Tuesday, December 22, 2009

@ 32 Weeks

supervising AT Associates's refurbishment n upgrading works with laling

Lunch @ Pizza Hut, Maju Junction

We had Tarik tarik celup celup tuh~
Mak n Yusuf back from Melbourne dat nite.


32 weeks check up @ Tawakal Hospital
Berat x naik masih sama 54kg,

Bby position bit low (not supposed to)

Being advised to decrease activity

To be extra careful

Need to refer to hospital when the false contraction too frequent
or the water broke
Need to check Hb level again as my previous only 'passing mark'

Got the red book already for my preparation of labour

Lunch at AT Associates - continue supervising


Stay at home SETIAWANGSA
Laling did site visit @ AT Associates then off to SENTUL for spree cleaning
Erksss,.. he needs to! Thank u Laling, LOVE uuuuuuuuuu...
Me wif Baking Session @ HOME

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