Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Passion in baking

@ 32 weeks

Cheng Nee's order

N my Oreo Cheese Cake!
Had it once my laling got back!

@ 32 Weeks

supervising AT Associates's refurbishment n upgrading works with laling

Lunch @ Pizza Hut, Maju Junction

We had Tarik tarik celup celup tuh~
Mak n Yusuf back from Melbourne dat nite.


32 weeks check up @ Tawakal Hospital
Berat x naik masih sama 54kg,

Bby position bit low (not supposed to)

Being advised to decrease activity

To be extra careful

Need to refer to hospital when the false contraction too frequent
or the water broke
Need to check Hb level again as my previous only 'passing mark'

Got the red book already for my preparation of labour

Lunch at AT Associates - continue supervising


Stay at home SETIAWANGSA
Laling did site visit @ AT Associates then off to SENTUL for spree cleaning
Erksss,.. he needs to! Thank u Laling, LOVE uuuuuuuuuu...
Me wif Baking Session @ HOME

Monday, December 14, 2009


Semalam terase nk makan tiramisu
So seperti biase acara mem'baking'
Tp gune agar2 powder! Kureng sket laaaa,..
Sy prefer gune gelatin powder, lebuh masyuk!!!
Nway berjaya juge mmbuat tiramisu @ 31 weeks,..
Heeeeeeeeeee,.. ikutkan malas,
Tp sbb laling mengofferkan diri utk masak kari daging,

Makanya sy jd rajin nk mengusahakan tiramisu nih~

Family Day at MITC PD

5th Dec 2009 - 6th Dec 2009
Family Day URBF Kesihatan 1, Cawangan Arkitek, IP JKR
MITC Hotel & Resort, Port Dickson
Me @ 30 weeks

Thursday, December 10, 2009

30 weeks 6 days

My workstation @ 30 weeks 6days

This is my breakfast @ office.
Pg td bgun pg2 wat Oreo Buttercake utk my colleague, die order tuk anniversary in-law yg ke 30,.. Thanx for d order Atie,.. (uhuks x sempat amik gmbr, da lambat mau p kerja)
Xsempat beli kueh kat makcik dekat dgn skolah mak tuh,..
Sob sob sob ari khamis ade cekodok pisang yg sedap~
Hmmm nxt khamis plak ye kite mkn cekodok pisang!

Baby ibu da pandai meragam bile lapar,..
Suke bangun jam 4 / 5 pg gerak ibu bgun,..
Petang perlu ade tea-break ahakss..
Means perlu ade mknan,.. klu x berangin je rase,..
Leg Cramp da jrg ade, Alhamdulillah
Not enuff breath, cepat rase penat bile blk keje,..
Malam je da flat,... Backache pon da kerap~ kene bngun dgn berhati2
Tdo juge perlu mencari posisi yang betul!
Sian papa, ibu da jarang masak sbb da x larat utk prepare dinner
Papa da bising brg ibu yg 'must buy' utk letak dlm kete x settle lg..
Sbb kawan ibu ade yg 3weeks early before due date,..
Brg2 bby akan ibu basuh this weekend,..
N we will start packing from now on n store in papa's car =)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bread Pudding with Choc Chip

Nih la dessert yg sy bw ke ofis tuk mkn2 eidul adha..

5 biji telur
200g gula
500ml fresh milk / susu ideal
500ml whipping cream (thickening creme)
1 sudu teh vanilla flavour
8-10 kpg roti (dipotong or koyak kecik2)

cmpur sume bhn2 then bakar dgn water bath ye kawan2 ,.. 170 degree selama 20 - 30 mins

Eidul Adha Celebration @ S&A Architects Interiors

Hari ni lunch kitorg wat makan2 sempena sambutan eidul adha kt opis,.. Main menu,.. soto ayam, so kitorg agih2kan antara staff kene bw ape utk main menu tuh,.. ade yg bw sup ayam, nasi impit, bihun, so-un goreng, taugeh, pegedil kentang, sambal kicap n me bw daun sup daun bwg,..(ngelat eh!?! tp pg2 sy masih sempat buat bread pudding with choc chip,.. hehehe sbb rase mcm xbest jer bw daun2 tuh aje ;p) ouh ade gakss ketupat palas, ayam serai n kuah kacang,.. x amik pon gmbr mknan bnyk2 sbb sume excited nk mkn! lapa soto!!! heeeeeeee nway thnx for the LUNCH,..

