Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 3 The Great Ocean Road Trip!

Yippy yeay! sooo excited to start our journey on day 3! But still lewat siap sebab me masak lambat! Oh, forgot to tell u all, everyday i will cook meals for the day trip! yup! saving and easy on the road! My sister ambil kesempatan lah,.. tak mau nye dia masak! 

Great Ocean Road offers greatest and the most spectacular coastal drives. Along the road, banyak tempat menarik! great beaches of course! heritage trail and lots! it took a day trip, and better start as early as u can therefore more u can enjoy! Me? hahahaha skip skip skip! Nak kejar mase n sebab kluar lambat juge =P

What route i took? Geelong to Lorne to Apollo Bay to Twelve Apostle to Port Campbell to Colac to Melbourne! Hah banyak kan! penat drive seharian! sampai rumah (Melb) dalam jam 11mlm! pulak tu very strict rules on driving here! betol... polisi merata2 nak saman untuk speed trap! dia tunggu dalam kereta tepi jalan jer, then detect speed kereta! Ouh, jangan tanya saman dia berapa. Mahal gile dari Malaysia. That's why they less in accident case! Enuf on the text, lets enjoy the beautiful photos!

Below: Us had luncheon at Lorne. Beautiful Beach! Blue Sky!

Below: Apollo Bay - just stop by for taking these photos.

Below: Little Liam penat travel dalam kereta for a day!

Below: Yeay! Twelve Apostles. Magnificent scenery. MasyaAllah... 

Below: Breastfeeding is the best! Love you my Little Liam

Below: Port Campbell for dinner.