Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beg Organizer,..

...ok supposed to post bout this last week, but i'm over excited on editing the photos, well u know,... :P 

Last week, dropped by to this, ginjacqie! Yup, eying for bag organizer as lots of thing jungle up in my handbag. 

Sometimes i had hard times to find things urgently, such as car keys, pen, notebook and etc. So, end up i bought with gin & jacqie : 1 ORGANIZE JACQ, 1 FLORAL DEIDRA (CARD HOLDER)  & 1 Passpport Wallet (which no longer available now!) And i found that it's a bliss having this bag organizer, nak tukar2 handbag pon takde barang tertinggal, angkat je beg organizer tuh masuk beg lain! The day i received the parcel i was like, hey-there's-4-items-and-i-only-paid-for-3-items!?! Hoh,.. i traced back my email regarding the order. Yup, i paid for 3 and i got an extra item here! So, i emailed them regarding this extra item and they replied:

Sakina Adam 

received the parcel. tyvm.
but there's an extra item, organize jacq in pink/green which i didnt purchace. do i need to return it or need to do another payment? 
- Show quoted text -

Info to me

HI Sakina, 

Thank you for your email!

We are glad that you have received the goods in good condition! As for the Organizer Jean in Pink/Green, it is a free gift for you for any purchases made in the period of 12-14 September in conjunction with the re-launch of our new website :) So there is no need for you to return or make another payment! But we certainly hope you like the organizer!

We thank you once again for shopping with us. We hope you love your purchases! Hope to hear from you again soon, Sakina! Also, don't forget to check our website from time to time for more promotions and new arrivals!

Thank you. 

gin & Jacqie

Wooooooooooooooohu! Thank you very much! I really LOVE the gift (which i gave it to my mum!) and i surely will come back again for new arrivals! Pssst,.. theres an organizer which can fit IPad lah,.. huhuhu its DOUBLE-UP ABBI ! Macam mau je! :P


Nava Krishnan said...

nice and its worth sometimes I can't find my stuffs in my handbag, have to dig and dig.

Nur Farahiyah said...

whoaa! menarik la..really need this..slalu bile sampai rumah, tension je nk gali dlm handbag cr kunci rumah! esp. bile both hands penuh brg..tq again for sharing this kiena :))

p.s. tak penah lg online shopping, should try :p

||kiena|| said...

dah penat gali n kene perli dgn suami la sbb tu pi cr beg organizer. dia kate lg besa beg lagi susah nk cr brg, skrg tak lg! :P kt website dia kata ade jual kt klcc kan,.. so blh la pi beli kt sane, klu tkmo online shopping,.. ;)