Ouh opis suda ade tmbahan 2 ekor kumbang,.. tp x amik gmbr la plakss,.. sorang tgh makan sorg lagi tukang amik gmbr the girlsssss,.. hehehehe welcome guys~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sambal Sotong

Menu dinner semalam : Nasi putih, tempe+tauhu goreng kicap, sambal sotong, salad

Ye ! penangan sambal sotong yg diidamkan suami semalam, hari ni for the 1st time my laling bw bekal lunch ke ofis,.. susah sgt nk sruh die bw bekal for lunch, plg yg die mau pon bw roti or kueh2 je as makanan sampingan ketika lapar,..


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad day for Beloved Cuppies..

Bad Day for Beloved Cuppies~
Sedey sgt,..
sob sob sob
ade org menghempas my 1 box of beloved cuppies smpi terbalik2 sume cuppies di dalam,.. siap terkoyak side kotak tuh~ damn!
Bile customer amik sy rase nk nangis,..
Sebab cuppies di atas da x seperti gmbr di atas~ (T_T)

Kak Azi,.. kiena minta maaf sgt2,..
Nnt kiena wat cntik2 n make sure org tuh x hempas lg kek2 itu!
Sob sob sob...
Anyway thnx ye sbb sudi terima keadaan cuppies yg telah dihempas itu,..
(sy maafkan org yg hempas tuh tp sy da xde hati dgn die dah!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Food Treatment during my 7 months pregnant

I LOVE cakes n CHOC milkshake,..
I LOVE Hazelnut Latte n Scone @ Coffee Bean
But the Puffing Billy's Scone n Tea dat we (me, my 2 Angels; Eza & Hanim) had during Aussie's Holiday Treat still the best!!! hmmmm insyaAllah in 2 years time i'm going to bring my Laling to Melbourne and it will be our 1st Honeymoon ,.. ouh 2 years,.. hmm eagerly can't wait the 2 years to fly,..

Johnson & Johnson

Dulu ibu pakai Johnson's Baby so baby ibu pon pki yg same,.. heeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeee ibu & papa LOVE u sooo much,..

Last Saturday we went Hospital Tawakal for my 7 months check up,..
my Hb is OK 10.5, tp doctor advised soh truskan pengambilan obimin,.. klu buleh capai 11,..
my baby's weight = 1.2kg,.. doctor said InsyaAllah everything gonna b OK,.. lega sgt,..
i had this itchy skin on my upper tummy,.. doctor said it's just because it's my first pregnancy n the mother is oso small size,.. aduh kecik ke sy!?! hmmm tp xpeeee sy masih maintain comel =)

Pink n Green

I think pink n green is the sweetest match! I LOVE to match these 2 colors,... Hmmmm It's Strawberry Surprise CupCake,.. Thanx Fatin Tiqah for your order last Saturday, 21st Nov 2009~

Pstt: my Little Sis pon bru berjinak2 dlm pembuatan kek,.. smuge die sukses dlm cake decorating sbb dulu mase die kt Mesia die x penah membantu gwe dlm membuat n men'deco' segala cake2 nih,.. alih2 die mau pule resepi2 haisssh,..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fetal development - 27 weeks pregnant

Your baby now weighs nearly 2 pounds/ 875 grams and measures 14.5 inches/ 36.6 centimeters from head to toe. His eyes open and close, he sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and he may suck a finger or thumb.

Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by the 28th week. What do they dream about? No-one knows for certain but the brain is active this week as well. The characteristic grooves on the brain's surface start to appear and more brain tissue develops.

Chalk up any rhythmic movement you may be feeling to a case of the hiccups, which are common this week and throughout the pregnancy. Your baby has them but is breathing in amniotic fluid rather than air. A paper bag can't cure her hiccups, obviously, but an episode usually lasts only momentarily. The sensation for you may be strange but not unpleasant.

Since your uterus is now up near your rib cage, you may now find yourself short of breath if you haven't already. Starting now and continuing through the last three months of pregnancy, you may be plagued by leg cramps, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and an itchy abdomen. Are pregnancy discomforts getting you down? Try some natural remedies to perk you up.

If you were found to be Rh-negative earlier in pregnancy, you'll probably be tested for Rh antibodies this week or next and have an anti-D injection to combat the incompatibility. You may be offered a repeat injection at 36 weeks.

