Tuesday, September 6, 2011


… huwaaaaa it’s been 2 days I’ve been thinking of having it! The worst part was when I dreamt of it last nite! Haih,.. told my Dear Laling this morning, and he said he also had the same dream! (huh,.. malas nak layan lah tu,..Sad smile)

Ok, I decided! Today will be the last day for me to make a decision! Take it or leave it! But my heart really want it badly! Not I’m a gadget freak, but I just love how it can be my good accompany during leisure time at home, waiting 4 labor and confinement later!

Psst… who followed me on twitter would know what was it! Winking smile


sayahappyslalu said...

I know.. I know.. Go get it.. Nanti confinement boleh guna.. Hehe

Nur Farahiyah said...

Ipad 2? Playbook? Galaxy Tab? hehehe :))

:: !zyan :: said...

apakah? saya mau sesuatu jugak. Bukan kaki gadget. tapi mahu! warghhh