beli, pakai my younger sis punya. And that stroller pon dah tak semenggah (lusuh) sbb dok terbiar kat luar. So tak pe lah, nak jalan2 kat kawasan rumah granma pakai yg lama, bila jalan / shopping dgn ibu n papa kite pakai stroller baru lah! heeeeeeeeeeeee yg stroller after 2 months ai purchased bru ai bgtau dear laling (ai byr installment for 2 months), terkejut dia :P mula macam nk marah pastu dia diam aje, ai pon malas panjangkan. Ai tak minta duit dia pon,.. beli yg murah je pon, Quinny Zapp at the price of RM650. Pastu blh 2 kali bayar, so tak de la beban sgt,beli kat sini.. ai tak kesah pon takde tandem stroller tuh,.. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sambal Goreng Jawa

... Pagi td me and dear laling sangat susah bangun gara-gara projek 'Sambal Goreng Jawa'. Dear laling beriya sangat nak bawa utk potluck jamuan raya kat ofis dia. Sebelum tuh, ai dah bgtau ai tak nak masak dat dish, if he wants to, he needs to cook by himself. Leceh ok, nak masak n prepare bahan-bahan. Kalau dah siap sume bahan, ai just cook, ai OK sangat!. Tapi mlm tadi, sbb taat n kasih nya isteri pd suami, ai tolong jugak la,.. Dah la 1st time masak kan, kang ade yg masuk tong sampah, tak bawa apa pulak esoknya. Dahnya dear laling asyik masuk bilik tanya ai itu n ini (ai klu sampai rumah mmg terus baring dlm bilik, berehat,... Pinggang ku ini sudah sensitif, nak berehat kat living, blom ada sofa lagi,.. :P insyaAllah selit tuk budget thn depan...) Tak larat nk bg instruction, ai turut kan juga ke dapur. *sigh*

1. Tempe, tauhu, paru-paru, udang *digoreng berasingan. Ketepikan.
2. 5 bwg merah, 3 ulas bwg putih, 1/2 inci halia dihiris dan digoreng. Ketepikan.
3. 2 lada merah digoreng berasingan & ketepikan.
4. Petai, & kerang yang tlh masak tak perlu digoreng.

** selesai goreng, sediakan bahan tumis:-
- 2 cwn santan, sedikit air asam jawa, 2 btg serai & 2 inci lengkuas diketuk, 1 sudu besar cili boh, garam & gula .
- Dimasak tanpa minyak dengan api perlahan sehingga 'mata ular' (yang ni lah yg paling lama, nak kene jaga santan agar tak pecah)

5. Akhir sekali masukkan kesemua bahan 1-4. Selesai.

*** Blh juga ditambah dengan sayuran kekacang.

Ye, ini adalah sambal goreng jawa my dad's family. Nanti mesti orang akan tanya nape mcm lain, takde so-hun. Mungkin itu jawa versi lain. My dear laling sejak kawen, ni lah fevret dia. Tapi kalau nak sedap lagi, makan dengan lauk kurma ayam. Yes, a must dishes on hari raya in Adam's Family to eat with ketupat nasi, selain dari rendang & sambal ayam. Cubalah,...

Psssst,... Told my laling if he wants to eat this meal at our home which I need to cook, he must help me! And he agreed, sbb skrg baru la dia tahu knp ai malas masak this meal and tak pernah kot masak kat rumah sndr, slalu ai blk rumah my mum je utk mkn sambal goreng :P. Bertuah betul mak ai ade anak macam ai... Kekeke,.. Ok nnt nk minta mak masak kuah durian plak,.. Uuu sedap nya,...

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spending Weekend with LOVE

Last nite slept very late just to explore this new gadget of mine! It was worth every penny I tell u! :)) Thank u dear laling for the permission n paid almost half of the price for me... I would consider it as a gift though ;) Now what, I feel like jumping on the bed when I found out that I can also do CAD! Whoaaaaaaaa,.. (ok it's only meant for minor works on CAD only, but hey, it's still useful for me!) ok enuf said on this.

Today, had family brunch at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall with Adam's :) and had design discussion for Beverly Height which is still on renovation.

Below : Progress of Dry Kitchen Cabinet. Ok it's a 'copycat' from my previous project which also at Beverly Heights. It's their request, only finishes for counter top and mosaic wall will differentiate the owner

House renovation always involve changes,... Yeah, it's challenging and need patient, even if your client is your parent :P. Add and amending here and there. After brunch n design session, helped on buying kitchen accessories (sink n tap). Back at Jelatek by 2pm and prepared late lunch for the little family. After Asar, we went Jusco to pick up our Pyrex which we ordered before Raya. Huhuhu for Jusco member card the offer still on until 31st Oct! So hurry up! (We only bought two ;) nak beli lebih nnt lah,.. 2 is more than enuf at the moment)

Oh, yes,.. Just started packing my things for labor but not yet for baby :P heeeeeee sbb tak payah beli barang sgt, tuh yg dok postpone jer,.. I have more or less 3 weeks to go based on my 1st experience (had Liam at 37wks). Hopefully I have enough time to get things in order and ready (works, staff n family)

Last but not least, I had paratha n asam pedas salmon for dinner, oh with Milo ice :))) (tak macam van Milo pon!?!)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Must Have Session

… every year we must have Eid’s photoshoot session for Adam’s Family,.. tunggu semua ada baru la arrange for photoshoot session! tak semesti on the 1st day raya, ye lah tgk bile masing2 available lah. heeeeeeeeee kat rumah sndr and camera sndr je,.. takde la nk pi studio bagai tuh. So malam td kitorg pon ber’photoshoot’ raya sebelum my brother Hakim depart to London (further study) Wish u all the best! Sempat ke tak next year me n little family kumpul duit nk pi sana pulak. Heh,.. rase cm tipis je peluang klu dia abes 1 year and tak sambung kerja kat sana (gain experience). Tak pe lah, rezki next year kene budget hujung tahun. Nih kene budget dulu tuk baby bulan October! Hoh,berpeluh otak pikir dah ni. Nampaknya ibu terpaksa tunggu dividen next year baru boleh melabur tempat lain Smile with tongue out.

Jom layan gambar pulak. Oh, little sister tak da! huhuhu tunggu lagi 2 thun plak lah baru cukup chorum! InsyaAllah,.. kalau takde sesape lg among us yg further oversea. Winking smile

Eid 3

Eid 1

Eid 2