• Note: Experts say every baby develops differently - even in utero. These fetal development pages are designed to give a general idea of how a fetus grows in the womb.

Source : www.babycenter.com.my

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dulu lain, sekarang lain...

Dulu mcm tuh, tp skrg mcm ni..
Dulu x wat camtuh pon, tp skrg org wat cmni,..

My thought : Dulu n skrg mmg bnyk beza tp spatutnya mentaliti manusia haruslah seiring dgn perubahan tnpa mengabaikan batas2 yg sepatutnya especially as a muslim,.. Setiap org pasti melakukan kesilapan dlm kehidupan,.. tp sepatutnya kesilapan tuh perlu diinsafi n bertaubat memohon keampunan agar kehidupan mendatang lebih mendatangkan berkat,.. I did mistakes,.. Alhamdulillah Allah showed His forgiveness with granted me my Laling,.. it does shows me He is giving an opportunity for me to build a better n blessing life,.. Alhamdulillah,.. Perjalanan percintaan yg terjaga sebelum berkahwin adalah lebih diredhai n insyaAllah He will grant u better life after marriage,.. I experienced it and i did feel soooooo blessed n the feeling was sooooo undiscribeable... I agree skrg nih klu org kate bercinte tuh bute tp klu kite sentiase muhasabah akan diri kita n jaga iman insyaAllah,.. Mmg syaitan tuh slalu ade utk mensasarkan kite, tp bile kite pikir plak mak bapak kite mungkin kite x buat perkara2 terlarang,.. yelah, jika blom berkahwin pastinya kite masih menggalas name ibu bapa klu p mane2 skali pon (nih klu xigt penciptanya sms bercinta),.. org akan bertanya (o even dlm hati) mak bapak die x kesah ke derang ni dok terkepit2 tergedik2 sblum kahwin? klu kt tpt2 peranginan plak o tpt percutian pulak, jika terlihat pasangan2 berkaseh yg blom berkahwin pastinya ade yg tertnya (o even dlm hati) mak bapak die tahu ke derang p sini? klu jd ape2 nnt dlm perjalanan o dlm percutian bersama? ntah lah, segalanya mungkin terjadi,.. tp slalunye org akan abaikan segala kemungkinan yg berlaku klu derang rase indah sgt bercinta,.. tp klu kita slalu berigt akan tanggungjawab kita as anak n as a muslim pastinya segalanya dpt diatasi n dielakkan,.. Sentiasa muhasabah n insafi kesilapan n xwat lagi perkara2 tersebut pastinya kehidupan mendatang akan lebih bermakna,.. kdg2 setiap percintaan begitu x de akhiran yg baik,... tp jika akhiran yg baik alhamdulillah, masih ade lg ruang yg diberikan utk kite perbaiki agar kehidupan mendatang lebih diberkati,.. Tiada gune pon hidup mewah2 tnpa mendapat keberkatan sbb bile hidup nih x berkat pasti ade saja yg x mencukupi dlm kehidupan itu,.. Syukuri n nikmatilah kehidupan yg telah diberikan oleh-Nya sentiasa,.. xmungkin kite terlepas dr tak mengingati-Nya,..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Surprise Party for Recks

Last Tuesday, 10th Nov 2009,..
Sempena birthday LOVE Frens' SCIPP Hamidah aka RECK, Fatin Tiqah wat Surprise Party for her.. Actually 3 in 1 la party nih; Newly wedd husband n wife, birthday Reck and Farewell Newly Wedd Couple ke Sahara Barat on 13th Nov 2009! alalalala Fatin was sooooooooo lucky when a production under Erma Fatima picked fatin's entry for their first recording and their soon-to-be launced program, SURPRISE,... katenye utk i-tivi,.. hmm xpenah dgr lg tv nih~
Heeeee ,.. me n laling just join tuk memeriahkan majlis jer! Anyway we had so much fun n joy dat nite,.. Bye bye Reck's n Hubby,.. derang akan berkhidmat tuk negara ke Sahara Barat,.. bese la kan klu da keje n terikat dgn MINDEF,... tp sukeeeee sgt tgk derang! so happy for them,.. May Allah's Bless always be with u,.. xoxo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

