Friday, September 23, 2011

Restless Friday

... It's end of the weekdays, everyone seems looking forward for weekend! Hey, it's also last weekend for Raya.

Woke up early, sent Liam to Mum's and know what, this little fella really touched my heart! He sang (zikir) subhanallaha-illallah all the way to his granma's in the car. Reminded us to zikir along alhamdulillah,.. Insyaallah soon a good khalifah, amiin. Before send off dear laling, accompanied dear laling settle things at JKR. These several days I felt restless, the baby in tummy been soooooo active, and sometimes I could feel pain. Walking seems hard and Sleepless nite thou'. Still have things to run n supervise. But my mind can't 100% focus on paper works n drawing. Oh, how hard it was. Unproductive I could say! Hopefully after this weekend which is next weekdays I could have courage n inner strength to settle things. Insyaallah. May Allah bless.

My lunch, maggie asam laksa. Waiting for my sis and SIL to bring back my bubble tea. Need it for my tea time. ;)

... Td kene pi Beverly Heights, curtain installer nak buat kerja. Bila dah kluar ofis, nk masuk balik ofis mmg dah tak larat. So balik rumah my mum with tones of work.

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diyana Farid said...

wehhhhhhh sedapnya maggi. *aku diceramah supaya tidak makan magi* (T_T)

apapun have a nice weekend:D