@ 26 weeks ++days

07 Nov 2009

Morning till afternoon:
As usual done wif house chores on weekend

6.00pm : Jusco AU2 - p cari durian sbb nk mkn kuah durian wif roti gardenia,.. hehehe makanye trus pulang Setiawangsa utk 'the making of kuah durian'... My laling terpakse melayan,.. ;p

08 Nov 2009

Morning till afternoon:
Midvalley - mmg da plan tuk start beli brg2 bby within this month n ahead,.. kene start beli da sket2 sbb nih pon da mule rase cepat penat klu jalan2 bnyk sgt,.. we have done our survey on the previous months tp bile p tgk lagi brg2 masih x tau lg nk beli ape,.. hahahaha nasib da ade list brg2 yg patut beli dulu,.. so my laling dgn tegasnya soh beli ape yg patut dulu dr dok pusing2 tp x beli pape,.. hahaha it was fun to choose n pick for the baby,.. tp suke la p Metrojaya berbanding kt Jusco,.. sbb more choices tuk baju2 n cheap oso,.. tuh pon amik tuk 1st round dulu,.. nnt nxt round kite p beli lgi yer brg2 yg lain yg masih x bertanda dlm list,.. at least ade jugak brg yg da cross kt list tuh kan,.. hahahaha =p
Antara brg2 baby yg cost me RM3++.++ blom lg yg lain2,.. X saba nk tggu dividen LOAN ASB utk tahun nih,.. buleh rolling blk modal,.. heeeee mujur ibu da wat pelaburan yg betul! Alhamdulillah...

Hooo sempat juge p Dezahra kt Mutiara Damansara,.. kedai tudung macam Ariani / Hands / Munawarah... nih teman my mum yg beriya sgt nk p beli tudung kt situ,.. siap da list tudung2 yg nk beli,.. tp smpi sane bnyk da out of stock,.. n discount pon da xde,.. derang clost discount last month! soo my mum da lewat seminggu~ xpe laaaa dpt jugak 2 tudung tuk mak n 1 tudung tuk sy! heeeee ye laaaa ibu pon nk shopping jugak bukan bby je tau! heeeeee papa tunggu turn yer~ nxt month papa kene byr road tax n insurance so ibu x leh blnje papa ape2 nnt x leh gerak pulak kete papa nnt =P...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

25 weeks theraphy~

Last Saturday,..

Morning - Cleaning n washing


3.00 pm - Masjid Wilayah (Jemputan Walimatul Urus adik Fahd, HBP, USM) gmbr kt atas purposely amik gmbr senget nk bg nmpk baby kt tummy tuh~ hah slalu sgt org tny mane perut? kecik jer,.. hah skrg da ade perut,.. da buleh tunjuk sket =p ... skrg p mane2 da malas nk touch up wat ever bedak ke cream ke ape ke kt muke,... even nk cuci muka pon malas,.. hahaha mujur cerna2 di muka x cari pasal lagi,.. bertahan yer! hahahaha

4.00 pm - SOGO - heeeee beli brg2 keperluan memasak di rumah sambil mencuci mate sekitar Jln TAR,.. eh, dpt juge menikmati LECKA =)

6.00 pm - MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL tanpa dirancang sbb odw pulang ke rumah Sentul sgt hujan lebat, n laling kate susah nk naik rumah,.. jadinye singgah jln2 lagi,.. heeeeee niat di hati nk survey brg2 kt METROJAYA sbb ade SALE kan,.. tp selepas menikmati KRISPY KREME suda x larat mau jln lg! mau pulang rehat saja...........

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fetal development - 24 weeks pregnant

Your fetus weighs more than 600 grams. Though she still has little body fat and her skin is thin and fragile, she's now well-proportioned. Her brain is growing rapidly, and she is starting to fill the space in your uterus. From crown to heel she could measure 30 centimetres. If you went into labour at this time, however, many obstetricians and midwives would make every effort to halt the progress of premature labour to enable your baby to continue maturing.

fetal development at 24 weeks
You may be noticing faint, red or brown streaks known as striae or stretch marks on your abdomen, hips and breasts. While creams won't erase them, wearing a supportive bra may help prevent or minimise them on your breasts. They are very common at this stage of the pregnancy -- about 90 per cent of women get them. After you've given birth, the reddish or brown pigmentation in the stretch marks gradually fades, and the streaks become lighter than the surrounding skin.

Also, your eyes may be light-sensitive and may feel gritty and dry. This is a perfectly normal pregnancy symptom known as 'dry-eye'. To ease your discomfort, use an "artificial tears" solution to add moisture.

Source: http://www.babycenter.com

Thank you~

Adam Zayadi I grew up not know`g my birth date till I was 13. I only new I was born on Jumat Keliwon(jawa punye kira).Never really bothered about it till marriage came.Learn`g 2 celeberate n appreciate its importance but often forgotten(yeah! m a boring man)..try`g to keep up with new life style/tradition.So I forgot your b`day again...but I never forget praying for u and d rest day in day out in my life even before u were born.

yup, i just noticed the shout out today! he posted at his FB 1 day after my bday,19th october 2009...

thanx dad,.. =) May Allah Bless Us

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Banyak nye bekal sayang!?!"

"banyak nye bekal sayang !?!"

my laling tegur pagi td after sy siap packing2, mcm bese sy slalu pack 2 bekal, 1 mkn pg lebihan brekfes kitorg kt rumah n 1 mkn tghari utk sy kt ofis,.. yg bekal tghari tuh bese nyer lauk mlm td n pg2 tmbh sket goreng2an telur o kopok sbg tmbhan lauk,.. klu lauk same tghari mungkin selera ku agak lmbt mau masuk hehehe,.. bgus sbenarnya bw bekal nih,.. nk pula kite yg tgh pregnant nih kan, ye lah klu mkn kt luar tuh ntah ape yg dimasukkan n bersih ke idak cr penyediaan nyer,.. yg tuh my laling sgt concern,... klu nk mintak p mkn gerai2 ke klu sy xde mood n malas masak mmg die sgt xske,.. die lebih prefer kitrg mkn kt pelita tuh,..so sy pon buleh mkn roti pisang,.. skrg mmg tgh musim makan roti pisang n nasi kandar kt pelita jln ampang~ heeeeeeeeee my laling x kesah,sbb kt sana pon die pon buleh mkn dgn selera skali,.. hahaha slalu die yg mkn lebih dr sy,.. sy hanya mencelah jer dgn mknan yg die amik,.. LOVE him sooo much ('*') xoxo...

menu bekal hari nih :-
brekfes = roti bakar, mushroom chicken frankfurter, baked beans n salad
lunch = nasi putih, ikan lampam masak lemak cili padi, n salad,.. (pg td x sempat nk goreng kopok, bnyk sgt periuk kene basuh n kemas dapur lg,.. mujur my laling offer kan diri basuhkan periuk2 tuh smbil sy menikmati brekfes,,..thnx laling 4 the washing~ heee sy soh die brekfes dulu smbil sy packing2)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a boy or girl !?!

Alhamdulillah after 6mnths pregnancy, my laling had his opportunity to accompany me for monthly check up,.. usually my laling just drop me at the clinic n straight away attend his class, after he finished then he will fetch me at the clinic, n i hv to wait him at the pharmacist as i finished the check up early,..

Yesterday i decided to wait for him after his class n went check up together,.. heheheh but we need to rush as the last registration would be at 1130am,,.. luckily we made it at 1115am! fuh~

For the first time also he saw the baby, live thru the monitor! =) i am extremely happy to feel the moment we saw the baby's gender,.. but i need to be patient also as i need to double confirm on the nxt check up which will be nxt week!,.. but insyaAllah it's confirm,... after done with the check up i need to do the blood test which i should do last month,.. heeeeeee the result will be out in several days directly to my clinic,.. and if there's something with the result the doctor will notify me early thru phone before my appoinment,. hopefully the hB is OK! normal~

May Allah Bless~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Moves n Dancing~

Heeeeeeeeeee for the first time my laling can feel the moves n dance of the baby!

Actually the baby has been moving for last 1 month but only me can feel it,.. yelah bile sy letak tangan my laling utk rase the move, baby x mo bg papa die rase pulak,.... hmmmm but this morning as early as 6.00am my laling put his palm and the baby gives a move,.. hehehe then my laling usap2 the place where the baby gave a move! heeeeeeeeee soooo happy as the baby great papa early in the morning! alhamdulillah,..

Pg tadi seperti biase slepas ciuman n doa from papa to ibu n baby, " Baby bangun awal ye pg td~" my laling said to the baby as i said to him it was his 1st time to feel the moves... The moment which touched me as well,.. i always pray "rabbi habli minassolihin" ... May Allah Bless...

ouh lupe nk update, mlm td juge my laling wat air soya sndr, n pg td he offered me the soya,.. tp me sempat minum sket je coz da full dgn susu ANMUM,.. then he said "Lepas nih nk wat soya tuk baby pulak,.. nk bg baby minum susu soya!" yup i agreed, susu soya yg buat sendiri lebih berkhasiat sbb xde preservative,.. my laling sgt xsuke klu me p beli air soya yg kotak tuh, tp klu soya yg kt pasa malam tuh x pe, sbb klu soya wat sndr nih x thn lame sgt,.. meaning xde preservative,.. Thanx laling kerana sggup berusaha menghasilkan susu soya tuk syg n baby mlm td...( heeeeeee mlm td me tdo awal, my laling tdo lewat jam 12tghmlm sbb nk wat soya tuh ...)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raya 17th Oct 2009

Terima kasih atas kehadiran tuan / puan / encik / cik memeriahkan majlis raya di rumah kami yg kecil2an ini,.. sorry ye pada mane2 yg x mendapat jemputan,.. harap x berkecil hati,.. lain kali insyaAllah jika ada kemampuan lebih,.. TQ so much pd yg hadir,.. May Allah Bless~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take a break~

Adeh dr minggu lepas sy berkejaran dgn submission space planning bersama my colleague aka my Angle,Eza.. Sabtu pon keje, sepatutnya nk blk ke Jengka, tp rancangan terpakse dibatalkan memandangkan saya perlu memenuhi keperluan tugas n tanggungjawab juge,... begitulah lumrah keje kan!?! Ahad bru buleh menikmati cuti n menemani aktiviti my laling,.. n last week juge mood sy utk memasak sgt la tiada,.. mujur laling memahami keadaan isterinyer yg stress dgn kerje2 submission nyer,.. tp last week sy masih sempat menikmati Brownies w/ vanilla ice cream @ Secret Recipe,.. ahahaha di kala penat2 keje n stress mmg bahagia bile dpt meluangkan mase sebentar @ Secret Recipe,.. dpt mkn brownies pon bleh hilang stress keje kejap,.. me mmg cmtuh klu stress keje kene cr mende2 yg buleh membahagiakn n menenangkan diri juge,.. hahaha pastilah dgn menikmati makanan2 yg membahagiakn,.. hmm sedap nye~

My Brownies w/ Vanilla Ice Cream @ Secret Recipe, SOGO

Hahaha mlm smlm dpt pulak mkn single bread kaya toast kt old town white coffee,.. thnx laling coz memahami keadaan syg yg tgh bnyk keje nih,.. nnt bile syg da x bz syg masak eh dinner, skrg sempat wat brekfes aje,.. dinner x sempat! memandangkan my laling yg pulang dulu, maka die la yg menguruskan dinner,.. anyway thnk u soooooooo much laling, me LOVE u sooooooo much~ xoxo

heeeeeeeeee,.. masih sempat juge menyempurnakan order dr cik elish utk pertunangan cousin nye~ THANX ya~ anta kt elish hari jumaat malam sabtu n pastu ber"Fast n Furious" ke KLCC utk menonton PAPADOM! hahaha kesian my laling, die xske memandu dlm keadaan stress n rush,.. nk wat cmne... mase sy mau pulang utk menjemput die di rumah jln sgt jam n sy pule x kuar on time jam 6ptg sbb masih ade keje yg menghalang,.. papepon sgt enjoy menonton crite tuh, mujur amik muvie jam 920mlm pastu plak we had our nasi kandar @ Pelita, Jln Ampang,.. (nape ntah bile da buleh mkn nih, asyik nk mkn Nasi Kandar aje,...hmmm...)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pesanan utk semua

Nak kongsi dgn rakan2 antara isi inbox email yg dihantar oleh kawan ku ..

Pesanan Ustzh Siti Nur Bahyah mengenai 8P dlm perkahwinan n kehidupan suami isteri:

1) P yang pertama ialah
'puji' iaitu setiap pasangan perlu saling memuji antara satu sama lain dalam semua aspek kehidupan seperti masakan atau ucapan terim! a kasih apabila diberi pertolongan.

2) Katanya, P kedua ialah
'peluk' yang mana pasangan suami isteri hendaklah selalu peluk memeluk antara satu sama lain sekerap mungkin pada setiap hari kerana pelukan itu adalah belaian penuh kasih sayang.

3) P seterusnya ialah
'penghargaan' di mana amalan memberi hadiah boleh menambah kasih sayang.

4) 'Perhatian'
adalah P keempat yang mesti diambil berat kerana kekurangan perhatian boleh mengakibatkan pasangan terasa diabaikan, katanya yang menulis buku Cakar Harimau - Tips Kebahagiaan Rumah Tangga, Amalan Ibu Mengandung dan Panduan Mencerdaskan Minda.

5) Siti Nur Bahyah berkata, P seterusnya mewakili

6) Menurutnya, P selanjutnya membawa maksud
'pergaulan' iaitu pasangan suami isteri mesti menjaga pergaulan masing-masing dengan orang lain bagi mengelakkannya daripada melampaui batas, menimbulkan cemburu seterusnya membawa kepada pembabitan orang ketiga.

7) Beliau berkata, satu lagi P adalah
'percutian' di mana kita perlu merancang percutian berdua-duaan dengan pasangan di tempat yang jauh daripada kesibukan dan kehidupan rutin.

8) Katanya, P yang terakhir ialah
'permohonan' iaitu doa kepada Allah supaya merapatkan kasih sayang antara pasangan suami isteri serta dijauhi daripada godaan kemewahan dan keseronokan dunia.

Siti Nur Bahyah juga menurunkan beberapa amalan doa selepas solat yang boleh merapatkan hubungan dan menimbulkan kasih sayang antara suami isteri iaitu membaca
surah Al-Imran ayat ke-31 atau membacakan ayat ke-200 surah sama bagi mengurangkan panas baran suami .
Beliau berkata, kunci kebahagiaan rumah tangga yang sebenar ialah mendekatkan diri dengan Allah.
Katanya, apabila seseorang insan mengabaikan tanggung jawab terhadap agama, dia akan mengabaikan rumah tangga kerana jiwa yang kosong.

"Ketika kita jauh daripada Allah, iblis yang suka umat manusia bercerai-berai akan menghampiri dan melalaikan kita daripada tanggung jawab terhadap keluarga," katanya

Monday, October 5, 2009

4th Oct 2009

@ 21 weeks ++days...
7.00 am - preparing tuna pasta for breakfast, had it @ nearly 8.00am after my laling had his working out session,.. pastu masing2 menjalankan tugas,.. biase la suami isteri kene saling membantu dlm kerja2 pembersihan rumah,.. tp biase nyer my laling punye tugas lgi bnyk dr sy,.. huhuhu alasan ibu ngandung,.. sy hny bertanggungjawab dlm penyediaan mknan n tugas2 yg membabitkan dapur sahaja,.. heeeeeee =) (hari Ahad bru nk kemas slepas Sabtu berada di Melaka - Wedd cousin n beraya rumah cousin juge)

12.30pm - Wedd Nadya Abdullah @ Anjung, Wisma Sejarah

My Balqisian, SCIPP at Nad's Wedd,.. Left: Shikin (my class monitor's assist.), Me (class monitor), Izyan (Prefect)

1.30pm - KLCC : Surveying things for welcoming our little precious =)

sgt teruja melihat brg2 yg sume harge nye yg toing! toing! tuh,.. adeh perlu menyimpan nih,.. bnyk blnje! lepas penat berjalan2 ttb teringin nk mkn fondues kt Chocz. hehehe ape lagi heret my laling p sane laaaa,.. sbb mlm sblm tuh da mimpi dah,.. so kene p pekene jugak,.. my laling ikutkan aje sementara isteri die nih da buleh mkn,.. hari tuh susah sgt nk mkn,.. we had Madagascar Fondues ;) I LOVE HIM sooooo much! (ouh lupe nk cite pg2 tuh, kol 2 pg kitorg p pekene Nasi Kandar n Roti Pisang kt Pelita, Jln Ampang! ahahaha thnx laling~)

Thanx Laling for entertaining us (Me + Little Precious) I'd reward him wif Kari Kepala Ikan for dinner,.. die sgt suke kari... heeeeeee suke sgt bile die mkn dgn bersungguh,.. berbunga2 di hati,.. alaaaa sume isteri akan rase cmtuh bile suami mkn masakan isteri dgn bersungguh kan,.. normal laaaa,.. tp in addition masakan tuh sedap juge,.. klu masakan nye tawar hebe suami pon makan x bertmbah ;)